Downtown Toronto Essays

  • Downtown Toronto: The Oldest City In Canada

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    Introduction Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and it is a city known for of culture, arts, entertainment, significant landmarks and many more. There are many parts of Toronto that make this city it is known in today’s day and age. Downtown Toronto is the heart of the city because of all the momentous areas, districts and notable landmarks are located in that area. The entertainment district in Toronto is a place where there are many things to do and it brings out what the city is all about

  • Pornography and Feminism

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    is to prohibit the sale of skin magazines in corner stores. Men are not put into the same portion, and there in lies the discrimination. When speaking of pornography in action, X- rated videos are the first thing that comes to mind. A shop in downtown Toronto that sells dirty movies and frightening looking sex toys has Ultra Great Sex tapes for less than $25.30. One scene contains two men performing simultaneous anal and vaginal intercourse on one women. The obscenity law found in subsection 8 of

  • TD Centre: An Architectural Mini-Utopia in Downtown Toronto

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    The TD Centre is a landmark of Toronto. It is one of the most recognizable elements of the downtown core. It has gained this status for two main reasons. The first one concerns its historical significance: the complex was one of the first of many skyscrapers built in the international style. The second reason is personified by the individual behind the planning and realization of the project: Mies van der Rohe. The building was the last high-rise the world-famous modernist created and therefore it

  • Friday Night Live Analysis

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    over Ripley’s due to the consecutive Friday nights that the ROM will be hosting these events, while the aquarium only hosts once a month. The Ontario Science Centre and the Toronto Entertainment District are both considered indirect competitor since the Science Centre is not located in the same region as the ROM and the Toronto Entertainment District, while is still within

  • Toronto Informative Speech

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    Intro: The most heavily populated city in Canada, Toronto is home to the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the biggest zoo in Canada, and the legendary PATH. It's also soon to be home to you and yours. But before you start scouring Lilypad's listings for the Toronto home or townhouse of your dreams, check out our city guide to make sure "T-Dot" is right for you (spoiler: it is). Overview: On the scenic northwestern shores of Lake Ontario, you'll find a melting pot unlike any other in the Great

  • The Pros And Cons Of Living In Toronto

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    Powerful cities such as Toronto attract investment due to the size of their economy, their projected future prosperity, cost of living and quality of life. Toronto lays at the economic heart of one of the world’s wealthiest countries, projected to keep humming through 2020. It is full of very vibrant and lively walkable neighborhoods dull of people and interesting retail. The food tastes wonderful in Toronto and it has a variety of different types of foods from different cultures. In my opinion,

  • Globalization And Anti-Gentfication Of City Of Toronto

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    d. Literature Review According to Lehrer, U., & Wieditz, T. (2009), Toronto saw a massive population growth in a period of thirty years due to the extensive construction of high-rise condominium towers which led to the city being divided into three distinct cities: “city of the rich, the shrinking city of middle-income households, and the growing city of concentrated poverty.” According to the article the division is caused by the development of condominiums as the new form of gentrification which

  • Homelessness In Canada Essay

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    Boundaries enclosing poverty line in Toronto increasingly widens from year to year. Differences in economic status are evident throughout the GTA due to many factoring problems. Some of which are lack of affordable housing, government aid, and the growing pressure on homeless services while oblivion from Torontonians aggravates the situation. Homelessness is a major element of poverty in Toronto. This is majorly caused by lack of finances. Many people who live on the streets seek for temporary

  • Analysis: The Rainbow Serpent

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    The Rainbow Serpent by Zzilla, 361 University Avenue Nuit Blanche is an annual sunrise to sunset arts festival that happens in downtown Toronto. It transforms the city into a never ending supply of art installations from all mediums; paintings, sculptures, dances, live action, digital media and much more. These events can range from being just an observation piece (following Brecht’s theories) to full audience interaction and immersion (following Artaud). The art installation that we saw at Nuit

  • Smart Growth

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    is a component of smart growth which... ... middle of paper ... ...Is Destroying Ontario's Farmland." Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd, 21 Feb. 2013. Web. This Is Smart Growth. Publication. Smart Growth Network, 2006. Web. "Toronto Gridlock May Cost Economy up to $11B, C.D. Howe Says." CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 11 July 2013. Web. "Toronto Official Plan." City of Toronto, 2010. Web. "Urban Sprawl." Policy Almanac. Almanac of Policy Issues, Aug. 2003. Web. Litman, Todd. "Evaluating Criticism

  • Port Orchard: A Natural Disaster

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    remember a time when it persisted for 93 days straight. Though at times the weather can be miserable, it keeps the forest green and the air clean and refreshing. Traveling ten miles out of his hide away home, Isaac comes to the downtown area. Right on the water, downtown holds a large marina, home to boats from all over Kitsap County. Small antique shops, a one screen movie theatre, and a few bars are scattered down the main street. The “best candy store in the world” sits on a quaint corner of

  • Self Discovery

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    Metro, studying Literature and History. Not only a student, I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and female. No, I don’t bring in a paycheck, but my life is fulfilling, gratifying, deserving and challenging. Will I teach, write, join the downtown business crew again, or become a clerk in the bookstore? Maybe I will. Whatever I do, I know I will strive to be a bit more patient, observing the tiniest of details, attempting to be more considerate and understanding of people, honoring their backgrounds

  • How Education Impacts your Health

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    community. For this project I choose New Hope Baptist Church located at 284 Vine Street in Jackson, Ms pastured by Rev. Dock Cooper III. New Hope is located in area code 39206, and approximately 2 minutes from the Interstate 55, and 10 minutes from downtown Jackson. There are several churches located in this zip code (39206); also Highland Village shopping center is one of the more Up-scale shopping centers in Mississippi. This shopping center has over fifty stores, clothing jewelry, sporting and pharmacy

  • Barbiturate

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    name like that? Legend has it that this drug was derived when a 29 year old research assistant, Adolph von Baeyer, was working in his Belgian laboratory in 1863 when he took the condensation of malonic acid and combined it with Urea. Von Baeyer went downtown to a local pub to celebrate where some army officers where celebrating Feast Day of Saint Barbara. So he took the name Barbara and combined it with the chemical that mostly made up this new acid and came out with barbituric acid. In 1912, two German

  • Cows On Parade

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    in the City. Chicago – the Windy City… Famous for its skyscrapers and the Magnificent Mile, this summer Chicago was embellished by a new landmark, or landmarks to be more exact. Nearly 300 cows have found a temporary home in the streets of downtown and its buildings. This extensive public art project, organized by the Chicago Public Art Program , commemorates the city’s industrial history, while bringing a sense of community and beauty to Chicago’s citizens and tourists. In this “parade”, every

  • A Trip To Panama City

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    City Day 1: We arrived at Omar Torrijos airport via American Airlines early in the afternoon. We purchased our required tourist cards (3 balboas, as US dollars are called in Panama) at the airport, then caught a taxi for the 18 mile ride to our downtown hotel. The ride in the battered, un-airconditioned car was rather expensive (30 balboas), but the driver spoke English and was very friendly. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. While my dad was checking in I bought a guidebook in the hotel lobby

  • In Todays Society

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    city in North America and there will be public branding of the Gap name. Almost any major company will participate in public branding of their name. Gap keeps on public branding their name more and more effectively. Sides of buses, large billboards downtown, benches and subway stations will have the Gap name branded all over them. These are examples of public branding. Public branding is good for marketing . This is clearly illustrated by Gap because one of the main reasons for their successful marketing

  • Minorities In The Military

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    group of my fellow Filipino recruits. We decided to catch a bus to downtown San Diego. As we boarded the bus, I stopped in confusion when I noticed a sign with “Black” written at the back section of the bus. Looking for the driver for direction, I was informed by the driver that was no longer enforced. Even with him saying this, I still sat in the middle row since my skin color fell in between black and white. As we arrived downtown, I experience culture shock. The town was colorful and filled with

  • Royal York Hotel History

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    The Fairmont Royal York Hotel or the Royal York Hotel has been a significant part of the Toronto skyline since 1929, and continues to be an important piece of history and architecture today. The Hotel is located centrally in downtown providing direct access to Union Station across the street. It wasn't until 1999 that the Royal York Hotel was renamed to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The property that houses the Hotel has been the location of housing accommodations since 1838. In 1838, the first

  • Union Station Research Paper

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    Union Station, located on Front Street between Bay and York Streets, is the major transportation hub for not only Toronto, but for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area as well. Seeing over 200,000 travellers pass through its concourses each day, it’s considered the gateway to the GTHA not only for commuters on their way to work, but for intercity travellers as well. Go Transit, Via Rail and the TTC are all major tenants of the architectural space, as well as the soon to be opened Union-Pearson Express