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  • Domes of Ancient Rome

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    The dome is a remarkable engineering and architectural innovation, perhaps made even more so by the fact that those who first employed it lacked the knowledge and technology advantages of today. By considering how a dome supports itself and its various loads as well as the stresses under which it is subjected, and the structures that allow for this to happen, it is not difficult to determine that the domes of antiquity, such as the Pantheon and Hagia Sophia were incredible structural feats in their

  • Architecture: The Pyramids Of Greek And Roman Domes

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    technology has changed the way live. This has included the way we build magnificent buildings. Old wonders like the Pyramids at Giza have fascinated people for years. There is another building concept that has attracted people’s attention for ages as well, domes. Thousands of years ago, Greek and Roman architects created rectangular-shaped buildings supported by huge, marble columns. For example, the Parthenon has forty six outer columns and twenty three inner columns. All of these columns come at a price

  • The San Vitale in Ravenna and The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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    Monuments such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and San Vitale in Ravenna, perform a great importance in Byzantine and Islamic architecture. Both of these structures did not exclusively represent the main place of worship, but most importantly as a symbol of achievement and growth within the current times of construction. Starting in 524, under the influence of Orthodox bishop Ecclesius, the development of San Vitale was to represent the achievements of the emperor Justinian. Julius Argentarius

  • Traditional Shelter Essay

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    made custom to the way the huts were constructed. When each hut was considered to be built, the woman would be the ones to clear the area of rocks, small trees and sticks before construction started. The men collected and assembled the frame of the dome, whilst the woman were in charge of collecting and setting up the cladding. It was also the woman whom fixed the holes in the roof if the weather had caused.

  • Architecture: The Timurid Architecture

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    of the Turks and Mongols. He chose Samarqand, “the city of domes,” for his capital and was an important trading city along the Silk Road. Trademarks of the Timurid style were of monumental scale; multiple minarets, polychromy tile work, and large bulbous double domes. The Timurids are best known for their advances in architecture, especially the melon dome. A melon dome, or a bulbous dome, is a pointed dome that swells. The melon dome is present on the mausoleum of Ahmad Yasavi, Bibi Khanum congressional

  • Jahanpanah Research Paper

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    with soil. It is declared to be Kabir-ud-din Aulia’s abode below by day and above by night. The group of buildings includes ruins of several wall mosques, grave platforms, and gateways. On the roof, a low octagonal drum carries a conical dome. It is said that the dome was originally surmounted with a gold finial which was stolen at some point. The roof level is edged by carved sandstone battlement decorations. a tall pointed entrance arch with lotus bud fringe design contains a carved corbelled gateway

  • The Dome Of Rock: The Dome Of The Rock

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    in the Jewish traditions, the Dome of the Rock sent a message to the whole world: “The holiness of Jerusalem was inherited by Islam from Judaism and Christianity” (Rabbat 1989: 14). When the Dome of the Rock was changed into a church by the Crusaders, Islam was also experiencing its period of decline, as it was wiped out from the Haram and replaced by Christianity. A few decades later, the Muslims recaptured Jerusalem and brought the Islamic identity back to the Dome, the religion was also restored

  • The Dome Of The Church And The Dome Of The Church

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    building,” while the Dome of the Rock restored the octagonal outline of the building, which Muslims believed was more perfect and thus could overshadow the past construction in Christendom (Avner 2010: 39). In addition to its octagonal shape, the Muslim shrine’s dome was also designed in a way to compete with the domes of Christian churches. According to Armstrong, al-Malik wanted their own dome to challenge the round dome of the Holy Sepulcher on the western hill and the dome of the Church of the

  • Hagia Sophia Essay

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    of wood. During the riots of 404 AD the Hagia Sophia was mostly destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in 405 AD. The second church was destroyed during a revolt in 532 AD. The construction of the Hagia Sophia was a challenge during this time. The dome roof required a lot of support. In the end it was resting on pendentives: spherical triangles that arise from the huge piers that carry the weight of the cupola. The Byzantine had decorated the inside of

  • Compare And Contrast The Panhenome And The Parthenon

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    mathematical or design reasons the Greeks originally saw in their creations (as mentioned above). But this was not the case with the Pantheon. There are many references to geometric shapes (circles and squares) throughout the building. In addition, the dome was created at a height that is a perfect sphere above the ground which was a mathematical and structural