Doctoral Degree Essays

  • Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Finance

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    Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Finance I have an excellent job with tremendous advancement opportunities. At my well-paid job at a prestigious investment bank on Wall Street, my computer science and analytical skills are recognized and lauded. Moreover, I enjoy intellectual interactions with my Ph.D. colleagues, have many friends, and am appreciated by my managers. Still, I feel a void in my life. While my friends and colleagues do not understand my decision to leave my rewarding career, I know

  • Nostradamous

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    received a bachelor's degree in the study of medicine. Around this time, there was an outbreak of the plague in various parts of France, and he quickly earned a good reputation with the use of his medicine. However, Nostradamus' "medicines" were not ordinary, as they consisted of psychological guidance and homemade formulas. Using these methods, he cured many victims of the plague who were previously labeled incurable. He later went back to Montpelier to earn his doctoral degree in medicine. Although

  • Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr

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    was dedicated to learn. At the age of 15, King attended Morehouse college and graduated in 1948. King continued his pursuit of knowledge at Croezer Theological Seminary and later graduatedwith honorsonly to further his education by getting a doctoral degree in systematic theology in 1955.During King's education, he learned the importance of public speaking. King was ordained a Baptist minister at the age of 18. King used this to express himself freely and he was able to persuade his Listeners

  • Why I Want To Pursue A Doctoral Degree

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    behavior. I have always tried to be the mentor that helped others and gave a voice to the voiceless. This has created the wave of positive and negative experiences which make up my life and ultimately lead me to pursue my doctoral degree. I began to consider pursuing my doctorate degree after I started working with college and adult students. I found out quickly that I could take my passion for education without addressing any of the areas which annoyed me working in a public school setting. Over the

  • Persuasive Speech: Everyone Should Enroll in a Certification Program

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    they are completely legal! Today in America, hundreds upon thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds are signing up for Certification programs as a quick, easy, and more affordable alternative to an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree. Today I will just touch on a few of these Certification programs as examples of the many different pathways you can take towards your education, including Computer, Nursing and Truck Driving. Who knows, by the end of this speech, perhaps you

  • The Physics of Pressure Cooker

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    The Physics of the Pressure Cooker Generally, water boils at 100 degree Celsius (212 degree Fahrenheit) in normal room temperature and pressure. If somebody boils the water for five minutes or for twenty minutes, the temperature will always remain the same. The pressure of air affects the boiling point of water. If air pressure is changed, then the boiling point will also change according to it (How does”). This is why a pressure cooker cooks food quickly as the pressure of the steam in the

  • Going Broke by Degree by Richard Vedder

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    Going Broke by Degree by Richard Vedder David Wood once said, “College is the best time of your life.  When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?” The costs of college are escalating at an all time high, which is why Richard Vedder went out and looked for a reason as to why this is and what, if any, solutions to this ongoing problem could be. Vedder talks about four main reasons why tuition continues

  • Growing up Around Agriculture

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    I believe everyone has been born to do something. I was born to be a veterinarian. People tell me that I will probably end up changing my degree choice “twenty seven times” before I even graduate form college. I believe otherwise. I have grown up on a farm with filled with adopted animals of all kinds- rabbits, pigeons, goats, frogs, dogs, chickens, cats, cattle, and an iguana. Ever since I was seven I new I was born to become a veterinarian. This past year I was hired to work at the veterinarian

  • Anterior Crucient Ligament

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    Anterior Crucient Ligament The Anterior Crucient Ligament also known as the ACL is usually injured in a forceful twisting motion of the knee. It also may be injured by hyper extending the knee witch is when the femur is forcefully pushed across the tibia such as a sudden stop, while running or a sudden change in weight. The person will feel or here a sudden pop in the knee. The knee may or may not get very swollen, but the knee will be very unstable so you can not walk and it is painful especially

  • Setting My Sights

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    the University of Phoenix in order to complete my degree. While I was certain that continuing school was one of my goals, I was not sure if now was the best time. Despite my wavering feelings, I made the choice to proceed. Still, while making the decision to begin attending college, I never really considered my lifetime goals as they pertained to education. While I was set on the most obvious goal of finishing college and graduating with a degree, it still felt unsettling to begin college in general

  • Methods of Social Investigation

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    Methods of Social Investigation Emma Woodmansee 'Describe how you would plan and undertake an investigation into why some of this College's students do not complete their degree courses.' (You have been given only 100 to finance the study; and one term's sabbatical.) Define the variables in the given title After a Research Statement has been formulated it is very important that the researcher defines any variables within it. A variable is any word whose meaning may be ambiguous or which could

  • Descartes

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    in the mind, distinguishing between the formal reality of an idea and its objective reality. The formal reality of any thing is just its actual existence and the degree of its perfection; the formal reality of an idea is thus its actual existence and degree of perfection as a mode of mind. The objective reality of an idea is the degree of perfection it has, considered now with respect to its content. (This conception extends naturally to the formal and objective reality of a painting, a description

  • Vertex-Edge Graphs Tutoring

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    vertex of some edges then the edges are said to be incident on that vertex. The number of edges incidental on the vertex is known as the degree of the vertex and loop is enumerate twice for number the degree. * The vertex has no incident node on it is called as an isolated vertex and their vertices are zero degree. The vertex of unit degree, which is whose degree, is one, which is called as an end vertex, pendant vertex or. * The definition of graphs, it is possible for the edge group to be empty

  • Investigating the Relationship Between the Transpiration Rate of a Shoot and the Degree of Opening of the Stomata of Its Leaves

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    Investigating the Relationship Between the Transpiration Rate of a Shoot and the Degree of Opening of the Stomata of Its Leaves I will be investigating the relationship between the transpiration rate of a shoot and the degree of opening of the stomata of its leaves. Transpiration is the loss of water vapour from the surfaces of a plant. Solar energy turns the water in the plants into a vapour causing it to evaporate into the leafÂ’s internal air spaces before diffusing out of the stomata

  • Physical Therapy Essay

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    The path to becoming a physical therapist starts with a bachelor's degree. This program will cover a lot of science topics, such as anatomy and pharmacology. After I complete a bachelor's degree program, I won't be qualified to work as a physical therapist and I will need to complete a master's degree program. In a master's degree program, I will get to work in clinical situations, participate in internships and gain the necessary skills needed to become licensed Physical Therapist. Licensing is

  • Leadership and the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree

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    and the Doctorate of Nursing practice Degree QUESTION no.4: Doctoral education research or practice Crossing the Quality Chasem: A New Health System for the 21st Century(IOM, 2001) emphasizes that the safety and quality of care problems exist largely due to system that lacked of adequate prepared staff and system that is not supportive, when they are in practice. In 2002 , The American Association of Colleges of Nursing developed a Practice Doctoral Task Force published a DNP position statement

  • Physical Therapy Essay

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    My path to becoming a physical therapist starts with a bachelor's degree. This program will cover a lot of science topics, such as anatomy and pharmacology. After I complete a bachelor's degree program, I won't be qualified to work as a physical therapist until I complete the Doctorate degree program. In a Doctorate degree program, I will get to work in clinical situations, participate in internships and gain the necessary skills needed to become a licensed Physical Therapist. Licensing is done through

  • The Doctoral Journey: Benchmarks of the Doctoral in Education Journey

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    benchmarks for the doctoral candidate. Also, this paper considers the features that a quality doctoral school offers. The Doctoral Journey Almost all teachers, certainly all public school teachers who want to obtain tenure, will seek and complete a master's level of study in the subject that they are teaching, or in education. This is not a benchmark to measure teachers by, but a requirement in all of America's public school districts. Not all will continue to a doctoral study. Many teachers

  • Importance Of Youth Counselor

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    Youth counselors treat children and adolescents who have mental or emotional problems, disabilities and substance abuse issues. They typically work with children to help them become mentally and emotionally stable, through counseling and behavior modification. According to Statista Dossier, 29.4 percent of people residing in Virginia have poor mental health (pg.17). In fact, the total expenditures for 2016 is projected to be 194.4 billion dollars in the United States (pg.19). From these numbers

  • Psychology Career Goals

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    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in every state, psychologists need a master's or doctoral degree to become licensed or certified, which is a requirement to work as a psychologist (“”). At the doctoral level, students may choose from a Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Psychology program, depending on their interests. They may want to be involved in Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs accredited