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  • Magnetic Disks

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    Magnetic Disks (Hard Disk)      The topic of magnetic disks is one that involves many physics related phenomenon. The intricate structure and design of “Magnetic Disks” (or hard disks) in computers include the principles of Fluid Flow, Rotational Motion, Electromagnetism, and more. This paper will focus mainly on the previously listed physics occurrences, and the design that goes into engineering the magnetic disk to include them. These physics principles are utilized in

  • Disk Jockeys

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    Disk Jockeys In today’s modern world the DJ has become a musician; the turntable, his instrument. It took fifteen years for this amazing resolution. DJ's have actually been around for years; mixing and scratching however, it did not come along until the late 70's or early 80's (“Disc Jockey 1”). A lot of people were doing this. But the main front line man was and still is Granmasterflash. Granmasterflash, one of hip-hop's founding fathers and the creator of the Quick Mix. He was the first person

  • The Compact Disk Revolution

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    The Compact Disk Revolution The use of computers was challenged, until recently, by a simple yet seemingly insurmountable problem: the transmission of data between one fixed hard drive and another. Traditional methods, such as floppy and ZIP disks, have extremely limited capacity. These are appropriate only for smaller documents and files. They are also fragile and prone to data corruption, notably I/O (input-output) errors. These flaws make them inappropriate for the transfer of large--or important--files

  • Front Disk Brakes

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    Front Disk Brakes For most people, driving a vehicle is a normal and every day process. On any given day, driving in city or town traffic one can experience a number of noises, by either their own, or somebody else’s vehicle. The most common sound made by the brakes of a vehicle is a light squeak, very high pitched and annoying. It may be time for new brakes, but wait; there could be a simpler fix. This paper is designed to educate the layman about brakes and give him or her some insight

  • The Moment of Inertia of a Disk and a Ring

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    Objective: The objective of this laboratory was to theoretically calculate the moment of inertia of a disk and a ring and then to verify the moment of inertia for both objects through experiment. This laboratory shows that while the theoretical is not within the uncertainty of the experimental, both values are extremely similar to each other. Data and Analysis: Data: Table 1: The Angular Acceleration of No Ring and Ring Trial No Ring Ring 5g 4.57 ± 0.005 rad/s2 1.32 ± 0.005 rad/s2 10g 13.16

  • RAID: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

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    The term RAID was coined in 1987 as an acronym for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks; a computer storage technology that was first described by researchers David Patterson, Garth Gibson and Randy Katz at the University of California, Berkley. The concept proposed that an increase in I/O performance and storage reliability could be obtained by arranging several low-cost disk drives into arrays. Several different schemes of organizing the data across the array emerged and were described by the word

  • Being a Radio Disk Jockey

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    Being a Radio Disk Jockey missing sources cited Imagine a career that music fanatics everywhere would love to have. Imagine sitting in a sound room all day, talking calls from listeners and playing the music of one’s choice. Imagine interviewing your favorite musicians, and afterwards attending their concerts, including a tour backstage. The job being described is the one of a radio disc jockey. As a disc jockey, one communicates through music to an audience from around the surrounding areas

  • How Magnets Affect Computer Disks

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    How Magnets Affect Computer Disks BackGround      One of the most commonly used Computer data storaged mediums is a Computer Disk or a Floppy. These are used in everyday life, in either our workplace or at home. These disks have many purposes, such as: Storing data: Floppies can be used to store software/data for short preiods of time, Transferring data: Floppies are used to transfer/copy data from one computer to another. Hiding data: Floppies are also sometimes used

  • The History of the Disk Operating System (DOS)

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    The History of the Disk Operating System (DOS) At the outset, before the advent of user friendly operating systems, computers were run using the operating system CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers). The program itself looked simple, but the complexity of its use meant that not many fully understood how to use it. As the program was also limited in use, since it was designed for 8-bit systems, a new operating system was needed when 16-bit IBM systems came out. IBM tried to purchase

  • erereCreate Your Own Emergency Boot Disk

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    Hardware Tips: Create Your Own Emergency Boot Disk Create an emergency boot disk, identify mysterious components. Pop quiz: Windows won't start. Do you: A. Panic; B. Take a siesta; C. Calmly smile as you pull out your customized emergency boot disk, use it to start your computer, and proceed to fix your system? If you answered C, I commend you. If you chose B, I envy you. But if you picked A, I can help. It's time for you to make an emergency boot disk that does the standard Windows version one better