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  • COP 3530, Discrete Data Structures and Algorithms, Summer 1999, Homework 4

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    Class Notes: Data Structures and Algorithms Summer-C Semester 1999 - M WRF 2nd Period CSE/E119, Section 7344 Homework #4 -- Due Wed 16 June 1999 : 09.30am -- Answer Key Answers are in blue typeface. * Question 1. Write pseudocode and a diagram that shows how to implement the merge part of the merge-sort algorithm using two stacks (one for each subsequence), and be sure to use the correct ADT operations for stacks. Do not write Java code, or pseudocode for merge-sort. Answer: 1. Put

  • COP 3530, Discrete Data Structures and Algorithms, Summer 1999, Homework 6

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    Class Notes: Data Structures and Algorithms Summer-C Semester 1999 - M WRF 2nd Period CSE/E119, Section 7344 Homework #6 -- Due Fri 09 July 1999 : 09.30am In class, we discussed AVL trees, binary search trees, and the breadth-first and depth-first search (BFS and DFS) algorithms for graph or tree traversal. The purpose of this homework is to exercise your knowledge and develop skills you will need for the exams and for Projects 4 and 5. Use your class notes and the text (Chapter 12) as a guide

  • COP 3530, Discrete Data Structures and Algorithms, Summer 1999, Homework 2

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    Class Notes: Data Structures and Algorithms Summer-C Semester 1999 - M WRF 2nd Period CSE/E119, Section 7344 Homework #2 -- Due Fri 28 May 1999 : 09.30am * Question 1. Assume that an n-element array (vector) a contains distinct integers arranged in no particular order. Write an algorithm to find the value and location of (a) the mean of a and (b) the value v in a closest to the mean. Note: If v equals the mean, then v is the value closest to the mean. Example. If a = (1,2,3,5,4,6,7,9),

  • COP 3530, Discrete Data Structures and Algorithms, Summer 1999, Homework 1

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    Class Notes: Data Structures and Algorithms Summer-C Semester 1999 - M WRF 2nd Period CSE/E119, Section 7344 Homework #1 -- Solutions (in blue type) Note: There have been many questions about this homework assignment. Thus, clarifications are posted below in red type. When you answer these questions, bear in mind that each one only counts four points out of 1000 total points for the course. Thus, each one should have a concise answer. No need to write a dissertation. * Question 1. Suppose

  • The Evolution of C++ as a Programming Language

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    The Evolution of C++ as a Programming Language C++ is a very useful programming language. Many educational curriculums will include either C or C++ as the tool entry-level programmers will use to learn the syntax, semantics, and data structures key to effective programming that is required of computer scientists. C++ is such a diverse language, one cannot help but wonder how it became the popular language it is today, and this paper is going to demonstrate just that. Introduction to CPL

  • Making Utilities for MS-DOS

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    for it. And this is a violation of the Antitrust Law. And now I start having a suspicion that this is happening with Microsoft's operating systems. It should be no secret to anyone that MS-DOS contains a lot of undocumented system calls, data structures and other features. Numerous books have been written on this subject (see bibliography). Many of them are vital to system programming. There is no way to write a piece of system software, such as a multitasker, a local area network, or another

  • Basic Data Structures and Algorithms Homework Exercises

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    /* CS 113 - Basic Data Structures and Algorithms * Homework Exercises (70 points) * * * Homework #6 * * * 1. Programming Projects 5, Page 241 * * Problem Statement: * An operating system assigns jobs to print queues based on the number of pages to be printed * (less than 10 pages, less than 20 pages, or more than 20 pages). You may assume that the * system printers are able to print 10 pages per minute. Smaller print jobs are printed before * larger print jobs, and print jobs of the

  • Raymond Carver's Boxes

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    Raymond Carver's Boxes There are many types of relationships, though all are complicated and both parties of the relationship must bend over backward for one another. In Boxes, Carver shows how difficult it is for the son to cope with bringing closure to his mother’s relationship though he still loves her. The mother moves to be near her son; however, she starts packing to move again a while later; not finding the relationship she once had with her son. Through the short story “Boxes,” Raymond Carver

  • My magical visit

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    My Magical Visit I remember the visit like it was yesterday. The year was 1990, and it was the month of June. I hadn’t been off for more than two weeks, and I was bored out of my mind. It really takes a lot to keep a seven year old busy. That’s when it happened. My dad told me that tomorrow we would be going to visit somewhere special. He told me that he also visited this place when he was a kid. I remember the night before we left, I couldn’t sleep at all. That somewhere special was his family’s

  • Personal Narrative: Mission Trips And Dancing

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    Mission Trips and Dancing On Sunday evening, I was supposed to fly to Lexington, Kentucky. However, the flight oversold, and we had no back up plan for how I was going to get to Mission Trip. Then my mom quickly searched flights, and we decided we would fly to Atlanta, and drive overnight in order to get me there in time. So we ran from the American terminal across the airport to the Delta terminal, scheduled a rental car, and prayed everything would work out. Luckily, it did. We got first class

  • The Hierarchical Structure Of Information By Gregory Bateson

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    an hierarchical structure characterizes how exercises, for example, teek allotment, coordination and supervision are guided towards the accomplishment of authoritative points. It can likewise be recognized as the review glass or viewpoint through which people see their association and its surroundings or it might be seen as the formalized game plan of communication between obligation regarding the errand, individuals , and assets in association it most seen as graph with positions or titles and

  • I Wish to Pursue Structural Engineering

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    I Wish to Pursue Structural Engineering A simple bridge truss was the first structure I ever analyzed. The simple combination of beams that could hold cars, trains, and trucks over long spans of water fascinated me. Having the tools to analyze the loads on the truss further increased my interest in structures. I encountered the bridge in a textbook for my first engineering class. Knowing that the professor, Mr. Paul Davids, was a tough teacher, I asked him for the textbook so I could study

  • Why do organizations change?

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    which has an impact on the whole organisation, or new forms of management ad structure of the firm itself, or the breakthrough created by the major innovations or even can refers to the impact of new product and new market opportunities. Normally, financial crisis will be an initiative as a trigger to revolution. At first of the revolution, there would probably already has small changes in normal management and structure. As a long term way to apply the change, change agents are needed to do an ongoing

  • Organizational Integration Essay

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    and sharing of information and data. The chief goal of information system integration is to facilitate the exchange of and sharing of information within the established networks in an organization. Scholars have opined that integration encompasses three areas; domain, direction, and reach. The direction can either be vertical or horizontal. Reach is viewed as being intra-organization or intra-organization while the domain is viewed as being either function-wise, data-wise, or

  • Departmentalization, Centralization, And Decentralization In An Organization

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    Organizational structures give essential systems to help operations continue easily and practically. Sorts of hierarchical structures incorporate practical, divisional, framework, group, system, and even structures. Each of these structures gives distinctive degrees of four normal hierarchical components and they are as followed. Span of control, departmentalization, centralization, and decentralization (“Characteristics of Organizational Structures”,n.d.). Let’s start off by talking a little bit

  • The Impact of Technology in Organizational Communication

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    is significant. Technology can even change the way organizations are structured when a new system is introduced. Moreover, in many organizations, new IT systems have complicated the way people communicate by adding complexity to the organization structure. This could be the case for financial systems such as SAP, which are designed to meet requirements of one exclusive part of the organization. However, new IT systems can also reduce organizational complexity. Technology can be designed to fit

  • Annotated Bibliography On Structural Violence

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    Structural Violence Structural violence is a form of violence which corresponds with the systematic ways in which a given social structure or social institution prevents individuals from achieving their full potential as explained by Galtung (1969). Structural violence explained by Samantroy (2010) is “…believed to come from a lack of access to power to protect oneself from the detrimental effects of the economic, political and social order” (26). Based on the definition of these two authors (Galtung

  • Wage Compression and Symbolic Egalitarianism

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    An organisations internal pay structure can affect the way employees perform to the business strategy. Where a workers performance not only depends on the level of pay they receive (Solow, 1979, in Alexopoulos & Cohen, 2003), but also takes into consideration their pay compared to workers above and below them, those within the same occupational group, and the external labour market (Akerlof and Yellen, 1990). Pfeffer (2005) argues that wage compression, which is the act of reducing the size of the

  • What Is The Impact Of Organizational Structure And Behaviour

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    characteristic conduct of a ranked order is quite broad and includes representative attitude, inspiration and execution. Factors such as these, look for higher authority and various social structures which have an impact on individual 's behavior and state of mind. The Relationship Between Organisational Structure and Culture An organisational culture is a system of shared suppositions, qualities and convictions which represent the general employees within the organisation, their occupations, conduct

  • Social Stratification Theory Essay

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    The perception acknowledges the extent structure has on a person 's happiness practically declaring the theory that we are merely possible of achieving happiness through structural elements, like stratification. Stratification refers to the hierarchical arrangement of people among certain societies