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  • The Drive-By

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    The Drive-By Many people have experienced a drive-by shooting before. Some are the victims and others are the people who commit these crimes. Either way, these shootings are very horrifying. You feel your adrenaline rush 100 miles an hour. People who can't run will soon find themselves hopping over gates and hitting roofs tops. The sad truth is that people die as a result of these shootings. Bullets don't carry names. They fly in all directions killing innocent people. I woke up one Sunday

  • Mulholland Drive

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    The 2001 film Mulholland Drive directed by David Lynch is as thrilling as it is confusing to some people. As I watched it for the first time, I couldn't help but wonder the point that Lynch was trying to make was. To me, there was a comprehensible meaning to the story and it mainly involves the character Betty. Although, I later found out Betty was someone entirely different, Diane. Betty being a dream of Diane's is at the root of the story I believe Lynch was trying to tell. I see this film as a

  • Sonic Drive-In Restaurant

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    the fast-food industry will do their best to make the greater burger, and to make bigger and better fries. Founded in 1953, Sonic has become the largest drive-in chain in the nation. Sonic was founded by Troy Smith, Jr. in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His dream was to own his own business. Sonic Drive-In keeps the 1950s alive through its chain of drive-in restaurants, each complete with speaker-based ordering systems and carhop servers - some on roller skates. Sonics top competitors are McDonald’s, Burger

  • Thanatology: The Death Drive

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    Thanatology: The Death Drive Thanatology is derived from the Greek word Thanatos, which means death; Death of the physical self and death of the internal self. As Sigmund Freud institutes in his work Beyond the Pleasure Principle there are two drives in the brain that both coincide and conflict within the individual and one of these drives is death itself. Eros is the drive of life, love, creativity, sexuality, self-satisfaction, and species preservation. Thanatos consists of aggression, sadism,

  • Hard Drives

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    Hard Drives Hard drives have been around longer than you think. In 1956, I. B. M. had invented a disk storage unit that was very large but did not store a lot of data. It was twenty-four inches in diameter and could hold only five megabytes, which is the equivalent to three and one half floppy disks. Originally called “fixed disks” later became known as “hard disks” opposed to floppy disks. In 1973, I. B. M. released a hard drive that could hold seventeen and one half megabytes. In 1980 Seagate

  • Flash Drive Disadvantages

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    USB flash drives offer you an alternative to cloud-based storage solutions. These small, finger-sized devices let you back up a hard drive, access files if your internet connection goes down and store information in a compact medium. Here?s a basic guide to some of the fastest and best USB 3.0 flash drives made today. How to Buy a USB Flash Drive In general, the type of flash drive you purchase depends on the files you want to save. If you need a flash drive just for transferring word processing

  • Drive In Theatre In The 1950's

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    Drive-in theatres, fixing up cars, and rock n’ roll were the only things that mattered to teenagers in the 1950’s. It is hard to find a drive-in theatre today but in the 50’s they were the place to go. It was where you went on a date especially if the boy had a car. Rock n’ roll is still considered the music that teenagers listen to during their rebellious stage, though the sound has changed drastically. From a time that gave the world movie theaters, colour television, and records from artists like

  • History of the Drive-In Movie Theater

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    History of the Drive-In Movie Theater The story of the drive-in movie theater begins with one man. That man was Richard Milton Hollingshead, Jr., born on February 25, 1900, the "father" of the drive-in. The drive-in got its humble beginnings in the driveway of Hollingshead’s Riverton, New Jersey home, at 212 Thomas Avenue. This is where his first experimentations took place. Setting a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of the family car, he projected the film onto a screen he had nailed to a

  • Hard Drive Disadvantages

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    The next type of hard drive is the SSD or solid state drive. This hard drive is still fairly new however it already has gained a good reputation. This hard drive uses flash memory and does not have any moving parts inside of it. This hard drive is very much faster than a magnetic hard drive. An SSD hard drive is also much more reliable because it does not have any moving parts (Bourque online). The next core component in building a computer is the video card. Video cards handle all the graphic parts

  • Flash Drives and Optical Storage

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    Flash Drives and Optical Storage Flash drives and Optical Storage are quick and easy ways to transfer data, and with all the technology that has been introduced over the years, these have many uses. There compact, portable, and very useful in many situations. To help understand these two topics more in depth, I will be explaining what they are, how they are used, and many other details. First, I will be explaining flash drives. Flash drives are a data storage device that includes flash memory with