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  • Personal Writing: Devon

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    Personal Writing: Devon I walked into the smoke filled coffee shop to meet Devon. Devon is 18 years old, a senior in high school. He likes art and is currently taking college art classes. I have only meet Devon once before, in the mall. He caught my eye because he was wearing a pink fuzzy sweater, a pair of army pants, and a pair of combat boots. I looked for Devon at the coffee shop but he wasn't there. I was 20 minutes early so I took a seat next to a small round table. The only thing on the

  • The Causes of Population and Employment Growth Devon

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    The Causes of Population and Employment Growth Devon The county of Devon in the S.W of England has seen the effects of counterubanisation (the de-centralisation of people and economic activities from urban areas to rural areas). The county was amongst the big gainers of population from 1981-1991. Devon grew between 7 and 10.4%, which is above Britain, -0.8 to 2.3%. The cause of population and employment growth in Devon can be explained by three main causes. Firstly, technological advancements

  • Devon Energy Center: Expertise?

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    Stuck out like a silver thumb The first time I saw the new Devon Energy Center recently built in Oklahoma City, I was appalled. It looked imbalanced, sticking out above the rest of the skyline like a silver sore thumb. It may be the tallest building in Oklahoma, but it is ugly. What was the city thinking, allowing such an eyesore to dominate the skyline for miles around? Just look at it! In the daytime, it is visible for miles, a solitary bland structure jutting into the sky. At night, a mere glowing

  • Free College Essays - Devon as a Microcosm in Knowles' A Separate Peace

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    Devon as a Microcosm to the Outside World in A Separate Peace Welcome to a small school called Devon during the summer of 1942.  At the beginning of the second World War, Devon is a quiet place with close friends and great memories, until one event brings the entire school into itÕs own war.  With the star athlete having his leg ÒaccidentallyÓ broken by his best friend, Devon turns against itself into a war zone where nobody is safe. It all began with a childish game of jumping out of a tree

  • A Separate Peace; Chapter Summaries

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    A Separate Peace; Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: The narrator (Gene) returns to the Devon School in New Hampshire, that he graduated from 15 years earlier. He goes to a certain tree and switches back to the past. Phineas dares everyone to jump from a branch in the tree into the river. Phineas, and Gene both jump. On the way back Phineas and Gene play fight so that they are late for dinner. Chapter 2:Mr. Prud'homme, a master, stops by the boys' room to scold them for missing dinner again for the ninth

  • Ecodisc

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    Ecodisc Ecodisc is a program which allows the user to take on the role of a Nature Reserve Manager. It was designed by a man named Peter Bratt, and Englishman in South Devon. Ecodisc is designed so that the user can see what effects certain changes can make on the environment with out actually making the changes. Ecodisc is a good educational tool showing new users the effects of certain decisions. It can also be used a map, because it lets you see various parts of the nature reserve without actually

  • Separate Peace Essay: Influence of the War on Characters

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    in a person's life.  In A Separate Peace, the whole atmosphere at the Devon School changed as World War II progressed.  The boys either eagerly awaited the draft, enlisted in the area of war they wanted, or did not want to go at all.  The students at the school created new activities for enjoyment since the customary past times could not be played due to a lack of materials.  When a friend "returns" from the war, the boys at Devon got a real sense of what the war was like.  The boys learned that going

  • A Separate Peace: Three Symbols

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    evil of the main characters, Finny and Gene. Beside the Devon School flow two rivers on opposite sides of the school, the Naguamsett and the Devon. The Devon provides entertainment and happiness for Gene and Finny as they jump from the tree into the river and hold initiations into the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. Finny, Gene, and their friends use the Devon's warm water to play in during the carefree summer session. The Devon brings out Finny's carefree character and personality when

  • Separate Peace Essay: Self-Examination in A Separate Peace

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    Self-Examination A Separate Peace opens as Gene Forrester returns to Devon School, a New England prep school, about fifteen years after he was in attendance there. World War II had just begun then and he remembers the Summer Suicide Society--an organization founded by his best friend, Finny, which devotes itself to initiating members by having them jump from the tree into the river. Gene and Finny always had to take the first jump from the tree. As time goes on, Gene begins to resent Finny because

  • The Lure of Lundy Island.

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    Two when I spent eighteen months on a farm near Westward Ho! on the North Devon coast. I was fortunate enough to miss the London Blitz during those months and I spent an idyllic time on that farm. At the tender age of ten I was thirsting for knowledge and I was able to explore many parts of the surrounding area. I was into adventure books like Robin Hood and Treasure Island and vividly recall that this last tale began in Devon. Lundy became my own ‘Treasure Island’ and I longed to travel across the