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  • The Downside of Facebook

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    While social media has made connecting and communicating with anyone at any time as easy as pie, it also has altered teen’s social skills and behaviors. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have proven to be great tools to expedite the development of empathy, encourage task-switching or even bring somewhat shy individuals a little more out of their shells. However, social media sites have also fostered a host of psychological and behavioral problems. “Cognitive development is still maturing

  • The Downside of Bitcoins

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    Imagine a world where there are no banks or even a need for wallets. This may sound like a nice freedom at first until illegal activities sky rocket; including the drug and sex trade. The economy will crash and millions of people will be left high and dry with a worthless currency. This type of chaos will not only devastate the United States but will also be seen world wide. With the way technology has been advancing this could be a very plausible future, thanks to Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a new

  • The Downside to Mississippi

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    Mississippi is so … poor, racist, and unhealthy. These might be the top answers given if you asked anyone about their thoughts on Mississippi. Mississippi consistently tops the list of the poorest states in the nation. The history on the state of Mississippi past and present is still defined by its racist past. Today Mississippi tops the list of the fattest states. The Mississippi Delta region exhibits all these conditions in the worst degree. The state of Mississippi is so poor that they are ranked

  • Downside of Technology Use

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    things technology has made easier, the list is way longer than any one really cares to type. We see a number of positive effects of technology used in the daily lives of people every where and in many fields, however, not every one thinks about its downsides. Technology has done away with relations between family members. Every one is so caught up in their own little world of video games, Televisions, computers, tablets, and smart phones that they forget to spend time with each other the days of eating

  • The Downside of Cheating

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    Stanford University’s mechanical engineer David L. Jaffe and Professor Drew Nelson discovered that while about 20% of college students admitted to cheating in high school during the 1940s, today between 75 and 85 percent of college students surveyed each year reported having cheated in high school. (Jaffe, David L and Nelson, Professor Drew) Why do people cheat? The most dominant reason people cheat on tests is that they did not study. Some people think for them to pass they have to cheat;

  • The Downside of Technology

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    task that we were not able to do in the past. Now, to write all the positive things about technology will take a long list, but us humans tend to forget with these positive impacts technology can effect us in negative way as well. Technology has a downside, so for example whenever a new phone or device comes out in the market people get really excited and sometimes even wait at twelve midnight to be the first one’s to get it. Now, others just wait and see if there’s technical problems or such. So

  • Technology?s Downside

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    computers to make all things run like clock- work and keep us going. Nothing is done manually anymore which only complicates the process. The people have become ignorant on how actions are performed.      Another technology downside was the A-bomb. Its invention wound up killing large quantities of people. To go along with that, other weapons such as the automatic machine gun or laser guided missiles have been invented only to cause human death and mass destruction. Our war-like

  • The Downside to Standardized Testing

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    The Downside to Standardized Testing After 1965, preparation for mandatory standardized testing began to take over traditional teaching techniques and curriculum plans in the classroom. These tests are designed to measure a student's skill level in relation to other students who take the same test. Schools are being transformed "from centers of learning to centers of test preparation."(Wetzel,Bill) Teaching to the test has caused an uproar between teachers, students, and administrators globally

  • The Downside of Technology

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    Technology is dangerous because it leads to bad education, cybercrimes, and health issues. Social media can be a distraction and can lower your grades. According to, “There is bound to be a reduction in students focus of attention when they are studying and at the same time trying to get involved in activities of these social sites. This often time cause a drastic reduction in their academic performance. (“NEGATIVE”). This is important because the students are getting distracted by

  • The Downside of Bottled Water

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    Choosing to drink bottled water over soda or juice is widely known to be a great choice for your health. Water is a natural non-calorie drink with no sugar, sodium, or fat and many people prefer the taste and convenience of bottled water. But this choice of bottled water still damagingly impacts Earth in many ways. Municipal (tap) water should be the first choice for Americans when they want a drink of water, however, marketing schemes have convinced Americans that bottled water is the purer and