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  • Dialog Review

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    In this article, Moser demonstrates practical ways in which Christians can enter into faithful interreligious dialogue through incarnational Christology. “As Christ remained God” Moser writes, “so the Christian retains the integrity to her Christian confession” (Moser, p.g. 231). This is to say that as Christ became fully human while still retaining his divinity, Christians ought to retain their central confessions while at the same time entering into the totality of the other. For Moser, it is only

  • Analysis Of Dramatic Dialog: A Last Farewell

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    Dramatic Dialog A Last Farewell “How could you? How could you disappear without saying a damn word? A morning, you just woke up and put the word end at this chapter of our life. How could you, huh?” Vera said hysterically. “B-but I didn’t” a male voice shuttered. “You. It’s all about you. You always come for first, and than you again, and again just you! What do you think? Life is hard for everyone. You are not who suffers? Look at you now; you are standing there without saying a word. Do you have

  • War as a Form of a Dialog between Cultures

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    If we are talking about dialogue, the first thing that comes into our mind is verbal, oral dialogue. And a good example of this in contemporary cultural context is translation. However, this is fairly new form of communication and the three much earlier and older ones are: war, love and trade. At first sight they seem to be rather different, but in fact they have a lot of common features and in real life are closely linked together. A good illustration for this is marriage, which clearly belongs

  • Case Study: Mobile Dialog And Customer Involvement In China's Tourism Industry

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    6.1.1 Mobile Dialog and Customer involvement in china’s tourism industry The first part is the mobile dialog. Companies cannot fully understand customer’s expectation if there is no customers who are directly involved into the collaborative interaction (Durugbo and Pawar, 2014). Mobile apps technically solve this problem by enabling customers’ dialog with companies through both the real-time chatting function and commenting function. As a result, because of mobile applications such as Wechat (real-time

  • Different Definitions of the Word "Pious" Depicted in Plato's Socratic Dialog Euthyphro

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    Plato's Socratic dialog Euthyphro is in many ways archetypal of the sort of philosophy that Socrates is thought to have been interested in. In it (as in most classic 'Socratic dialogs'), Socrates seeks out a person who claims to have a certain sort of knowledge. He then proceeds to show that these experts do not possess this knowledge by getting them to contradict themselves. With this in mind, I will discuss the three definitions of the word 'pious' that the character Euthyphro gives to Socrates

  • How to migrate the mailboxes between Exchange Servers hosted on different domains?

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    installing the software, start Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager from the desktop or Start Menu. 2. For the first time, the software will ask to add a source with the following dialog box. If it doesn’t ask for it, then you can click “Add Source” button in the toolbar to start the process. Figure: Startup Screen with ‘Add Source’ dialog box 3. Select “Live Exchange” or “Live Exchange using existing MS Outlook profile” to connect to Exchange Server from which the mailbox has to be migrated. The former asks

  • The statesman

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    place in government is one of the key points of discussion in the Platonic dialog the Statesman. In this philosophical work, a dialog on the nature of the statesmanship is discussed in order to determine what it is that defines the true statesman from all of those who may lay claim to this title. This dialog employs different methods of dialectic as Plato begins to depart from the Socratic method of argumentation. In this dialog Socrates is replaced as the leader of the discussion by the stranger who

  • Brand Awareness Case Study

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    study on Dialog Telekom in Jaffna peninsula. 2. Introduction The telecommunication industry has the potential to contribute to the economic development of Sri Lanka. Telecommunication services are usually providing higher recognized value to the people that facilitate to users to interact with entire world. In the ever changing world telecommunication services are become a crucial one to all. In Sri Lanka, no of companies are provided telecommunication services to nation. However, dialog is a superior

  • The Differences and Similarities Between Plays

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    because of the irony and enjoyment we receive, because this scene makes us realize W.W. will probably live. On the other hand, Our Town, Fly, and Death Knocks all express humor with the dialog of the play. Almost all the humor in Our Town is express through dialog. A reason being this play focuses more on dialog compared to the other plays. Such as, when we realize Emily and George first start to like each other, and talk about how they will help each other with their homework is humorous since it

  • Effective Devices

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    means that the essay is formal because it is obvious that the public is one of the target of her message. Third, the authors use both subjective and objective points of view. For example, to describe the dialogs of the family in the essay is objective, and professional opinions for those dialogs are subjective. Forth, the authors use fact, example, personal experience, description, and expert opinion as types of support. For example, Linh Cao is the member of the family who has the problem of language