Documentary Essays

  • Documentary on Newfoundland

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    Canada is internationally recognized for its excellence in documentary film, and in recent years several of Canada's finest documentary makers have come from this province. Some of them work primarily in Newfoundland and Labrador while others take their cameras around the world. Their films often tell highly personal stories that reflect universal themes, and many are characterized by an unmistakable passion for grass-roots politics, social change and human rights. For most of this century Newfoundland

  • Mock Documentaries

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    Mockumentary: The Genre of False Documentary A mock documentary is successful when it is able to combine both the appearance of historically accurate elements and present believable situations through a false lens, leading the audience to question the reality of what they are seeing. The genre of false documentary aims to present a convincing story through the use of credible documentary tactics to portray a "fictional documentary." Every mock documentary depends on its viewers believing its

  • Analysis of the Documentary Barefoot

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    This was a very troubling yet inspiring documentary. I can’t fathom 27,000 people, five to ten years old, parentless and just walking, BAREFOOT. These poor kids look so hungry, I’ve never seen legs so skinny. However, it brought me comfort knowing the boys formed makeshift families to take care of one another. And it’s pretty remarkable to hear that 11 year olds were capable of taking care of the young (not like they had a choice). I found the bond within their society beautiful. I was disturbed

  • Documentary Critique

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    This is a critique of" Roger And Me", a documentary by Michael Moore. This is a film about a city that at one time had a great economy. The working class people lived the American dream. The majority of people in this town worked at the large GM factory. The factory is what gave these people security in their middle working class home life. Life in the city of Flint was good until Roger Smith the CEO of GM decided to close the factory. This destroyed the city. Violent crime became the highest in

  • Into The Wind Documentary Analysis

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    bad, legal, or not? This documentary delve deeper into how anabolic steroids have fueled the success of some athletes and how they are used in such fields as medicine, but is still not halfway between useful and not because of the health risk they might pose to human by possible abuse. It’s a thought provoking doc. 17. Into the Wind (2010). An inspirational tale of triumph follows Terry Fox who run across Canada despite losing foot to osteosarcoma. This best HBO documentary is uplifting and a great

  • Storytelling lost to the documentary

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    This paper will explore documentaries and storytelling as an important part of culture, what a documentary is compared to a story, and how storytelling is abandoned for this modern media. In this world there exists something that we all have in common and upon which the success of our entire civilization rests. It is the almost magical way in which we communicate and understand each other. Simply said, it is storytelling. Storytelling is a very cool, in media terms, interactive experience between

  • A Documentary Analysis Of The Lost Sparrow

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    The documentary, Lost Sparrow, is a very compelling production of one man’s quest to not only help his family deal with some of the trauma’s they had long been suffering from, it was also created to tell the story and hopefully shed some light on the conflicting story of the disappearance and death of his Native American adoptive brothers, Bobby and Tyler. Initially my overall takeaway from this documentary was a mixture of curiosity which quickly turned into confusion. “How did the boys (Bobby and

  • Documentary Analysis Of Documentary: Supersize Me

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    Analysis of Documentary: Supersize Me The McDonald’s Corporation, the largest fast food chain in the world, was once known as a carefree place for people to consume a cheap and convenient meal. However, in the last decade, the restaurant has transformed into the main representation of global obesity. In 2004, an expository documentary was released that gave audiences a chance to view the effects of consuming an excessive amount of fast food from McDonald’s. This film, Supersize Me, effectively delivers

  • Exploring the Structure of Documentaries and Fictional Programs

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    Exploring the Structure of Documentaries and Fictional Programs At first glance you would think that a fictional program and a documentary couldn’t be more dissimilar from each other, but they do have their similarities. Naturally sometimes these two types of program are different in the way they do things due to the message they are trying to get across or the mood they are trying to set but methods they use to achieve these things are much the same. They both share the same camera

  • Documentary Essay

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    technology effected the form and content of documentary films, I will be exploring how advances in technology have improved the way we watch and understand documentary, also I will be going in-depth about how social media and the internet has brought new ways of creating documentary film, for us the public. going over how the advances in technology have brought a variety of documentary styles. and how each have progressively proven to show that documentary filmmaking is never over and there will always

  • Documentaries Essay

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    over a decade documentaries have evolved from informative texts to tools of persuasion, as a result of the ever-changing cultural contexts and societal ideologies (Merin, n.d.). In 1936, John Grierson coined the term ‘documentary’, since then both the type of film as well as the practice of making documentaries have broadened into endless sub-genres such as advocacy documentaries and biographical documentaries. Regardless of the myriad forms of the genre, a great number of documentaries are based around

  • Documentary Film Analysis

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    The label of ‘documentary’ can be applied to a heterogeneous mix of ideas and expressions with often-contradictory modes of address, tone and subject matter. It is for this reason that documentary is a film practice that is difficult to define; there is no limit to the range of styles, techniques and forms that documentary film can encompass. John Grierson, the man who coined the term ‘documentary’, has offered a definition that, while at parts is insufficient, critics consider to be the “starting-point”

  • The Negative Impact Of The Documentary: No Impact Man

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    In the documentary titled “No Impact Man”, we examined the journey taken by Colin Beavan, his wife Michelle, and their daughter to create no negative impact on the environment. Initially, they took measures such as buying from the local farmers’ markets, becoming vegetarian and using bicycles to go to work. However, there were some more dramatic changes that took place. Colin used worms to decompose their waste and scraps, and even resorted to using diapers made from organic wool as opposed to using

  • Documentary: Truth And Fiction In Documentary Film

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    Truth and Fiction in Documentary Film Documentary film style has been used in films dating back to the pre 1900's. It was later a term that was used by John Grierson in his review of Robert Flaherty's film Moana in 1926. Documentary films are often regarded as films that display reality and tell stories about real facts and interview real people. Although this does not mean that fiction does not exist in documentary films. Films such as Nanook of the North can tell a story that is perceived to be

  • Focus Documentary, Made In Bangladesh: The Fifth Estate

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    Documentary Review Assignment –MGMT 3030 Focus Documentary CBC News. “Made in Bangladesh - The Fifth Estate.” YouTube. October 3, 2014. Posted October 25, 2016. The documentary, Made in Bangladesh, made by CBC, addresses the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and the increase in awareness that came from the outside. The documentary addresses the lack of care that was put into safety for the workers by both the factory owners and the contracting

  • Bowling For Columbine Documentary Analysis

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    This term, we reviewed the history and process of documentary making. By viewing objective and subjective documentaries, the elements and operations of each were identified. The given task was to apply this knowledge by creating our own subjective or objective documentaries in groups. My group contained Ellen, Mia, Bonny, and Mercedes which I was satisfied with as we all shared a similar work ethic. In creating a documentary, I experienced first-hand the decisions and mechanisms of this procedure

  • Analysis Of Two Documentaries

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    Analysis Of Two Documentaries I will be analysing two very different types of documentary, 'Dogtown and the Z-Boys', which takes the role of being a full length movie type documentary, and 'Teenage Transsexuals' which was recently shown on Channel 4. 'Dogtown and the Z-Boys' is a documentary which takes a look at the transformation of surfing into skateboarding. The film follows the evolution of skating through it's heyday in the 70's, to it's decline in the 80's, and then back upto it's

  • Comparing Documentaries: 9/11 and September Mourning

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    Comparing Documentaries: 9/11 and September Mourning The ways in which the codes and conventions are used the documentaries are that many of them have an interviewer this is sometimes either an invisible interviewer or the interviewer is present and is can be picked out by the audience. Also the camera work differs. The two documentaries I will be concentrating on will be '9/11' by the 'Naudet brothers' (9/11, Naudet Brothers, 2002, Fr/US) '9/11'was released by 21st Century Fox, it was released

  • Comparing Television Documentaries and Their Gratifications

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    Comparing Television Documentaries and Their Gratifications In this Essay I am going to watch four different documentaries, all with different topics. I will analyse them and then work out how they offer gratifications to the audiences. I will write about what affect they have and why they are used. I watched four different documentaries with four different topics: Historical (Pirates - The Golden Age), Mystery (Vanished - The plane that disappeared), Nature (Blue Planet) and horror / mystery

  • Bowling For Columbine Documentary Analysis

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    Moore’s three documentary films, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Capitalism: A Love Story, to prove my thesis that his documentaries utilize interviews and news clips to construct a powerful liberal leaning narrative that provides a one-sided alternative way of understanding the American political and social system. All three films rely heavily on Michael Moore’s interviews with numerous individuals that represent a spectrum viewpoints. Moore’s strong presence within the documentary allows