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  • Towards Mobile Augmented Reality for the Elderly

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    with elderly subjects testing handheld AR applications. The main finding is that common handheld AR user interfaces are not suited for the elderly because they require the user to hold up the device so the back-facing camera captures the object or environment related to which digital information shall be presented. Tablet computers are too heavy and they do not provide sufficient grip to hold them over a long period of time. One possible alternative is using head-mounted displays (HMD) and we present

  • The Pros And Cons Of Product Listing

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    With the rapid growth of technological advancement, the internet gradually became a necessity in our society today. Almost 37.3% of the world’s population uses the internet and 70% use the internet every day. We use the internet for many purposes such as watching and streaming videos online, sending emails, doing research, Facebooking, Twittering, Googling, name it, the internet surely has it. And come to think of it, even activities we used to do in a personal and face-to-face situation can already

  • The Impact Of Photography And The Positive And Negative Impacts

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    thanks to digital photography we can 't even trust what we see in the picture. 2. The camera obscura is one of the early forms of camera. Basically there were the large dark rooms or small boxes to view solar eclipse safely. It was a light proof box or room with very small hole on the one side and it was place front of the bright subject. The scene was projected on the other side of the box and its was inverted because of the physics of the light. Mirrors and lenses were added to the camera by 16the

  • The Importance Of Training Guideline For Helpdesk Specialist

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    The helpdesk specialists are the frontline support for end-users. It is vital that the specialists are adequately trained to support the users effectively. In order to do so they must be fully training is a wide variety of areas. Gomm (2005) suggests that helpdesk specialists are leaving their jobs because of lack of opportunity and a lack of training. In this paper I will propose a training guideline that will support helpdesk specialists in the areas of personal and computer safety, communication

  • Researching a Career

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    Researching a Career The outlook in employment for photography organizations in this area is extensive. Amongst these organizations, many available websites acquire photographers that work in many areas of photography. Photography Job Central will help freelance photographers obtain jobs in weddings, portraits, and positions in commercial photography. One can also do ones internship through this company. Minnesota Freelance Photography helps photographers start in the industry, or earn extra money

  • The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry

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    The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry The purpose of this research assignment is to put forward a convincing argument in how digital technology in the last four years have completely revolutionised the whole film industry. This thesis will attempt to focus on the main disciplines of film making and the impact that technology has had on each area. Firstly, this article will look at recent changes in the pre-production area of film making followed by what new equipment and storage

  • Analysis Of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

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    device such as a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet in front of them to change the interaction of the real world with digital images, graphics (Chavan, 2016, Aziz & Siang, 2014). A good example of AR is app IBM which provides shoppers with a personalized shopping experience with immediate product comparisons and special offers as they move throughout the store via the built-in video camera on a user's smartphone or tablet. It not only quickly and accurately identifies a product or row of items but also

  • Without Input Devices, a Computer is Useless

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    Input Devices An input device is a device that provide the computer input, for example a keyboard, without the keyboard you would not be able to type words or use the different shortcuts a keyboard provides and without a mouse you would not be able to click on anything to get you anywhere, so a computer without input devices would be mostly useless. There are many input devices to use, there is, microphones, scanners, webcams, etc. all these devices send information to the computer, categorizing

  • The Growth of the Television and Television Networks

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    On May 17th, 1939 a college baseball game between Ivy League rivals Princeton and Columbia became the first sports broadcast on television. The game, ironically goes extra innings with the Princeton Tigers pulling out the 2-1 victory. The single camera sat atop a 12 foot wooden platform and sent signals through a coiling wire to an amplifier truck which then boosted the signal to an antenna sitting on top of a flag pole and eventually would be picked up via airwaves on the 85th floor of the Empire

  • Government Surveillance For The Greater Good

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    Government Surveillance For The Greater Good With new advances in technology each day it’s becoming easier to communicate with each other. Talking to friends and family around the world has now become easier. Yet with all these new forms of communication there have been unpleasant side effects, since this new advanced technology is not only for harmless interaction it is also used to plot against governments and countries. Governments have found themselves under attack and have had to resort to