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  • Documentary on Newfoundland

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    Canada is internationally recognized for its excellence in documentary film, and in recent years several of Canada's finest documentary makers have come from this province. Some of them work primarily in Newfoundland and Labrador while others take their cameras around the world. Their films often tell highly personal stories that reflect universal themes, and many are characterized by an unmistakable passion for grass-roots politics, social change and human rights. For most of this century Newfoundland

  • Mock Documentaries

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    Mockumentary: The Genre of False Documentary A mock documentary is successful when it is able to combine both the appearance of historically accurate elements and present believable situations through a false lens, leading the audience to question the reality of what they are seeing. The genre of false documentary aims to present a convincing story through the use of credible documentary tactics to portray a "fictional documentary." Every mock documentary depends on its viewers believing its

  • Documentary

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    The genre, documentary film, is comprised of numerous modes or classifications of films that address a wide-variety of subjects. Stylistically, documentary filmmakers may choose to capture traces of the truth in a variety of ways using filming and editing techniques to convey a message about a selected subject (Plantinga, 2005). As Bill Nichols emphasizes in his 1991 essay entitled “The Domain of the Documentary”, the documentary genre encompasses many modes of films that are able to capture truth

  • Documentary Critique

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    This is a critique of" Roger And Me", a documentary by Michael Moore. This is a film about a city that at one time had a great economy. The working class people lived the American dream. The majority of people in this town worked at the large GM factory. The factory is what gave these people security in their middle working class home life. Life in the city of Flint was good until Roger Smith the CEO of GM decided to close the factory. This destroyed the city. Violent crime became the highest in

  • Analysis of the Documentary Barefoot

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    This was a very troubling yet inspiring documentary. I can’t fathom 27,000 people, five to ten years old, parentless and just walking, BAREFOOT. These poor kids look so hungry, I’ve never seen legs so skinny. However, it brought me comfort knowing the boys formed makeshift families to take care of one another. And it’s pretty remarkable to hear that 11 year olds were capable of taking care of the young (not like they had a choice). I found the bond within their society beautiful. I was disturbed

  • Documentary Analysis Of Documentary: Supersize Me

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    Analysis of Documentary: Supersize Me The McDonald’s Corporation, the largest fast food chain in the world, was once known as a carefree place for people to consume a cheap and convenient meal. However, in the last decade, the restaurant has transformed into the main representation of global obesity. In 2004, an expository documentary was released that gave audiences a chance to view the effects of consuming an excessive amount of fast food from McDonald’s. This film, Supersize Me, effectively delivers

  • Storytelling lost to the documentary

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    This paper will explore documentaries and storytelling as an important part of culture, what a documentary is compared to a story, and how storytelling is abandoned for this modern media. In this world there exists something that we all have in common and upon which the success of our entire civilization rests. It is the almost magical way in which we communicate and understand each other. Simply said, it is storytelling. Storytelling is a very cool, in media terms, interactive experience between

  • Documentaries' Success on Television

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    Documentaries' Success on Television After choosing to make a documentary for my A2 project, the first thing I set about doing was to research other documentaries that had been made and had been successful on television. I researched relevant mediums to gain knowledge and understanding of the project I was taking on and to make sure that on completion my product followed all the codes and conventions of other documentaries shown in the allocated time slot, on the same channel I was basing

  • Documentary Essay

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    technology effected the form and content of documentary films, I will be exploring how advances in technology have improved the way we watch and understand documentary, also I will be going in-depth about how social media and the internet has brought new ways of creating documentary film, for us the public. going over how the advances in technology have brought a variety of documentary styles. and how each have progressively proven to show that documentary filmmaking is never over and there will always

  • Documentaries Essay

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    over a decade documentaries have evolved from informative texts to tools of persuasion, as a result of the ever-changing cultural contexts and societal ideologies (Merin, n.d.). In 1936, John Grierson coined the term ‘documentary’, since then both the type of film as well as the practice of making documentaries have broadened into endless sub-genres such as advocacy documentaries and biographical documentaries. Regardless of the myriad forms of the genre, a great number of documentaries are based around