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  • Dark Matter

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    Dark Matter For centuries, physicists and philosophers alike have wondered what makes up our universe. Aristotle thought that all matter came in one of four forms: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Since then we have come a long way, with the discovery of the atoms and the subatomic particles they are made of. We can even guess at what makes up protons and neutrons. We have since then discovered and predicted the existence of particles other than the atom, such as the photon, neutrino, axion, and many

  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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    Dark Matter and Dark Energy Dark Matter and Dark Energy are important. They can help us know how the universe began. These two are the mysteries of the universe; they compose about 90% of the universe. They are mysteries because we believe that they exist but we can’t see them or detect them. People question whether they manifest to be the same thing. Astronomers know very little about their constitution so they cannot assume they are related. Dark Energy is a mysterious force that drives the

  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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    Dark matter and dark energy are two entities that have very little known about them, except that they make up about 95 percent of the universe. Even though this is a large part of the universe, it wasn’t even thought about until the 1960’s or the 1970’s. This is because of the fact that it is very hard to detect and almost impossible to see. Although it is impossible to see, we can see the effects of them both in our galaxy. One way that we can “see” the dark matter is the movement of the Milky Way

  • The Importance Of Dark Energy And Dark Matter

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    information. Among this sea of mysteries is dark matter and dark energy. It has been said that more is unknown than known when it comes to dark energy and dark matter. These forces have puzzled and bewildered scientists for years. Dark matter and dark energy are complex ideas that lie within the universe and have intricate theories and formulas regarding them. The cosmos, or universe, is filled with an abundant amount of matter and energy. Visible matter, such as the Earth and the sun, makes up

  • The Importance Of Dark Matter And Dark Energy

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    Dark matter is an invisible substance that makes up about 25% of the universe. Dark energy is the force that repels gravity which consists of about 70%. About 5% is the matter that we see today which includes stars and galaxies. Due to the fact that dark matter doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic force, dark matter doesn’t absorb, reflect or emit light. Dark energy doesn’t have local gravitational effects but it does affect the universe as a whole. The importance of dark matter and dark energy

  • Dark Matter Persuasive Speech Outline

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    Central Idea Statement: Two elusive phenomena: dark matter and dark energy, are thought to make up more than 80% of the known universe. I. INTRODUCTION A. Every year we are hit an estimated 100,000 times by dark matter particles. B. Understanding dark matter may help us learn the fate of our world. C. I will provide you with information from a number of websites on how dark matter affects the universe. D. Today, I will inform you on how dark matter: 1. Is made of particles that don’t absorb, or

  • The Existence Of Dark Matter

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    Dark matter has been argued about for a long time about whether it helps or not helps the universe. The universe is mostly made up of dark energy at 71.4%, dark matter at 24%, and atoms a 4.6%. These are the statistics made about the composition of the universe. However, these statistics were not always none. Einstein himself said that the universe was static, that the universe was neither contracting or expanding. When the Russian Mathematician, Edwin Powell Hubble, proved him wrong, Einstein said

  • Dark Energy Outline

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    Dark Energy It’s Function and Features İrem Ertürk Computer Engineering – Faculty of Computer and Informatics 150140725 English 201 CRN: 10053 Esbie van Heerden-Ünsal December 1, 2014 Dark Energy Thesis Statement: Dark energy is a subject on which there is considerable debate; whether there is evidence of its existence, its formation and its function. I. Its function and features A. Effects on the universe 1. Acceleration a. Einstein’s theory b. Negative pressure 2. Expansion of the universe

  • The Theory of Dark Flow

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    demise of current life forms, forever changing our world. This is the effect of dark flow. Fortunately this appears to be occurring in distant galaxies, however observations have concluding our galaxy is too being pulled away in a specific direction. This highlights the essentiality of more research being conducted upon this unexplained force. Good Morning class, today my chosen topic is the term dark flow. Now dark flow is a basically a term used to explain astronomical observations, that appear

  • An Analysis Of The Milky Way Galaxy

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    Introduction At the beginning of the course we were asked to choose a “Cosmic Target”, which is something in space that we wanted to know more about. I chose the Milky Way Galaxy as a single unit. I wanted to know why it was, what it was and where it was going. All of us of course know where the Milky Way is, it is our home. A part of our cosmic address, and up until recently it was the biggest thing that we could imagine. As far as where it is in the universe, it is in The Local group, which is

  • Essay On Vera Rubin

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    Believe it or not, there are many instances in the field of science that people's work have been stolen by fellow scientists. When you hear the name Vera Rubin, what comes to mind? If the answer is nothing then that's understandable, seeing as she is one of many scientists that made significant breakthroughs, but never given the credit for. Just as Rosalind Franklin had been studying DNA structures for a portion of her life, and one of breakthrough discoveries was taken, and the credit given to men

  • Technology's Role in Unraveling Cosmological Mysteries

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    Dark matter was first proposed by a man named Fitz Zwicky, who was observing a galaxy cluster, and noticed it was much more massive than to be expected, considering the cluster’s luminosity. Zwicky proposed something that he could not see was there, causing this; he dubbed this dark matter. However, Zwicky was ridiculed for this idea. In the 1960s, Kent Ford designed what is now called a spectrograph

  • Cosmological Scale Of The Universe

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    When the average person hears the terms dark matter or dark energy, they probably do not truly appreciate the complexity and scope of the concepts involved. The terms dark matter and dark energy tend to obscure the high level of uncertainty that currently plagues researchers involved in these areas of study. However, before people can even begin to really understand these ideas, they must first acquire a basic understanding of the nature and scope of the universe, at least as much is possible for

  • The String Theory

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    Sub-atomic particles, known as quarks, electrons, photons, and neutrinos were strewn across expanding space. Equal amounts of matter and antimatter particles began to collide and annihilate each other. Gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, and electromagnetic forces soon came into play. As the universe started to cool, fundamental particles called quarks began to smash together forming protons and neutrons. They, in turn, merged to create the nuclei of simple elements, beginning with hydrogen

  • Essay On Particle Physics And Cosmology

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    in attempting to answer many modern cosmological theories, notably: dark matter, structure formation, baryogenesis and nucleosynthesis. I am going to discuss some of connections between particle physics and cosmology and investigate how experimental particle physics and cosmology can complement each other and how dependable the connections are. Dark Matter There is now strong evidence pointing towards the existence of dark matter in the universe, derived from a variety of precision measurements;

  • Biography of Astronomer, Vera Cooper Rubin

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    Vera Rubin Biography - Vera Cooper Rubin was born July 23, 1928 in Philadelphia, PA. Her father was Philip Cooper, an electrical engineer, and her mother Rose. She first developed an interest in astronomy at the age of 10 while stargazing from her home in Washington D.C. Her father encouraged her to follow her dreams and took her to amateur astronomer meetings. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Vassar University in 1948 of which she was the only astronomy major that year. Later she earned her

  • Black Hole Research Paper

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    When we say black hole it's not really true. A black hole is mostly made of light matter and not dark matter. Black holes are the most deadly thing in the universe that we know. It literally disintegrates it and takes all light away from it and never gives it back. But there is a good thing a black hole does it takes all the space garbage it's

  • Milky Way Research Paper

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    A scientist has estimated the galaxy covers the mass of all the stars, black holes, gas clouds, dust, dark matter and other unidentified flying objects in the Milky Way (Radford, 2016 ). The previous rough ballpark figure was around a trillion solar masses. The standard measure for big astronomical objects Scientists began by measuring the Earth From two centuries

  • Cosmic Blob Psychology

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    watched a film on YouTube to understand more about these objects and this is what I found. The biggest known object in the universe is called the cosmic web. The cosmic web is an endless scaffolding of super clusters of galaxies surrounded by dark matter. Dark matter makes up 90% of the universes mass. The cosmic web is like a 3D spider web; at all of the intersections of the web are super clusters containing thousands of galaxies. Scientists believe that the cosmic web was made due to the big bang. Some

  • Black Holes and My Love for Astronomy

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    boundless. Some other theories are that maybe a black hole could be the gateway to another universe or that a black hole turns into a way for time travel, there has even been the idea of that what is being sucked in is then used for the creation of new matter. Either way there is not enough evidence for scientist to support these ideas with and since we it can not actually be observed what is really taking place beyond the event horizon of a black hole all we are able to do for now is wonder. Unfortunately