Data Investigation Essays

  • Statistical Investigation into Rollercoaster Data

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    Statistical Investigation into Rollercoaster Data I am going to be completing a statistical investigation from some collected data. This will be obtained from a World Rollercoaster Database. The information that can be seen from the database about an individual rollercoaster is: which country designed it, when it opened, its height, its length, its max speed, the ride time, and the thrill factor out of 10. I am going to investigate whether the fastest rides are the most exciting. I would

  • Birthday And Family Income

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    this investigation is to extend the study of the birthday paradox, factoring in their family income. The type of data that will be collected is the individual's birthday, excluding the year, and family income. The sample group will be selected from a random group including those of similar age group to my own (students from the school). By including only those that are in my age group, I am eliminating further variables. Major difference in conception years may cause the data to skew. Data will

  • Chilc Abuse

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    that abused children become abusive parents and concluded that the case for transmission across generations has been overstated. Looking back on past investigations gives support for intergenerational transmission, almost without exception. These investigations identify maltreating parents and then interview them about their own childhood. Investigations done with and without control groups indicate abusing parents report high rates of having been abused physically during childhood (Steele and Pollock

  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior

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    Consumers all over the world will view information and process the same differently. It is thus of great necessity that businesses come up with effective mechanisms which will effectively and efficiently communicate their business to their clients. In understanding the consumer process for choice, various practices have been examined and affected. The methods of choice include monitoring of information, eye movement monitoring and issues to do with task analysis among others. The studying of such

  • Overview of Divorce in Canada

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    Introduction A century ago, divorce was nearly non-existent due to the cultural and religious pressures placed upon married couples. Though over time Canadians have generally become more tolerate of what was once considered ‘mortal sin’, marital separation and divorce still remain very taboo topics in society. Political leaders are frowned upon when their marriages’ crumble, religions isolate and shun those who break their martial vows and people continue to look down on those who proceed to legally

  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis

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    stock prices? Why do managers try to hide bad news in footnotes? And why do regulators try to prevent them from doing this? Robert J. Bloomfield presents an alternative to EMH called the Incomplete Revelation Hypotheses. IRH suggests that statistical data which is more costly drives fewer trading interest. Therefore information that is more costly to extract from publicly available information is not fully reflected in the market prices. Information is hidden due to noise traders trading randomly. This

  • the learnin org

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  • An Analysis and Evaluation of Data from Photosynthesis Experiments

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    An Analysis and Evaluation of Data from Photosynthesis Experiments Graph analysis This is my analysis for the investigation in to the affect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis to the Canadian pondweed, elodea. In the results the pattern is that when the light intensity is higher the readings are generally higher. On the graph the less the light intensity the lower the gradient of the curve. the equation for the photosynthesis process is; CO2 + 2H2O + Light Energy ========>

  • Can virtue be taught?

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    Meno's question. Although he is not particularly keen on answering whether virtue can be taught without first having a complete understanding of what virtue is, he attempts to please Meno by solving this in the way that geometers conduct their investigations, through a hypothesis. Socrates states that if indeed virtue can be taught then one thing will happen, and if it cannot a different thing will happen. In the end of the play, the conclusion is reached that virtue is a gift from the gods. Now the

  • The Importance of Disaster Investigations for Systems Engineers

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    The Importance of Disaster Investigations for Systems Engineers - What is a Systems Engineer? In the modern industry engineering systems are becoming more complex by the day. Therefore a need for elite engineers i.e. the Systems Engineer, capable of applying a wide range of engineering disciplines to a variety of tasks from product design and development from requirements analysis to simulation to manufacturing and marketing etc… is essential. Such engineers work within a team at

  • Investigating the Relationship Between the Number or Letters in a Word and the Number of Arrangements of the Letters There Are

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    Investigating the Relationship Between the Number or Letters in a Word and the Number of Arrangements of the Letters There Are Introduction The aim of these investigations is to explore and find a relationship between the number of letters in a word and the number of arrangements of the letters there are. 1. LUCY For these investigations, I have decided to use numbers instead of letters because it will be easier to work out all of the arrangements if I can do them in numerical order. I have

  • Abortion - Unwanted Pregnancies = Abused Children

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    Unwanted Pregnancies = Abused Children Who can resist the invitation to abort an unwanted pregnancy for the child's sake primarily, and not just the "health" of the mother? Let's examine this frequently voiced contention: that aborting unwanted pregnancies is beneficial because they would later lead to abused children. And everyone, of course, is opposed to the maltreatment of kids. The landmark study on this was done at the University of Southern California. Professor Edward Lenoski

  • Biography of Charles Booth

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    did he conduct his investigations? Ø Investigations were originally intended to last 3 years, but took 17 years to complete. Booth was central in the investigation but had at any one time up to 35 people working with him. While Booth controlled their work, he expected them to contribute ideas and to take responsibility for writing specific sections of the final work. Ø Examples server to show how intermeshed and yet wide-ranging Booth’s investigators and investigations became. Ø Jesse

  • Ethics and Community in Aristotle

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    themes in his Topics-sameness and difference, part and whole, better than, etc. These are tools for all dialectical investigations into being and action (viz. Top. I.11 104b2) for they secure definitions and get at essences of things or their aspects. Reflecting structures of being and good, they allow Aristotle to arrive at objective reality and good. Being tools for all investigations into being and values, we are not free to reject them, nor can we have any discourse or claim to reality or good.

  • Laidlaw by William McIlvanney

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    wasn't just because of the quality and origin of the author and the setting , it was because of the infuriating character of Cheif Detective Inspector Jack Laidlaw , he is the main character and the most memorable one.  He is the spearhead of the investigations into the murder of a teenage girl , he has to do this in a city of hard men, villains and fat cat businessmen.  To look more deeper into the mysterious character of Laidlaw and his personality , we need to look at his interests and prejudices

  • The Analysis of Autism Facilitates Neuroanatomical Investigations

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    The Analysis of Autism Facilitates Neuroanatomical Investigations Studying the functions of the various structures of the brain is best carried out through analysis of brain defects. For example, individuals with autism exhibit particular behaviors that are not considered normal. Assuming that behavior originates from the brain, then it becomes clear that in order to discover the causes of the abnormal behavior a comparison must be made between and healthy brain and the brain of an autistic

  • Bivariate Data Exploration

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    Bivariate Data Exploration Aim: The aim of this investigation is to see if there is a correlation between the engine size of a car and the insurance group that it resides in. Introduction: In our present day there is an ever-increasing public demand for value-for-money products and services, especially in cars, shopping and clothing markets. For students, this is even more important as everything they buy (unless they are particularly affluent) can easily amount to debt (through

  • Nora Young's The Virtual Self

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    virtual self, by Nora Young is a book about self-tracking, the obsessive recording of the daily life online. The obsession with data. How is this data is altering the world. Many People are obsessed with this data. Sometime you don’t even notice that you are gathering a lot of data. Data can be pictures online, having a smartphone nowadays is enough to gather the data for you, Google android if enabled, has a website where you can see what do you do daily by showing you your journey, where you

  • What are Descriptive Statistics?

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    about the basic descriptive data elements that are needed to answer the question I previously posed, it is important to understand what we mean by descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics describe the features of the data collected. In other words, descriptive statistics describe “what” the data looks like, but it does not tell you why or how data elements interact or influence one another. Descriptive statistics provide a defender with summaries about the data collected and these summaries

  • Statement Of Purpose For Earth Science

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    with my professors and professionals linked with oil and gas industry, I chose Geophysics as my area of interest for my graduation. I was then recruited by BGP International (one of the major Geological and Geophysical servicing company) as a Seismic Data Processing Geophysicist in 2009. The job required me to travel extensively across Pakistan as well as abroad and I provided project management solutions to large-scale EPC projects ranging up-to US$ 100 million. This en...