The Deep Web

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What is vast and huge? Giant, yet small? What contains all knowledge humanity currently possesses? What do over two billion people use on a fairly regular basis? The object is the internet. Think of it as an iceberg the internet is huge, vast, and mostly uncharted; what we use everyday is only a fraction of what can be found on the actual internet. Today my purpose is to inform you how to access the deep web and about the wonders and dangers of the deep web. First, in order to connect to the deep web, users must connect to a special browser software in order to peel back the onion-like layers of the web. Because user must connect to a special server to access this information, a simple Google search will not bring up any results from the Deep Web. The most common way to connect to the Deep Web is using a software called The Onion Router, commonly known as Tor. Tor is software that installs onto your browser such as Mozilla Firefox and sets up the needed connections to ensure that you can access Deep Web sites; Tor was created by the U.S Naval Research Laboratory and was originally created for political dissidents and whistleblowers so they may communicate ideals without fear of punishment. The main strongpoint of Tor is the fact that is is encrypted in order to retain the users anonymity online, and it does this by routing their connection through other servers all across the world. Another use of Tor is to bypass a network’s firewall or proxy and open up any website that has been blocked by a system administrator, government office, or concerned parent. This may seem like a fantastic solution to those who are being oppressed by corporations or governments, however it did not take long for criminal activity to begin (Chandler 1... ... middle of paper ... ...the Deep Web (Chandler 1-3) In conclusion, the Deep Web is a massive, untapped database of knowledge both good and bad, and must be used carefully by connecting through a special browser known as Tor. Users may find information that can benefit them greatly such as news stories and medical research. The Deep Web and Tor has never been a better place than it is now for those whom are focused on personal privacy, and when coupled with Bitcoin, it is the closest thing to invisible on the internet. After reading all of this information, I hope that you will consider your personal browsing habits and decide whether or not you have a need to protect your anonymity online. Works Cited Chandler, Nathan “How The Deep Web Works.” n.d Web 5/14/2014 Wright, Alex “Exploring a ‘Deep Web’ THat Google Can’t [sic] Grasp.The New York Times. 2/44/09. Web. 5/14/14
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