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  • The Bloop: Mysterious Underwater Noise First Heard in 1997

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    There is a vast amount of complicated questions that barrage our minds everyday: Time travel, other intelligent life, the end of the universe, and our very creation. However there are other mysteries, ones that are a lot closer to us then we think. A mysterious noise that was so loud it left scientists on different continents with their jaws dropped. The noise was named “The Bloop” and was added to the worlds mysteries because even to this day there is no concrete evidence about what made this noise

  • Analysis of the Balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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    to rest’. The way they consistently refer to sex to justify there attraction to each other. Shakespeare portrays love in such a common situation but making it seem unrealistic. He uses such beautiful imagery and poetic language. It shows the deep affection Romeo and Juliet have for each other. Shakespeare makes the love of both Romeo and Juliet seem unnatural that Romeo thinks he is dreaming, ‘being in night, all this is but a dream’. Love is not self seeking or obsessive. Love is shown

  • Pharmor

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    partnered up to establish Phar-Mor, Inc. Their goal was to successfully integrate to the fast-growing deep discount market with the introduction of Phar-Mor. Michael Monus served as the President of Phar-Mor and Shapira served as Chief Executive Officer. Monus picked his hometown Youngstown, Ohio for the company’s headquarter. Giant Eagle, Inc. owned 50 percent of Phar-Mor. (“Phar-Mor History”) This deep discount drugstore chain started with one store in 1982, but because of its major success, within

  • How to Be a Successful Student in College

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    learners. They include the surface, strategic, and deep learners. The surface learners do not execute much of the college mandatory requirements. In addition, they do diminutive activities to lessen the need to study. On the other hand, the strategic learners focus on grades rather than taking pleasure to understand what they learn. Finally, deep learners aim for a clear understanding of their area of study. Other students should emulate the life of deep learners in college to become successful in their

  • Chris McCandless' Quest for Inner Peace Was a Success

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    During, McCandless scavenger for sense of peace within himself, a chance to calm the violent emotions from the complicated relationship with his parents with his father disloyalty. However through, the mental isolation and solitary experience during the deep forest for several weeks, McCandless began to contemplate not human relationship is not a necessity. His exper...

  • Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare

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    I loved this play! I never knew Shakespeare could have been this dark and deep. Every act was twisted with plots of deviance. Titus intrigued my reading, I loved his ability to stay true to what he truly honored and believed. This play was a true masterpiece between Good and Evil. Throughout reading this play I realized that in some deep way it was God verses Satan. In that the little boy whom I believe is to be God or Jesus verses Aaron, the Moor, who is Satan. Aaron is crafty and wicked to the

  • The Case of Margaret and Andrew at the Welcoming Party

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    communication skills and is therefore unbelievable. One of the fundamental areas in which Andrew and Margaret struggle is with listening. Listening is critical in maintaining deep connections or relationships with other individuals. Effective listening includes areas of understanding, empathy, non-judgment, critical, deep and active styles. When Andrew introduces Margaret to his father, for example, Margaret fails to hear the relational messages spoken between the two. During thi...

  • Careful Manipulation in Coleridge's Kubla Khan

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    Careful Manipulation in Coleridge's Kubla Khan In his preface to "Kubla Khan," Samuel Taylor Coleridge makes the claim that his poem is a virtual recording of something given to him in a drug-induced reverie, "if that indeed can be called composition in which all the images rose up before him as things . . . without any sensation or consciousness of effort." As spontaneous and as much a product of the unconscious or dreaming world as the poem might seem on first reading, however, it is also

  • Stress is Life Threatening

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    Stress is life threatening, on the other hand sometimes stress motivate us to do something, otherwise we become lazy. In fact there is no life without stress; everyone has experienced stress in their life one way or another. Stress is an ordinary corporal reaction to events that make us feel defenseless or distressed our balance in different way. Stress can cause many disorders in the body especially, brain hem ridge, paralysis, sleeping problem, muscles problem, head ache, and heart attack. It is

  • Morality dilemma

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    ‘‘Every personality develops continually from the stage of infancy until death, and throughout this span it persists even though it changes (Donnellan and Conger, 2007). As I look back at my own life, I recall the questions that I was faced with around age 18 to age 27. I grew up in an authoritative type of parenting where all of us, eight children, were very close. So conformity was almost the base of my upbringing, in a society where solidarity was a must for us. As enter adulthood, adolescents