Dramatic Use Essays

  • How Does Jane Austen Use Dramatic Irony In Emma

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    in much suspense. The narrator does so using a specific tone which does not allow the reader to outright understand what is to come, or in many cases what is meant at the scene. Evidently, though under the surface, this fact creates the aspect of dramatic irony throughout the novel. It is known, that being a wealthy, mostly bored, and influential individual, Emma wished to set people up and potentially wed them. Being an orphan from a young age and living with her passive father, Emma almost always

  • How Does Elizabeth Barrett Browning Use A Dramatic Monologue

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    Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning both use a dramatic monologue as a poetical device to capture a reader’s attention and subvert the status quo of political notions that they rail against in order to achieve their ideals of race, gender, and class equality. However, their approach in utilizing dramatic monologue to achieve this goal is substantially different. The differences of tone and context of the dramatic monologue are vividly showcased in the contrast of Barrett’s “The Cry of

  • Use of the Dramatic Monologue in Porphyria's Lover and My Last Duchess

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    In 'Porphyria's Lover' and 'My Last Duchess', Browning uses several features of dramatic monologue in order to engage and sustain the interest of the audience. This style of monologue is spoken by a character, which is not the poet, and is usually projected at a critical moment, as in the case of 'My Last Duchess' and 'Porphyria's Lover'. The speakers unintentionally reveal their insanity, in both poems, through their separate accounts. By making a comparison of the two poems, it becomes clear

  • Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright's Road and Kane's Blasted

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    Use of Dramatic Techniques in Cartwright's Road and Kane's Blasted In this essay I shall concentrate on the plays 'Road' by Jim Cartwright and 'Blasted' by Sarah Kane with specific reference to use of language and structure of dialogue as examples of dramatic techniques. My explanation of dramatic techniques is perhaps akin to Brecht's opinion regarding this theme: '...The strong centralisation of the story, a momentum that draws the separate parts into a common relationship

  • Comparing the Use of Dramatic Monologue in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

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    Comparing the Use of Dramatic Monologue in My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover These two poems are both about love and a relationship; however they are not the type that ends happily ever after. They both represent a man's love for a woman and reveal faults they have in their relationships. As in all dramatic monologues the personality of the narrator is revealed through what he says, the words he uses and his point of view about events. For instance, in 'My Last Duchess' we see an example

  • Neoclassic vs Baroque

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    her weakness. Plato is depicted as an old man seated at the foot of the bed. Socrates has the body of a young athlete, as well as others in the painting. Each one of the twelve subjects surrounding him is meticulously drawn in detail. The dramatic use of light and dark (chiaroscuro) is seen in the focus, or emphasis, towards Socrates. There are definitive lines on the walls. These create shadows in the room and in the hallway. The texture of the floor and walls seem smooth and hard. The

  • Comparison Between Piano Concert By Barbara Wieman And Sacramento Cham

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    57. This piece can be characterized by an intense, dramatic use of fluctuating dynamics. It was as if the crescendo was not allowed to climax, then is aborted by a sudden change to pianissimo. The so called Beethoven motif was used throughout the piece, very effectively I might add. Barbara Wieman was very animated performing this piece and seemed to be very emotional while playing. This piece was very distinct and there was an effective use of rests that was displayed. I would call this piece

  • Analyzing How Robert Browning Uses Dramatic Monologue to Portray Madness in His Poems My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover

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    Analyzing How Robert Browning Uses Dramatic Monologue to Portray Madness in His Poems My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover A dramatic monologue is when a character in a piece of writing speaks their thoughts and feelings out loud. It is used because it gives an insight into the persons mind. Browning chose this form for the two poems because it makes the poem feel more realistic and you know everything the character is feeling it also subconsciously makes the reader feel certain emotions

  • Montresor's Use Of Dramatic Irony

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    and poem, “A Poison Tree” by William Blake both a theme of revenge. The poem and short story tell of the main character being infuriated with an enemy and wanting to seek revenge. Both authors use first person point of view and dramatic irony to develop the theme of revenge. Both the story and the poem use the element of first person point of view to establish a theme of revenge. The short story is written in Montresor’s point of view which allows the reader to know his thoughts. Montresor goes

  • Sophocles Use Of Dramatic Irony In Antigone

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    missing that it could be someone as close to him as Antigone. Also, Creon doesn’t think anyone but a man would go against him. Creon realizes his oblivious thinking when he is told that Antigone is the one that messed with Polyneices body. This is dramatic irony, because the audience knows that Antigone is the one that went against Creon’s ways, even when Creon, along with many others, refer to the person as “the man”. Disregarding the outcome of what may come from her actions, Antigone avoids Creon’s

  • Use Of Dramatic Irony In The Cask Of Amontillado

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    Edgar Allan Poe in his story “Cask of Amontillado” uses foreshadowing and dramatic irony to demonstrate suspense and mystery. By using these two literary elements the author can make the readers think about what is going to happen and if they should take everything that is said literal or not. Foreshadowing helps add a dramatic tension in the story making the anticipation of the story that much greater. Also, dramatic irony is used to allow the reader to feel more involved by allowing them to know

  • Use of Dramatic Contrast in Yeats' Poetry

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    Yeats' poetry is very dramatic because he usually creates dramatic contrasts within his poems and because his tone changes regularly. When he wasn't in conflict with the world around him he was in conflict with himself. He was never satisfied with modern Ireland, even when he was younger. As he grew older, his dissatisfaction became even greater. Firstly he uses a sharp contrast in his tone. This is particularly evident in his poem 'September 1913'. He starts by attacking the greedy uncultured

  • Use Of Dramatic Irony In The Cask Of Amontillado

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    what happened. Edgar Allan Poe creates a perfect crime in a murder story “The Cask of Amontillado” through the use of a character that exhibits characteristics of a psychopath, a horrifying plot and a dramatic irony. Montresor who confesses his crime without emotion the story of his killing of Fortunato fifty years before is a wealthy man living in a large “palazzo” with servants. He uses the precise and cunning tactics to seek revenge He tells Fortunato that he has obtained a wine that could be Amontillado

  • Willy Russell's Use of Dramatic Techniques

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    She explains that she didn’t believe the University would accept her and the audience can see that she’s scared of what it might mean. Willy Russell’s uses dramatic techniques such as speech directions in order to help the actor impersonate the character and send the right message across so the audience would react the way he planned. Russell uses speech directions to shows Rita’s personality, according to the speech directions Rita moves around quite a lot which some might think shows Rita’s diffidence

  • Character Analysis of the Elder Mrs. Winning of Flower Garden

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    the case for the character Helen Winning in the story "Flower Garden" by Shirley Jackson. The static, intrinsic traits of the Elder Mrs. Winning, which are influential to the outcome of the story, are developed in detail by Jackson's use of description and dramatic scenes. The elder Mrs. Winning is characterized as a woman with an authoritative, domineering personality who is unyielding in her convictions. The elder Mrs. Winning is a sovereign matriarch in her household. After a morning breakfast

  • Louis de Bernieres's Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

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    Louis de Bernieres's Captain Corelli’s Mandolin Louis de Bernieres uses three principal techniques to portray the effects of war so powerfully in his book. These techniques are the powerful narrative, strong pictorial language, and black humour. Above all, the message is conveyed in the narrative, especially when Louis De Bernieres graphically describes the war’s impact on the soldiers who are fighting for their country. At first, the soldiers are united in their fight against the enemy

  • Dramatic Tension in Miller's All My Sons

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    Dramatic Tension in Miller's All My Sons This extract begins with Chris and Ann deciding how they're going to break the news to the Kellers. They start with Joe Keller, and he somewhat approves. The scene is lighthearted until Keller finds out the George is on the phone for Ann from Columbia. This drives is suspicions and gets him very protective. He begins to try and hint to Chris that Ann is here to try and convict him of the death of Larry. Chris then gets very angry with him, and Joe

  • Fostering Language Development in Schools

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    library center, dramatic play center, and the block center including an explanation of how these three areas support language acquisition. As a child enters a classroom they should be surrounded by literacy in every learning center around the room. “A learning center is a defined space where materials are organized in such a way that children learn without the teacher's constant presence and direction.” (Cited Landry, et al., 2014, pg. 12) These areas consist of blocks, dramatic play, music, toys

  • Act 5 sc 3 and Act 3 sc 3 in Shakespeare's Coriolanus

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    Volumnia is a very strong, well spoken woman who has great speaking skills. She has brought Coriolanus up to be strong and fearless and follow her teachings, which causes him to be exactly like her in everyway. He has a great grasp of language and uses this to convey his true feelings. The political system in Rome at the time of the play is a democratic society. This allows the common people to vote for who they want to come to power. This is different to every other city at the time as elsewhere

  • Analysis of the Last Scene of Film Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh

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    this final scene. This final scene of the film contrasts with the dramatic scene of the death of Elizabeth where the fire and the fast and heavily scored music increases the drama. The darkness of the building placed with the orangey-yellow glare of the fire as Elizabeth runs through the Frankenstein mansion towards the camera creates a commotion and increases the excitement. The scene suddenly changes from this dramatic scene to a lacklustre landscape of the Arctic; the light change alters