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  • Thomas Hardy’s Drummer Hodge

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    Thomas Hardy’s “Drummer Hodge’ is a poem that laments on the horrors of war. It particularly focuses on the personal tragedy of a young innocent boy from Hardy’s Wessex. This is however effective due to the fact that it makes the character win over more sympathy from us readers as we are able to acknowledge to a greater extent, the tragedy of this individual. The first verse tells us that the “Drummer Hodge” was thrown into a grave uncoffined which shows the lack of acknowledgement for his

  • Drummer Hodge' by Thomas Hardy

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    Drummer Hodge' by Thomas Hardy Drummers were usually the very youngest of soldiers and were considered to be too young to fight. This instantly sets a very sombre tone as the reader realises the soldier was very young when he died. The word 'Hodge' is used to describe him and was once used as a derogatory term for a farm labourer however Hardy means no disrespect as he has openly showed his admiration for countrymen. This term is merely one of many techniques used to emphasis how foreign

  • Attitudes to War in Dulce et Decorum est and Drummer Hodge.

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    Attitudes to War in Dulce et Decorum est and Drummer Hodge. Life wasn't easy for soldiers in the war as Wilfred Owen and Thomas Hardy express strongly in their legendary poems 'Dulce et Decorum est' and 'Drummer Hodge'. Peter Porter writes about the situation people may find themselves in when in, his poem 'Your Attention Please', he describes an announcement concerning a nuclear Rocket Strike. Wilfred Owen died at the age of 25 and was killed seven days before the end of World War 1.

  • The Portrayal of War in the Poems, The Cry of South Africa and Drummer Hodge

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    traumatic effect on him. He remained preoccupied with his first wife's death and tried to overcome his sorrow by writing poetry, he dictated his final poem to his first wife on his deathbed. Drummer Hodge written in 1902 by Thomas Hardy was originally published under the title “The Dead Drummer”. The boy drummer Hodge was from Hardy’s town, Wessex in England. With the outbreak of war in the world it gave Hardy the material needed to inspire himself from a lacklustre frame of mind. With the death of the

  • Prometheus

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    only had a Greek name. No one knows why he only had a Greek name, we can only guess. His father, Iapetus was also a mighty Titan, one of the first Titans. His mother, Clymene, was a beautiful nymph from the deep trenches of the oceans of the world. (Hodge, 352) The story of his birth is rather sketchy, most books just outline the story of Iapetus and Clymene being madly in love with each other, and having a son, and naming him Prometheus. He had a brother who was named Atlas. (Encyclopedia Americana

  • The Beach

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    As I noted earlier he uses words that aren't even in spell check. His attitude coming into the piece was very negative against the film, with remarks such as, "So how is Leo? Not bad actually, which is more than can be said for a script from John Hodge that ditches most of the novel's tension." Content- The content in Harry's piece was more like a plot summary, with phrases like, "We find a self-contained environment, complete with couples, brothers, and friends, the whole nine yards. This is the

  • Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy

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    eventually moved on to play electric guitar for the band. In 1968 the Yardbirds broke up leaving Jimmy Page the rights to the band. Jimmy went out looking to start a new group and found charismatic vocalist Robert Plant, Roberts close friend and explosive drummer John Bonham, and already famous bass guitar player John Paul Jones. The group hit it off and did a few shows in England before renaming the band Led Zeppelin. Somewhat a mysterious band, Led Zeppelin rarely did interviews and did not talk much to

  • Free Narrative Essays - The Battle of the Bands

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    The Battle of the Bands The best and worst two days of my life took place at Bogarts with my band Radioactive Weasel last month.  We had practiced daily for near three years, and our group decided to pull together again and enter "The Battle of the Bands."  This was the first time we sparingly paid fifty dollars to perform anywhere. All the other competitions we had entered were mail in tapes and then wait for a response. We got out of bed at five in the morning, then raced to our drummer's

  • Dishwalla

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    these tracks. Twelve years and five albums after the band from Santa Barbara, California made their debut, Dishwalla endures. Together the group – lead singer JR Richards, guitarist Rodney Browning, bassist Scot Alexander, keyboardist Jim Wood and drummer Pete Maloney - have survived record company musical chairs, countless musical trends, and even the curious challenge of having their very own smash hit right out of the box. Through it all – the good, the bad and the ugly – Dishwalla have emerged

  • The Importance of Oral Traditions in African History

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    One of the most crucial aspects of the development of philosophy of African history has been a realization of the importance of the spoken or oral traditions in the framing and interpretation of African history. The oral tradition is a living, and dynamic organism within the African community, and the original element of oral traditional is djembe. The Djembe is a traditional African drum and is the symbolic instrument of the West African community. The Djembe is held on a high pedestal in the social

  • Analysis Of Freaks And Geeks

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    The Man with the Drums What does it take for a student to find their aspiration? Freaks and Geeks accurately portrays the stereotypes of high schoolers; All of their actions, and people that are around them will influence how they evolve. Many students have their different ways of going on with their lives, but what they do also affects everything else around them for the better or the worst. In Freaks and Geeks, we see an everyday nerd named Sam, a fellow who wears striped shirts everyday, and

  • Drum In The Civil War Essay

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    There are many famous and important people who were a part of the Civil War and drummer boys are some of those people. R.C. Murphy said, “When most people think of the Civil War, they think of famous generals or battles fought or how politics entered into an Army operation. But when I think of the War Between the States, I think of quite possibly the most important member of either side--that is the drummer.” Drums and drummer boys played a crucial role in wars, mainly in the Civil War. The first time

  • Impressing My Father

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    would play the drums, my father’s eyes would sparkle and light up like fireworks on the fourth of July. I always wished my father would look at me like that but it was only my brother who could generate that look of pride. My father is an amazing drummer, so watching his only son take after him must have been great. My brother and my dad are the two people I adore and respect the most in this world and all I wanted to do was be like then and make them proud. After my brother died, I never saw that

  • Concert Report

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    lead guitar playing, Stone Gossard. The other guys on the strings are, Mike McCready on guitar, and Jeff Ament on bass. My favorite band player of any band is the drummer, and for Pearl Jam, this guy is Matt Cameron. He is the only unoriginal band member when they formed in 1991 and produced their first album, Ten. FYI, the original drummer for Pearl Jam was Dave Krusen. I have always liked Pearl Jam, but was not expecting much of the show. I was not impressed by their last two albums, especially their


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    school, why he never became a successful businessman like Willy always wanted him to be, why he ran off out west and became a nobody in Willy’s mind. “I am not a leader of men, Willy, and neither are you. You were never anything but a hard-working drummer who landed in the ash can like all the rest of them! I’m one dollar and hour, Willy! I tried seven states and couldn’t raise it. A buck an hour! Do you gather my meaning? I’m not bringing home any prizes any more, and you’re going to stop waiting

  • Life of Blondie

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    1974 by singer Deborah Harry (b. July 1, 1945, Miami), formerly of Wind in the Willows, and guitarist Chris Stein (b. January 5, 1950, Brooklyn) out of the remnants of Harry's previous group, the Stilettos. The lineup fluctuated over the next year. Drummer Clement Burke (b. November 24, 1955, New York) joined in May 1975. Bassist Gary Valentine joined in August. In October, keyboard player James Destri (b. April 13, 1954) joined, to complete the initial permanent lineup. They released their first album

  • My Band

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    I used to be in a band called Deft. There were five of us. Brandon, 19, was our singer, Rob,16, was lead guitarist, Kevin, 18, was the drummer, his little brother Jason, 16, was the bassist, and I played rhythm guitar. Kevin and I had been working together for four or five years, ever since he moved to Watertown. We had been in and out of several bands, but always stuck together. My dad came home one day and told us about a friend of his whose step-son played guitar. We called him up and had him

  • Aspects Of Performance

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    different styles of music. Our ranges are Db3 - Gb5 (break at C5), Gb3 - C6 (break at Bb4) and E3 - B5 (break at Gb4). We have one lead guitarist, two rhythm guitarists, (one who is in year 11 and the other is our music teacher), a bass player, and a drummer, (who is also in year 11). We are a covers group and like to experiment with all types of styles, pop, rock, disco, alternative / grunge, reggae, soul, jazz, RNB, blues and some international pieces from various countries like Greek, Spanish, Latin

  • Travis Barker is an Admirable Person

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    Barker is a drummer in the band blink-182. Although he may be famous, he acts like a normal guy you see every day. Most people think of someone who is famous as being egotistical, stuck up and think they are better than everyone else in the world. Travis basically proves all of those opinions wrong and makes you realize that although some famous people may be that way, not everyone is. Travis is a very talented drummer and takes his work seriously. Travis wasn’t the original drummer for blink-182

  • Our Church Choir

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    find another drummer. Then, like an ominous slinky, the rest of my carefully laid plans fell one on top of the other. Our directors took ill. The music was taking too long to teach. Our pianist, gone. Our strongest soprano's voice, history. And I broke a bass string. I could do nothing but laugh . . . and cry. I managed to do that quite a bit. But just when Murphy's Law seemed martially imposed, things got miraculous. The night before the concert, an old church choir drummer stopped by