Data Compression Essays

  • Mathematics of Data Compression

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    Data Compression I. Introduction In the modern era known as the “Information Age,” forms of electronic information are steadily becoming more important. Unfortunately, maintenance of data requires valuable resources in storage and transmission, as even the presence of information in storage re-quires some power. However, some of the largest files are those that are in formats re-plete with repetition, and thus are larger than they need to be. The study of data compres-sion is the science which

  • Importance Of Image Compression And Encryption

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    Image compression and encryption has been a great area of interest since images are being used as one of the most valuable information source in many areas like medical application, military application, space science application and many more. There are three types of image namely binary image, grayscale image and colour image. Binary image has only two intensity levels black and white, whereas grayscale images have 256 intensity level and colour images have various colour map each of which have

  • Lossless Compression of Audio

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    Lossless compression of audio is being popular during the last few decades due to rapid and advanced technology of high quality sound production improved. Lossless compression is a class of compression algorithms that allows the original data to be reconstructed perfectly from the compressed one while for lossy compression, it permits reconstruction only approximate to the original one and it is commonly allows for improved compression rates and smaller in file size. Speech coding can be defined

  • Image Compression And Image Analysis

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    Image Compression is used to reduce the number of bits required to represent an image or a video sequence. A Compression algorithm takes an input X and generates compressed information that requires fewer bits. The Decompression algorithm reconstructs the compressed information and gives the original. A compression of medical image is an important area of biomedical and telemedicine.In the medical application image study and data compression are quickly developing field with rising applications

  • Digital Audio

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    without the use of compression technology, sound recordings will take up much bigger spaces than the compact files that we enjoy today. It is to be recalled that what was once a 12-15 track CD is now conveniently able to store hundreds of tracks due to compaction. Moreover, without sound recording, there is no way that we will be able to hear tracks of our favorite bands without attending to their concerts. An understanding of hearing, sound and its conversion into digital data is essential to properly

  • Types of Image Compression for Medical Imaging

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    medical imaging modalities are X-ray radiography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Medical ultrasound, Computed tomography etc. Since, these images contain clinical data of extreme importance for treatment follow-ups and are acquired at cost of radiation exposure, infrastructure, money and time involved. Thus, once acquired, the medical imaging data should not be disposed off casually, instead it should be retained so that it can be utilized for various medical applications and the chances of repeated testing

  • Essay On Codecs

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    Codec Essay Introduction: This Essay will discuss Codecs; it will explain the definition of codecs and their functions and include a brief history on digital signals, equipment and standards. It will also discuss compression and compression formats such as Lossless and Lossy and files such as FLAC and ALAC History of Codecs: Equipment The history of audio recording first started on 6th December 1877 when Thomas Edison made the very first recording of a human voice singing Mary had a little lamb “on

  • Investigating the Effect of Drop Height on the Depth of Sand

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    of sand We leave the sand in the bucket and make sure that none spills over. Type of sand Use the same one for each trials Ball Use the same ball for each trial, with the same size, volume, material and brand. Height of sand, compression Flatten or compress the sand back to how it was, as accurately as possible, by using a flat surface. Research Question How does the height of the drop affect the depth of the sand? Hypothesis As the height of the drop for the ball

  • Investigation of Energy Stored in a Spring

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    Investigation of Energy Stored in a Spring Aim:- To investigate how the velocity of a trolley when different spring compressions are used. For this piece of coursework I am going to investigate how the velocity of the trolley over a set distance, is proportional to the compression of the spring. I plan to use two different methods of carrying out the investigation. These methods are :- A Light Gate : - The trolley had a piece of card attached to it, on the top.the spring of the trolley

  • MP3

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    a smaller size so it is easier to move around on the Internet and store. MPEG is the acronym for Moving Picture Experts Group. This group has developed compression systems used for video data. For example, DVD movies, HDTV broadcasts and DSS satellite systems use MPEG compression to fit video and movie data into smaller spaces. The MPEG compression system includes a subsystem to compress sound, called MPEG audio Layer-3. We know this as MP3. The music industry distribution medium of audio CD's, or

  • MP3

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    INTRODUCTION Two years ago, MP3 was just another audio compression format. Today, it's a Net phenomenon that's at the center of an enormous controversy. That's because MP3 makes it possible for people with an Internet connection to bypass record stores (and cashiers) and download CD-quality music by their favorite artists--for free. MP3 is great for music lovers and cheapskates, who can download funky tunes to their hearts' content without spending a dime; however, it's a nightmare for musicians

  • Multimedia

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    grand prophecies? Primarily, two technological advances known as digitization (including digital compression), and fibre optics. Both are indispensable to the high-speed networks that will deliver dynamic new services to homes and offices. Digitization means translating information, either video, audio, or text, into ones and zeros, which make it easier to send, store, and manipulate. Compression squeezes this information so that more of it can be sent using a given amount of transmission capacity

  • Hooke's Law

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    constants when the springs are in series and in parallel. The theory is based on Hooke's law which is: F = kx where F = Force, k = Constant and x = Extension [Ref. 1]. Unfortunately with the springs I have, I can only measure extension, not compression for which Hooke's is also valid. Prediction Single Spring: Hooke's law, where F = kx. I predict that I if I plot Force on the Y axis and extension, x, on the X axis, it will be a straight line and the gradient will be the spring constant

  • Laser Crack Measurement System for Pavement-Management Sytems

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    systems (PMS) can work effectively only when they are constructed by organically combining all activities concerned with road pavement (planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, evaluation, economic analysis, and research) and the data bank [1]. Then, the most important items are the establishment of a serviceability index, which represents pavement quality, and a prediction of performance, which is represented by the relation between time (and/or traffic) and the index. Pavement

  • Underwater Acoustics

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    comunicating underwater. Sound waves fill this criteria as they can travel long distances without getting distored too much. Sound waves are longitudnal and mechanical waves. They are longitudinal because when they travel they create an area of compression and then rarefractions within the air. A sound wave, like any other wave is introduced into a medium by a vibrating object. The motion of the particles in the medium in which a sound wave vibrates back and forth is measured by the frequency.

  • ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc

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    compresses compact disc audio to approximately 1/5 of the original data rate with virtually no loss in sound quality. 1 Introduction -------------- Recently, there has been an increasing consumer demand for a portable recordable high-quality digital audio media. The MiniDisc system was developed to meet this demand. The MiniDisc is based on a 64 mm optical or magneto-optical disc which has approximately 1/5 of the data storage capacity of a standard compact disc. Despite the reduced

  • Multimedia

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    formats, including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. Such presentations first became commercially available in very primitive form in the early 1980s, as a result of advances that have been made in digital compression technology-- particularly the difficult area of image compression. Multimedia online services are obtainable through telephone/computer or television links, multimedia hardware and software exist for personal computers, networks, the internet, interactive kiosks and multimedia

  • The Giver’s Compassion for Jonas

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    in was controlled and hidden the real human life by the community. He is getting to realize that he will not be able to stay in the community any more and starts to find his own and comfort place. I would like to focus on describing the Giver’ compression for Jonas because I do think that this book can not be described without him. In the book, the Giver is described as an old man, always staying and keeping his sadness for the community alone. He is the only person who really knows what is going

  • Anterior Crucient Ligament

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    Anterior Crucient Ligament The Anterior Crucient Ligament also known as the ACL is usually injured in a forceful twisting motion of the knee. It also may be injured by hyper extending the knee witch is when the femur is forcefully pushed across the tibia such as a sudden stop, while running or a sudden change in weight. The person will feel or here a sudden pop in the knee. The knee may or may not get very swollen, but the knee will be very unstable so you can not walk and it is painful especially

  • Meniscal Injuries

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    (semilunar) fibrocartilages that deepen the articular facets of the tibia and cushion any stresses placed on the knee joint. They enhance the total stability of the knee, assist in the control of normal knee motion, and provide shock absorption against compression forces between the tibia and the femur (Booher, 2000). Articular cartilage covers the ends of the bones that make up the joint. The articular cartilage surface is a tough, very slick material that allows the surfaces to slide against one another