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  • A Holiday Deconstruction

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    A Holiday Deconstruction By RA Everyone looks forward to holiday entertainment. Jordan has faithfully kept the tradition of mounting a holiday show for the entertainment of the student body, staff, and students parents. Notice how “community� does not follow “staff.� Anyway, after watching the show A Holiday Celebration I was appalled by the misuse of Christmas themes. So many things were wrong with the show. First off, the Ghetto Holiday Skit: it’s starts off as a predictably funny

  • Deconstruction of a Poem

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    Deconstruction is founded by Jacques Derrida in the late 1960.It supplies to think more critically for a Literary work but to achieve this, some important steps are to be known.This paper will try to make a deconstructive reading on the poem of “ Cross” by Langston Hughes by using these important steps respectively. According to Tyson, deconstructive reading aims to Show the undecidability and the complexities of a text’s ideology.These two goals mean being suggestive, plural meaning, disunity,

  • Deconstruction in Architecture

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    Deconstruction in Architecture Deconstruction is first developed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida. The definition for deconstruction is not easy to understand, and Derrida and his interpreters actually intend it to be difficult. It was first meant a method of interpretation and analysis of a text or a speech. He introduced the concept of deconstruction in connection with his linguistic philosophy and grammatology. When deconstruct a text or a speech, it is to draw out conflicting logics

  • Deconstructing Deconstruction

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    The term “Deconstruction” was first employed in the philosophical sense by Jacques Derrida in his 1967 book Of Grammatology. As such, the concept and movement of Deconstruction was founded solely by Derrida, without much influence from contemporary sources. However, Derrida did draw from previous philosophers such as Nietzsche, Husserl, the linguist Saussure, Heidegger, and the psychologist Sigmund Freud. Deconstruction began as both an expansion and reaction to Structuralism, a movement that

  • Reconstruction or Deconstruction

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    Reconstruction or Deconstruction Following The War for Southern Independence the radical Republicans of the North took unjust measures over the conquered and impoverished social structure, economy and governments of the defeated southern states. In fact, the whole idea of "reconstruction" was in fact "deconstruction". Reconstruction was not to "heal the nation's wounds," or to economically revitalize the South (which it did not). Indeed, Reconstruction was economically destructive to the

  • Icarus and the Myth of Deconstruction

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    Icarus and the Myth of Deconstruction In all three texts, it is the act of analysis which seems to occupy the center of the discursive stage, and the act of analysis of the act of analysis which in some way disrupts that centrality. In the resulting asymmetrical, abyssal structure, no analysis -- including this one -- can intervene without transforming and repeating other elements in the sequence, which is not a stable sequence. Barbara Johnson "The Frame of Reference" The Critical Difference 1

  • Deconstruction and the Concept of Creation

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    with the concepts of Deconstruction has to do with the representation of reality and truth through language. Since we learned via Saussere's structuralist linguistics that the word as we know it is arbitrary and dependent on signification for meaning, how can we be assured that the signification and contexts we are using are the right ones to convey reality? The readings this week of Jacques Derrida, Jonathan Culler, and others shed light upon how the process of deconstruction works to identify the

  • The Use of Deconstruction in Public Policy Formation

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    Deconstruction is a poststructural theory that has been applied with good results to such areas as Anthropology, Architecture, Critical Legal Studies, Graphic Design, and Literary Criticism. Our purpose is to introduce it into the practice of consulting in general, and public policy formation in particular. Several features of the recent work of Jacques Derrida (the Philosopher responsible for deconstruction) are relevant to our design of a Problem Tour. Problem A deconstructive approach to problem

  • Deconstruction of Thank You, Ma’am

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    Deconstruction of Thank You, Ma’am There are a million acts of kindness each day.  Some young man gives a stranger a compliment, or a teacher brightens a students morning.  But, in the world we live in today, these acts are rare to come by.  In this short story Thank You, Ma’am, the boy, out of mysterious luck, gets taken in by the woman whom he was trying to steal a purse from.  Her actions, following the incident towards the boy, may have seemed very kind and understanding, but the boy needs

  • A Deconstruction Reading of Thomas More's Utopia

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    A Deconstruction Reading of Thomas More's Utopia Thomas More's Utopia is the bastard child of European conventions and humanist ideals. Inspired by More's belief in the elevation of human manners, education, and morals, the text also concedes to the omnipresent traditions of European society. While More accepts parentage of the text, he distances himself from its radical notions and thinly veiled condemnation of Europe's establishment. Through the use of a benign narrator, Raphael Hythloday