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  • Diet Pills: The Miraculous Weight Loss Formula?

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    how they are cited. Diet Pills: The Miraculous Weight Loss Formula? If you have ever considered losing weight, you have probably heard of the various kinds of diet pills available. Diet pills claim to "melt away the fat." They sound like the perfect solution to shed a few pounds, but research tells a different story. Diet pills became popular in 1996. The most common ingredients were Redux and fenfluramin/phentermine, which posed as appetite suppressants. The pills seemed to suck up the fat

  • Diet Pills

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    there is exercise, diets, pills, and different surgical procedures. Diet pills have become a very popular supplement to assist in weight loss, but with diet pills come many questions; are they safe, do they really work, and mainly if they are a good product or not. In order to know whether or not something a quality product, is to know how it works. The ingredients are very important and unfortunately not every diet pill has the same ingredients. There are multiple types of pills, with different

  • Diet Pills

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    girls. Since diet pills seemed to be a quick fix to this problem, (Richards 2008) it becomes very important for everyone to know the side effects of taking diet pills. To begin with, diet pills are more than an appetite suppressant. Appetite control would make weight loss goals easier to achieve. Unfortunately, appetite control is easier said than done as it is not something that everyone is capable of (Thadani 2009). That is why most people tend to seek help from the magic diet pills. It is because

  • Essay on Eating Disorder - Bulimia, the Destruction of Self

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    (starvation and excessive exercising), or may turn to anorexia after being bulimic. Bulimia is marked by significant cycles in eating habits. Bulimics will often starve themselves (calorie/food/fat intake restriction -- sometimes with the help of diet pills or supplements) for extended periods of time prior to a massive binge, during which they consume abnormal amounts of food in a short period of time. These binges are followed by purging, which generally is constituted by self-induced vomiting

  • Anorexia

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    may show up in strange eating rituals, such as moving food around their plate and preparing a huge dinner and then refusing to eat any of it. An anorexic’s diet will include restricting her/his total calorie intake to fewer than one thousand calories a day. Many anorexics avoid fattening, high calorie foods and also eliminate meats. Their diet mainly consists of almost completely low-calorie vegetables, such as lettuce and carrots, or popco...

  • Stimulife 750

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    without any effort from the client. Both the parent company – Stimulife International – and various distributors of Stimulife 750 make bold blanket statements such as “Stimulife 750 has everything good and nothing bad,” which set the success of the pill far higher than is possible. Furthermore, these individuals attempting to sell the product use a variety of marketing techniques to encourage purchasing the supplement; however, they provide no scientific evidence to support the claims they make regarding

  • Eating Disorders: Their Dark Sides

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    Nervosa," 1). Bulimia is an eating disorder that is psychological in origin and can have dire physical consequences. While anorexics starve themselves, bulimics binge on food and then purge by self-induced vomiting. Bulimics also frequently use diet pills, laxatives, and diuretics to reduce their weight. The purging may serve two purposes: preventing weight gain and also temporarily relieving depression and other negative feelings ("Bulimia," 1)." These eating disorders are a major issue in society

  • Essay on Eating Disorder - Anorexia Nervosa

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    very low "ideal" weight. It might begin as a normal diet carried to extremes, reducing their food intake to a bare minimum. Rules are made of how much food they can eat in one day and how much exercise is required after eating certain amounts of food. With anorexia, there is a strong almost overwhelming fear of putting on weight and they are preoccupied with the way that their bodies look. Anorexia sometimes involves use of laxatives, diet pills, or self-induced vomiting to lose or to keep weight

  • Argumentative Essay On Diet Pills

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    “Deadly Diet Pills” Even though, diet pills could be used for anyone who is trying to lose weight, they are bad for you because if diet pills are not used properly, they could be deadly and diet pills are not meant for people who just want to lose weight for fun. Diet pills are supplements that were created to reduce unhealthy and unsafe fat on your body. Most people who are NOT prescribed dietary supplements intend to get addicted. What people do not understand is that if you consume diet pills

  • Chitosan and Weight Loss

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    items which people consume on a regular basis and are full of fat. For years, the public has worried about the intake of fat from items such as these and has almost obsessed over weight, figures, and fat. With all the hype about liquid diets, diet pills, diet programs, etc. who wouldn't jump at the idea of an all natural solution. The makers of this product has certainly done their share of work to create an image truly appealing to any and all that dream of losing that extra fat. This probable

  • Fading Away

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    am fine. I've lost weight and thank you for noticing. Something you've never been able to do. You and your stupid Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and diet pills and every other dumb T.V. trash diet you send away for. You're really going to lose weight when you eat out and catch fast food all the time! I heard Big Macs do wonders! 'Just eat these pills and they'll give you all the nutrients you need and reduce your appetite too, '" Stacie mocked.

  • Diet Pill Review Essay

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    product reviews before making your purchase. For example, if you are looking for diet pills to shed weight, you can find out which is the most effective product available in the market by going through diet pill reviews. Taking time to browse around and reading through user opinions will give you an idea of how effective the particular pill is. Reviews help you make an informed decision. Similarly, there are numerous diet programs for those who wish to shed extra pounds. While some of them are very

  • Ephedrine and Caffeine Combination

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    Ephedrine and Caffeine Combination What does adding stimulants to diet pills do? It is believed that adding caffeine to diet pills may increase weight loss ( and Many diet pills contain caffeine or guaranine, which is found in the herb guarana and is almost identical to caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system. The stimulant also increases

  • Problem With The Media

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    in magazines and see girls wearing size one or size two clothes. By look at this at least once every month, I started to feel that I was inadequate and I had to loose weight. Unfortunately, I took my dieting to far and over used diet pills. Because of my abuse to the pills, I almost became addicted and that's when I realized how distorted the media's idea of looking good was. Fortunately there are numerous amounts of people that agree with me. This would include a woman writer, Susan Bordo, who wrote

  • Diet Pills: A Concerning Shortcut to Weight Loss

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    becoming more popular in the United States are diet Pills. The purpose of consuming these pills is to help individuals lose weight in a easy manner. Diet pills come in many different variations that contributes to certain tasks in the body. Diet pills alone can have a dangerous effect on the body let alone being knowledgeable in knowing what diet pills are best for your body is very important. People who are consuming or looking into consuming diet pills often forget to look further into the product

  • Nicole Jumper

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    Companies who market diet programs and miracle diet drugs are very much aware of this commonality among consumers and take advantage of the susceptible nature of those who want to lose the weight and lose it fast. Among the multitude of pills, programs and promises that are offered as cures to the unhappiness of being fat, one new concept has emerged that stretches the boundaries of logic: the catabolic diet. WHAT IS THE CATABOLIC DIET? The catabolic diet is based on the concept

  • The Wrong Diets

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    Fad diets are unhealthy. Some people believe that fad diets work. Fad diets are getting more and more popular in the dieting market. In today’s society people should be more educated on these diets before using them and these fad diets should be prescribed to a qualified patient by a health physician or doctor to people that are heavily obese that need to lose weight rapidly to help them with their health. Fad diet supplements are wrong because they provide no nutrients for the body and people need

  • Three Types of Dieters

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    society, I believe this is what prompts people to go on a diet. Every day, thousands of people try to lose weight, but not for all the right reasons, the majority of people want to lose weight with little or no effort involved; some watch infomercials’, see magazine advertisements, music videos featuring fit and trim women and men. There are several types of dieters; I am discussing three types of dieters. The dieters who jump on every new diet fad they are called the “bandwagon dieter”, the “promise

  • The Importance of a Calcium Rich Diet

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    The Importance of a Calcium Rich Diet Calcium is essential to normal functioning in a healthy individual; this only leaves the question of where to get it. There are many sources available to meet daily requirements, two of which are dairy products and supplemental vitamins. Both of these options have qualities that make them appealing, so choosing might be difficult or even come to a middle ground. Some of the considerations to be made are: what calcium is, the types of calcium in each source

  • The Media and Young Girls

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    to this by weight loss commercials for magic diet pills, reality TV shows such as the Swan or Extreme Makeover, and seeing that the only people that get to be on TV are super thin. In the weight loss commercials, they would show a medium overweight person who then magically transforms in three weeks into a beautiful confident person who can now wear a string bikini. This can show young girls that if they take a magic diet pill or do the South Beach Diet they can look just like the beautiful confident