The Pantheon: The Architecture Of Ancient Roman Architecture

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Pantheon is located in the Italian capital Rome, the northern circular plaza, it is one of the oldest buildings in Rome, is also a representation of ancient Roman architecture. The original history of the Pantheon dates back to the 27th year of the Roman Republic, which was built by Octavian 's deputy, Agri Barba, to commemorate Octavius ' defeat of Anthony and Anlapatra. But the original temple was burned in the fire in AD 80. It was not rebuilt until 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian, who inscribed "M.AGRIPPA.L.F.COS.TERTIUM.FECIT" in the rebuilt portico of the Pantheon. It means "the son of Lucius, the three-time Archon of the construction of the temple of Marcos America." This passage had led to the misconception that the colonnade was left over…show more content…
Pantheon plane-round, dome diameter of 43.3 meters, the top height, is 43.3 meters. The central dome opened a diameter of 8.9 meters round hole, indicating that the world of God and the human world together. Projected from the round hole in the soft light, illuminating the Pantheon 's interior, it is full of sacred feeling. Dome materials are concrete, brick, concrete pumice for aggregate. To reduce the weight of the dome, the more, the more thin, the lower 5.9 meters thick, the upper 1.5 meters. And in the dome inside to do five deep concave grid, each circle 28. The wall thickness is 6.2 meters and is also made of concrete. Each pouring about 1 m, to build a layer of large brick. Wall along the circular hair eight coupons, of which 7 are niches, one is the door. Niches and gates also ease the burden of the foundation. The foundation is 4.5 meters deep, and the bottom is 7.3 meters thick. The foundation and the walls of the concrete are made of tuff and gray stone for aggregates. Stigma and pillars are white marble. The flowers and the eaves of the statue, door fan, tile, porch ceiling beam and board, are made of copper, was wrapped in gold foil. The…show more content…
Pantheon porch pillar tall and majestic, but also gorgeous floating Yan, column height of 14.1 meters, the bottom diameter of 1.43 meters, with a piece of Egyptian gray granite processing. Stigma and pillars are white marble. The figurines of the mountain flowers and the eaves, the gates, the tiles, the ceiling beams and the boards in the porch, are made of copper and wrapped in gold. The hall is surrounded by shrines and enshrines the Catholic saints. On the left and right walls, there are Jesus Christmas and the "three kings" to the murals and St Joseph 's sleepwalking and fled to Egypt 's relief. Hagia Sophia all the columns are the color, different patterns of marble processing. Its walls are covered with marble slabs and vaulted mosaics for a minimalist design. Archangel Gabriel and Michael 's mosaic are also found on the archway. The arched shoulder of the building is decorated with cutting practices, with black marble as the end, on which embedded precious white marble slices, flowers and birds display patterns. At the same time, the top of the church dome and the surrounding walls are also covered with colorful mosaics and a large number of exquisite murals and sculptures. In addition, the decoration of the cathedral, in addition to a variety of exquisite carvings exquisite, but also includes the use of colored marble mosaic puzzles inlaid, the mosaic depicting the Virgin Mary, Jesus, saints, emperors, and queens, there is

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