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  • De Beers Case Study

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    This essay will start looking at the foundation of De Beers and how he initiated his marketing campaign and what the effect was on the prices of diamonds. Diamond is commonly known as a material that possesses unique qualities physically. It contains a strong covalent bond between its atoms. Diamond is majorly known for its hardness as well as lasts thermal conductivity in comparison with bulk material. Such properties make it useful in industrial application such as cutting and polishing tools.

  • History of De Beers the Diamond Company

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    De Beers A young English boy’s failing health triggered his family to send him to South Africa in hopes that the hot climate would turn his ailing health around. During the late nineteenth century, Cecil John Rhodes, joined his brother in the fields to pick cotton. Rhodes soon moved on to the more lucrative field to pick diamonds. This excursion led Rhodes, whom the infamous "Rhodes Scholar" was named after, to a path that defined and dominated the diamond industry worldwide. He created, through

  • History Of The De Beers Diamond Company

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    The De Beers Diamond Company is well known, internationally based diamond trading and mining company. It has guarded the diamond flow in to the United States market for past several decades. Conceivably, a more suitable title for De Beers would be cartel as it started as groups of producers whose objective was to control supply of diamonds, fix prices and limit competition, and the groups actually did what it is decided at the very beginning. The name “De Beers” originated with two Afrikaner farmers

  • Business Analysis: The De Beers Group

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    The De Beers Group, the dominant agent in the diamond mining, industrial diamond manufacturing and diamond trading sectors, has a significant mining presence in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Africa’s recent history is characterised by the West’s inexorable exploitation of African natural resources, resulting in a continent plagued by corruption, violence and slow development. Through committing to the ‘Living up to Diamonds’ initiative, De Beers aims to create lasting contribution to the communities

  • De Beers And U.S. Antitrust Law

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    the quantity sold to fall short of social needs. In order to handle the problems, policymakers in the government regulate the behavior of monopolies and try to make monopolized industries more competitive 2. How does De Beers maintain its monopoly power? In previous years De Beers owned a key resource for diamond production – mines. The monopoly’s power stemmed from the company’s ability to collect the world’s rough diamonds and send them out again, anonymously and bereft of origin. Because of turmoil

  • Has The De Beer Diamond Lost I

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    Oppenheimer established the Central Selling Organisation, De Beers Consolidated Mines has controlled the selling and marketing of approximately 80% of the world’s rough diamond production (Capon, 1998). However, in 1996, the Australian company Argyle stunned the world by announcing that they would no longer market diamonds through De Beers C.S.O. Many economists predicted that Argyle wouldn’t be able to compete against the mammoth De Beers. Yet, in the year to December 31, Argyle recorded a profit

  • Essay On Diamond Cartel

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    history of both diamond market and diamond cartel creation from its proverbial “roots” here in... ... middle of paper ... ... immediately decreasing the price of diamonds. Sometimes, as in the case with Soviet diamond being of the best quality, De Beers couldn’t always have it their own way and had to then negotiate lower selling prices from them to the Soviet buyers in order to restrict the Soviets from flooding the market with their own diamonds. The demand-side of this cartel was primarily driven

  • Price Of Diamonds Essay

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    distributed to. De Beers is one of the commonly heard names with regard to diamonds. Up until recently De Beers controlled the diamond industry. It both created and lost the most powerful monopoly in history. Through a discussion of how the cartels operate and the laws of demand and supply, one will be able to determine whether the price of diamonds is too high. History of De Beers Cecil Rhodes created De Beers, which became the owner of most of the diamond mines in South Africa. De Beers Consolidated

  • The DeBeers Diamond Cartel

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    acquire. Prices of diamonds have remained relatively stable over the last 100 years while prices of other commodities have fluctuated heavily (Hauser, 2002). Diamonds are a relatively rare commodity which gives them a high value and with the help of De Beer’s advertising campaign, spanning the last six decades, that high value appeal has been sustained. However, the high price of diamonds cannot be solely down to its rarity as the discovery of new deposits over the past decades has led to an increase

  • Diamonds

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    think of a company called De Beers and how they are considered a cartel. De Beers proved to be the most successful cartel arrangement in the annals of modern commerce. While other commodities, such as gold, silver, copper, rubber, and grains, fluctuated wildly in response to economic conditions, diamonds have continued, with few exceptions, to advance upward in price every year since the Depression.(the Economist, p17, June 3rd 2000) Through the years De Beers has sort of monopolized the

  • Debeers Diamonds in Asia - Case

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    De Beers: Diamonds are for Asia Strengths: • There are commonalities in diamond perceptions more than differences • Average price of every piece sold was more than twice of US or Europe as size and quality of diamonds is greater. • 1990 help the jewelry industry to develop • Diamond acquisition threshold in China was a house hold income of 250 USD per month. • Expanding group of newly wealthy people, openness to change • About status within your peer group. Even people on low monthly salaries

  • Blood diamonds

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    Synopsis The movie Blood Diamond starts with a man and his son walking down a road in Sierra Leone. It is obvious that the man Solomon is a loving father to his son Dia. They talk about Dia’s future as a doctor until Solomon spots a car full of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) soldiers coming down the road. The RUF soldiers are there to kidnap young men and turn them into child soldiers as well as take some of the grown men to work in the diamond fields. The RUF is cutting off the hands of some of

  • Diamond Industry Essay

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    precious gem has been predominantly run by a single cartel. The “De Beers Mining Company”. A cartel is defined as “an international syndicate, formed esp. to control prices and output in some field of business” (The Free Dictionary 2009) and “De Beers” fits this definition very well. Over the past 120 years, they have been instrumental in controlling the price of diamonds. The following essay will give a brief history of the “De Beers Mining Company” and the diamond industry as a whole. It will also

  • Blood Diamond Controversy

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    the controversy behind the De Beers organization involved in Diamond trade across the globe and accusing it stating that it buys illegal diamonds from African leaders and rebels who in turn use the money they get from the diamond sale to fund wars in their countries. The page also highlights some of the challenges facing the South African-based multinational company and the reason behind the shrinkage of their shares in the market. In response to this accusations, DE beers management opted to cast

  • The Price of Diamonds Is too High

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    hence they were reserved only for those who are the heads of royal families. However, this all changed when English-born businessman Cecil John Rhodes bought up diamond fields in South Africa as well as claims to the diamonds and began the company ‘De Beers’, named after two brothers who had found deposits of the commodity on their land, which made it possible for the general public to own a piece of this precious stone – at a high price. The rough diamond that is beneath the surface must undergo

  • Price Of Diamonds Essay

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    establish whether or not “the price of diamonds is too high,” it is important to understand the history of what determines the price of diamonds. According to Mike Peng in Global Strategy at page 229, it all started when Cecil John Rhodes founded De Beers Mines in South Africa in 1875. Rhodes is said to have realized that, as South Africa was the then only significant producer, the supply of diamonds needed to be limited and controlled. The diggers or producers had little control over the quality

  • A Diamond Is Forever Rhetorical Analysis

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    I chose a De Beers advertisement as my artifact representing effect theory in communications. As a society, the concept “A diamond is forever” is taken quite literally. So much so that it is intertwined with one of the most key and central rites of passage for many adults-marriage. While there are many ads, attitudes and statements made online which reinforce gender bias and masculine dominance of our patriarchal society, perhaps it is not more ingrained than the concept of the diamond as the cement

  • Blood Diamond : Why Fiction is More Effective Than the Facts

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    Diamond Facts.” A Diamond is Forever. De Beers Diamond Company. 18 November 2007. . “Lovette Freeman: A Personal History.” September 2006. Online video clip. The History Channel. 18 November 2007. . “Seven Questions: A Chat with Blood Diamond Director Ed Zwick.” Foreign Policy Magazine December 2006. 18 November 2007. . “Sierra Leone Civil War.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 17 August 2005. Wikimedia Foundation. 18 November 2007. . Voeten, Teun. How De Body?: One Man’s Terrifying Journey

  • Blood Diamonds: The Intolerance Of Blood Diamonds In Africa

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    “The diamond was long marketed as a symbol of purity. However, this image was tarnished by the revelation that diamonds were being used to finance and perpetuate conflicts” (Goreux). A portion of the world’s diamonds come from areas where war and blood shed are an everyday occurrence. Conflict diamond mining is a horrific infringement on basic human rights that rebel groups commit on a normal basis and it needs to come to an end. Only a small amount of natural resources have captured the attention

  • Diamonds are Forever: the James Bond Franchise and Blood Diamonds

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    Diamonds symbolize wealth, success, power, and really all of the characteristics of living the good life. Shirley Bassey immortalized her love for the jewels as she sang “diamonds are forever, they are all I need to please me “are the first two lines of the song. Diamonds are forever is the theme song of the same name for the seventh film in the James Bond Franchise. Diamonds are forever was released in 1971, transitioning into the decade 2010 I believe we still have the same Obsession on the value