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  • Driving Ability

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    What things affect your driving ability? There are many things that affect your driving ability. Your emotional, vision and physical condition are just a few. Responsibility, maturity, and self-control are factors that affect your driving. It’s not just skill that matters. It’s your ability to think clearly and make sound, responsible decisions. Everybody experiences strong feelings that are both positive and negative. When you experience a strong negative emotion, you may feel as if you have to

  • How Self-Driving Cars Work

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    Driving a car safely requires complete attention of the driver in order to minimize risk of accidents. With the fast pace and busy lives of people today, sometimes risky choices are made, like texting or making calls while driving, even though it is unsafe and against the law. Calling a taxi to drive you to your destination is a safer alternative, but could be expensive over time. Imagine being able to safely and affordably drive to your desired destination while eating breakfast, reviewing business

  • Driving: The Negative Effects Of Driving And Driving

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    dose of tonic influences on the body, and the driver begins to overestimate their abilities, losing vigilance. Thus, even at a low degree of intoxication - after a couple of shots of vodka, whiskey or beer, when the dose of alcohol in the blood is only 0.2-0.5 ppm, a person increases craving for risky and aggressive driving, abrupt maneuvers, need for

  • Road Rage and Its Dangers

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    Is road rage a major problem? For years people on the road have been driving recklessly and carelessly and it has caused millions of deaths to incident people every year. Road rage progressively gets worse and worse every year and even though new laws have been enforced people still continue to drive reckless and carless. People can suffer from road rage by having emotional frustration, problems in their life and just being taught wrong Studies show that more than half of people have experienced

  • Seniors Driving

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    Seniors Driving Courtney Caldwell, a writer for Road and Travel Magazine, stated in one of her articles that, “My mother, insisted her driving skills were as sharp as ever. However, after a few life-threatening trips to the grocery store as her passenger, I knew she had to stop driving. She was driving dangerously close to the curb, her reaction time was poor and she was missing stop signs and traffic lights. Her driving was so bad that I forbade my 32-year-old adult daughter to ever ride as

  • old drivers

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    to an elderly driver. Many health reasons, decreased lack of judgment, and the memory loss of older drivers can be prevented if noticed early through evaluations. Age can be a gradual result of decline with strength, coordination, reaction time, ability to concentrate, and hearing. “Drivers aged 70 and over are among those at greatest risk of traffic violations and motor vehicle crashes per miles driven.” (The Older Driver 3) Due to vision impairment, mobility loss and judgment fading there should

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

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    The three-step Defensive Driving Course prevention formula is RUA. Recognize the hazard, understand the defense, and act correctly in time. The course wants the learner to be a defensive driver. What is defensive driving? Defensive driving is driving to save lives, time, and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. If you want to be a defensive driver you have to follow the “What If?” strategy, which means that the driver should always be aware of all the possible outcomes

  • The Importance Of Driving

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    For many years, senior citizens and their ability to drive safely has been brought into question. Each state, in the United States of America, has a different view on the requirements and the rules that older people must undergo in order to be allowed to drive. Baby boomers are causing a rapid increase in the senior citizen population, ultimately increasing the rate of older people on the roads. While some people say driving is a privilege and can be taken away, others say it is a right and cannot

  • Distracted Driving: Hand it Over or Pull it Over

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    what is best or should we think before we please? The time comes for a teenager to get their driving permit. This is a rite of passage that comes with age. Parents spend hours instructing their teens on how to park, watch the speed, how to make a turn properly, and to watch the road. The time arises when one must let the child go with the keys. Mothers and fathers have given the speech on drunk driving and carefully instructed them to be home on time. Is this enough or has a new type of distraction

  • Teens Driving: Why Teens Should Be Permitted

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    Not every country has the same laws. As an example, the age limit for Pennsylvanians to drive is sixteen. However, in Europe, the legal driving age is eighteen, for the government feels that the teenagers are not mature enough to handle a car. Even though in other parts in America, the lowest age is fourteen, America is considering raising the driving age in their country for the same reason. I disagree with this notion, for if a parent did not want a teenager to drive a car, they would give the