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  • Importance Of Diamond Cut

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    Diamond Cut – The leader of 4Cs Diamond Cut is the most important of 4Cs – Diamond Cut, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color, and Diamond Carat Weights. Please do not confuse diamond cut with Diamond Shapes. Diamond cut is all about, how the diamond is cut in terms of proportions, symmetry and polish. Diamond cut determines how the diamond will perform. The brilliance, fire and scintillation which you see in your diamond ring is all related to the way the diamond is cut. An excellent cut diamond will have

  • Diamonds' Equal Power

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    A mans best friend is a dog and girl's Diamonds. Marilyn Monroe said it best, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." This timeless saying makes Tiffany's & Co, Cartier, and Harry Winston very happy and helps the sale of diamonds more than Ms. Monroe will ever know. A diamond is not just the "4c's" anymore, color, carat weight, clarity and cut. Diamonds are revolving into something more than the hardest mineral. The diamond says more than words could express. A symbol of love is worn on the left

  • From the Mines to the Wedding Finger: The Journey of a Blood Diamond

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    elusive diamonds lay enveloped in the Earth’s crust. Possessing much influence, beauty, and tension, nature’s hardest known substance causes parallel occurrences of unity and destruction on opposite sides of the globe. Diamonds, derived from the Greek word "adamas", meaning invincible, are formed deep within the mantle, and are composed entirely from carbon. Moreover, only under tremendous amounts of heat and pressure can diamonds form into their preliminary crystal state. In fact, diamonds are formed

  • Artificial Diamonds Case Study

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    What types of insdustries use diamond tools? The construction, optical, mining, and machine manufactering industries all use diamond tools. Construction: Materials such as concrete and asphalt need to be cut in order to use in consstruction. Tools with bits of diamonds in them are used to cut through these materials because diamonds are so hard and are not easily damaged by erosion. Optical: Diamonds can be used to cut the glass that is used in glasses. They cut very close so the lense has a

  • The Diamond

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    The Diamond Diamond is the best known gem. It is known as the “king of gems” for its brilliance and for being the hardest mineral on earth. (Foa, p.50) Its characteristics enable it to be used for many different purposes. Since diamonds are the hardest gems on Mohs’ scale, they make useful tools for industrial purposes, such as drilling hard materials. However, they are quite rare, which makes them very valuable. Their beauty and brilliance make them perfect for jewelry. Diamond is made up of

  • Blood Diamonds Research Paper

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    Side Effects on Diamonds Most people can agree that diamonds have been world wide recognized as a symbol of romance, love and unity. Despite the economic interests the effects of mining on the environment is a rising issue that can lead toward future problems. Extracting diamonds from earth is a huge problem due to the fact that mining is involved. Diamond mining or any type of mining is not sustainable for the environment because of the disasters it causes such as deforestation, polluting water

  • Research Paper On Birthstone

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    birthstone for April is diamond. And along with emerald ruby and sapphire are classed by gemologists as the big four. Diamonds with their translucent and radiant tones are said to denote life, elation and purity. However April’s birthstone comes in a myriad of shades other than the clear white that most people think of. Some of the shades and colors that occur in diamonds include pinks, yellows, light blues, and even black. Along with the traits mentioned above, Diamond also represents, joy and

  • Free Essays on The Three Musketeers

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    they see the landlord’s wife with the queen of Spain’s secret lover, the duke of Buckingham.  She gave him a gift of twelve diamond tags.  The cardinal finds out that the queen has given the duke of Buckingham the diamond tags, he asks the king to give a ball and demand her to wear the gift he gave her, the twelve diamond tags.  Milady is ordered by the cardinal to steal 2 diamond tags, from the 12, and use it as blackmail.  Immediately, the three musketeers and d’Artagnan go to London to help the queen

  • Birthstones Have Been Around Since Prehistoric Times

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    Birthstones have been around since prehistoric times.birthstone and in those days were believed to have some magical force that could prevent the owner or wearer of the gemstone. These birthstones were traditionally related to the Zodiac. However, current birthstones are linked to calendar months, and every month has its proprietary unique birthstone, with its own story properties. Many people like to wear jewelry set with their birthstone, as the prehistoric meanings and relations with these gemstones

  • De Beers 'A Diamond Is Forever' Campaign

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    De Beers : A Monopoly in the Diamond Industry De Beers advertising slogan "A Diamond Is Forever" has been the center of its effort to establish the stone as the only appropriate gem to symbolize lifetime love and commitment. The more ad money spent, the more diamonds people buy. And when people buy diamonds, De Beers profits. It is the reason the company spends $180 million a year worldwide to advertise cut diamonds--a product it doesn't even sell. There are very few companies ... you may struggle

  • Cheaper by the Dozen

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    brushes to apply the shaving cream of one. He found that two were faster. Frank, the father also experiment on which ways was faster, using two razors of one. He found that one was faster, because with two he cut himself so many times it took him twice as much time to cover the cuts up. The book talked about how smart Frank, the Father was. He painted mores code on the walls of their summerhouse to teach it to his children. When the children decoded the message written on the wall, it

  • Character Analysis of the Elder Mrs. Winning of Flower Garden

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    in her household. After a morning breakfast, as the two Mrs. Winnings "[linger] over a pot of coffee . . . [sitting] together silently" (490?91), the younger Mrs. Winning tries to initiate a conversation. With a curt response, the elder Mrs. Winning cuts her off and "[begins] to move indicating that the time for sitting was over and the time for working had begun" (491). Through this description Jackson demonstrates that the elder Mrs. Winning is accustomed to initiating action, taking charge, and

  • agape love

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    can cause split ends, excess dryness, frizziness and breakage. To help your hair you should deep condition at least twice a month to moisturize and banish frizz. Short hair is healthier because you’re constantly cutting off the split ends. Cropped cuts also keep you hair from knotting and tangling. Turning tresses brown is definitely easier on your hair than becoming a blond. Hair needs time between treatments to recover and regain its natural oils. When you chemically straighten you hair wait at

  • DXM vs. a religion we call the media: the day the world shat its pants

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    becomes mainstream A household substance approved by the FDA Everybody does it Everybody likes it Everybody wants it Except for those metalling kids who hate everything that is mainstream. MORE GENERATIONS PASS Those metalling kids grow up Get hair cuts Get jobs Get married And have metalling kids of their own Their own metalling kids grow up and have more metalling kids Out of all the metalling kids populated in this world, one of them catches a break and becomes a big rock star He’s looked up

  • Seven, The movie

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    medium-long shot of Somerset over the sink. He is not yet ready for work. It cuts to a medium shot of him looking in a mirror, adjusting his tie and collar very meticulously and yet as if he has done this many a time before. The camera shoots the dresser top where Somerset’s personal items (keys, badge, pen, eyeglass case) are set, side-by-side, in order of their importance, in which he picks them up one by one. The camera cuts to the bed, neatly made, where his suit coat lies, precisely placed. He picks

  • Love the Film, Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers

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    B-roll of garlic and... ... middle of paper ... ...se as he was demonstrating how the garlic and tomato snack is prepared, the camera would zoom in on his cutting and seasoning of the snack then the camera would cut to a wider shot of him. There were other times in which jump cuts were used, and I believed this was used because it portrayed the partnership of the cook and the food. Like I mentioned before flamenco served as a great soundtrack when Spanish man was cooking but there were also other

  • Cut By Patricia Mccormick Character Analysis

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    think everyone that cuts is just plain crazy. Do you think they even know the reason that a person would sublect to cutting? I don’t think so. In her inspiring novel, Cut, Patricia McCormick tells about Callie, a soft-spoken, shy, fifteen-year-old girl. Callie is suffering with personal problems, which include her brother’s deadly asthma, her parents, who are growing farther apart, and now the budding conflict in which, Callie cuts herself. She knows not to cut too deep and not cut more than one or

  • Comparing Death Of A Salesman and Hamlet

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    done, and  just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, unbeknownst to Hamlet, Claudius has been plotting to kill him.  Talk about your bad days. A duel takes place between Hamlet and Laertes where Laertes, using a poison-tipped sword, cuts Hamlet, thus giving way for his impending death.  Hamlet eventually gets hold of the sword and kills Laertes, then kills King Claudius.  Just as the play ends, Hamlet takes his last breath of air, appoints Fortinbras Jr. as the new King of Denmark

  • Graphene Essay

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    sometimes considered a metalloid. Carbon is composed of six electrons and four valence electrons. I chose carbon because of its many useful allotropes of which the three most well known are diamond, graphite, and graphene. Depending on the allotropic form, the physical properties of carbon vary, for example, the diamond is transparent and graphite is black and opaque. I also chose carbon because it has untapped potential to benefit our lives and its many uses continue to

  • The Impact of Getting Diamonds in Africa

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    Behind the love story of a diamond engagement ring purchased at a jewelry store in a United States mall, might be a story of child labor, violence, and corruption. Approximately, 65% of the world’s diamonds (about $8.5 billion worth) come from Africa (Diamondfacts 1). As pinpointed in the map below, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the main countries where conflict diamonds have originated (Blood 1). Of those diamonds, it was estimated that