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  • The Importance Of Drilling

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    Drilling is a very significant and common activity which is used in many fields and industries in our everyday life; such as oil drilling and construction. Drilling requires large mechanical devices that dig deep into the ground and sometimes through several layers of rock and mineral. Drilling machines have a rotating mechanical tool attached to them known as drill bits which are used to cut and remove materials in order to penetrate deep below the ground. Drill bits come in different shapes, materials

  • Arctic Drilling

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    Chukchi and Beaufort Seas off the coast of Alaska. However, reaching this fuel can be quite difficult and perilous. Drilling on land is strongly protested and drilling in the ocean can be treacherous. There are pros and cons to drilling for oil in the Arctic and the effects of drilling could be positive or negative. (Dlouhy, 2014) There are fantastic positives that could come from drilling in the Arctic Circle, specifically in Alaska. The United States currently spends over a trillion dollars on retrieving

  • Offshore Drilling

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    California in 1969, an offshore drilling suspension was put in place. Since then, America has amplified its expenditure of energy to nearly 25% of the world's oil. Meanwhile, the U.S. produces about 10% of the world's oil, because much of America’s coastline has been out of commission for oil drilling since the early 1980’s. America must wean itself from dependence on foreign oil, and one valid solution to this problem is offshore oil drilling. The initial American offshore drilling to occur dates back to

  • Case Study Analysis: Case Analysis Of The BP Deepwater Horizon Crisis

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    BP’s leadership over this project I would have swallowed the pill and let upper management know that these repairs are crucial to the well-being of the project and its future. Sure it would take major time and resources to fix the problems on the drilling rig, but it would have not resulted in the 2010 catastrophe. Also with the Halliburton case I would have waited for the rest of the centralizers before giving the “go-ahead”. Lastly, covering up mistakes by denying responsibility and/or lying about

  • The Construction Process of Bored Piles

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    drawings given by the Consultant. The surveying details for each location should include the reduced levels and coordinates. The place that is surveyed and marked as the pile position shall not be disturbed prior to the commencement of boring works. DRILLING All the associated technical information such as presence of services, pile coordinates, platform and cut-off levels, validity of drawings etc need to be verified by the client's representative to begin the operations. If needed, after setting up

  • Alaska Drillings

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    Alaska Drillings Drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic Wildlife refuge will not solve our nation’s energy crisis, but it will destroy one of the worlds most unique animal habitats. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would satisfy only six months' worth of the nation's oil needs while oil drilling would "destroy" a wilderness that is home to the 150,000 animals of the Porcupine animal group. Our nations natural refuges should not be turned to destruction when a solution to a problem can be found

  • Legacies of Ancient China

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    most influential ‘thinkers’ of that period who helped to shape their world. The early Chinese left behind a great number of legacies which were the forerunners to the ideas and technologies we enjoy today such as basic medicine, paper currency, deep drilling and the bureaucracy system. For the ancient Chinese, most of their knowledge of early Chinese medicine was obtained from the yellow emperor’s Nei Ching. This is believed to have been from the 2nd century BC. These medicines were know as religious

  • Arctic Oil Drillings

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    The companies in favor for Arctic drillings should understand what it does to our land and our animals. The need for Arctic drilling in the U.S. is extremely important. But I think that there is an easier and less devastating way of doing so. Also, the cost of Arctic drilling is very expensive. We are paying a lot of money to extract oil, but In a way I think we are paying to devastate our land and kill our animals. Over the years, oil spills have been a great problem in the Arctic. “In 2006, a corroded

  • Keep Oil Drilling

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    resources on the planet. The benefits of oil drilling by far outweigh the negative benefits. Oil is used in many of the products that we use today. We must continue drilling for oil as it is a major natural resource that the United States can benefit from for many more years. Oil makes up of 85% of the United States natural energy production. Wind and solar power for example, only makes up of 1% of today’s energy. So if the US gets rid of oil drilling how will gain back the 85% of energy that is

  • “Keep Drilling, Keep Drilling, Keep Oh Oh”

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    swimming, keep swimming.” The United States government and oil companies have followed the cheery deposition except it is keep drilling, keep drilling. However, there is huge difference between the two; there is always a vast amount of spaces to swim in the ocean. When drilling for oil though once the spot is drained completely of black gold (crude oil) than there is no more drilling. United States must terminate the usage of crude oil to power our vehicles because it is destructive to the environment and