Dams Essays

  • To Dam, or Not To Dam

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    To Dam, or Not To Dam “The River, slightly milky from glacial sediment, tumbles down rocky chutes, boils through tight canyons, and glides across beds of agatelike stones. In the distance, poking through storm clouds, are plunging slopes dense with virgin hemlock and fir…Intruding into this primeval scene are two decrepit dams” (Reisner, 382). In this essay by Marc Reisner, his standpoint on the issue of dams is very well seen. Reisner talks of the ecological damages that dams create. The

  • Dams

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    have used dams since early civilization, because four-thousand years ago they became aware that floods and droughts affected their well-being and so they began to build dams to protect themselves from these effects.1 The basic principles of dams still apply today as they did before; a dam must prevent water from being passed. Since then, people have been continuing to build and perfect these structures, not knowing the full intensity of their side effects. The hindering effects of dams on humans

  • Dam Dams Essay

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    Embankment Dam Filters Introduction The embankment dam is a massive man-made water barrier. It is created for the purpose of compaction and emplacement of semi plastic mounds having the composition of various components such as soil, clay and rock etc. Nature provides a pseudo permanent waterproof covering for the surface and waterproof core of such dams. The principle of working of such dams is, the force of impoundment creates a downward thrust upon the mass of dam which increase the weight of dam on its

  • The Building of Dams

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    The Building of Dams The earliest remains of dams that archaeologists have unearthed date back to around 5000 A.D.They were constructed as part of a domestic water supply system for the ancient town of Jawa in Jordan. Over the next few millennia, the building of dams for water retention spread throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Southern Asia, China, and Central America. Later, as technologies increased and industrialization took hold in Europe, dam mechanisms advanced to incorporate

  • Hoover Dam

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    Hoover Dam The Hoover Dam is one of America¡¦s greatest civil engineering marvels (Hernan 22) and ¡§has become a magnet to those fascinated by human ingenuity at its best¡¨ (Haussler 30). With its enormous size and construction during the Great Depression, it was an interesting topic to me. I would like to major in civil engineering and, at first, I was researching this topic. I was looking for salary and job descriptions. Then, I discovered the name John L. Savage, the engineer who supervised

  • Teton Dam Failures

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    Dams are an important infrastructure that in some cases prevents seasonal flooding damage, as was the intention of the Teton Dam near Rexburg, Idaho. Built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, the embankment dam was cheap to construct but failed in early June 1976. Some scientists have hypothesized that this failure was caused by wet seams that may have been present on the right abutment, as they were found on the left abutment following the collapse. Wet seams are seepage zones between the

  • Essay On Water Dams

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    The good water come from the dam and reservoir. According to Amanda Briney, a dam is any barrier that hold back water and its also defines as a primarily used to save, manage, and prevent the flow of excess water into specific regions. When discussing about dams, another term often used is reservoir. A reservoir is a manmade lake that is primarily used for storing water, and it can also be defined as the specific bodies of water formed by the construction of a dam ( Briney,A). Woodward(2004-2005)

  • Wivenhoe Dam Essay

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    The Wivenhoe dam report Wivenhoe dam was built on the Brisbane river in 1984. The dam was built so it can catch excess water from the lakes,river and stream etc. It is built with concrete across a river valley to block the river flow. The dam supply's a great water supply for south-east Queensland. Purpose and design of Wivenhoe dam The purpose of Wivenhoe dam was to be over-topped by runoff when that runoff water reaches its flood capacity of the dam. Without the dam,excess water will

  • Warragamba Dam Essay

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    each day who live in Sydney and areas in the lower Blue Mountains. The Dam is one of the largest in the world and Warragamba Dam is located in Wallacia, New South Wales around 65 kilometers to the west of Sydney. It is managed and run by Sydney Catchment Authority. History- In 1845, the dam was first recognised as a perfect place for a dam due to its profound narrow gorge with a flowing river through it. This idea for a dam to be built there was brought about by a Polish explorer of the time named

  • The Construction of Wivenhoe Dam

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    Based on the events that lead to the devastating floods in Queensland and the eventual case that was brought against the engineers of the dam, there have been views from both sides of the divide as to whether or not the actions taken by the engineers were actually ethical or otherwise. We have explored this avenue and have found that both sides of the divide have good reasons to justify their actions. Firstly, we shall explore the avenue that the engineers decisions were appropriate and ethical.

  • The Oroville Dam in California

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    Throughout California there is a total of 1,404 dams(KQED). They can be small structures just holding back rivers and streams, or as big as lakes and reservoirs, supplying water to up to 20 different counties. Oroville dam is the largest dam in California and is located just outside of Oroville County near Sacramento. Construction began in the dam in 1961, and it finally opened 7 years later in 1968. The Oroville dam is a rock fill embankment dam, which means, a water barrier that is made with

  • The Negative Effects Of Hydroelectric Dams

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    Hydroelectric dam is a power plant which has the strong flow of energy generated by the water level difference. Hydroelectric power is the most widely used mode of renewable energy. The power generation costs are not expensive and it generate power through the flow energy without helps from other energy resources. However, hydroelectricity brings many negative influences on animals living environment and also impacts water environment pollution.    In some places, building hydroelectric dams will potential

  • Alternatives to Building More Dams

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    run Sunshine Falls...the largest rapid on the Royal Gorge section of the Arkansas River. When would I make it back to Colorado to run this river? I considered the the portage again; it's an impressive drop with no shame in walking. But what if they dam the Arkansas? I had the pleasure of kayaking about fifteen miles of the Arkansas river, in Colorado, this summer. Flowing from its headwaters near Buena Vista, the Arkansas is a virgin river. Only a trickle during the winter, "The Ark," is reborn

  • The Hoover Dam

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    The Hoover Dam Out in the middle of no where, an hour drive away from Las Vegas, NV lies one of the biggest dams and power plants in the world. Built in the heart of the depression, it serves as more than just a barrier from water to pass through. The concrete poured into the walls of Hoover Dam, are made by the sweat and blood of hundreds of Americans who were looking to save themselves, and their families. Residing on the Colorado River, the Hoover dam rises out of no where. Downstream

  • Case Study: The Fontana Dam

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    Fontana Dam The Fontana Dam is located in Swain and Graham County in North Carolina. It stands 480 feet tall and it 2,662 feet wide. It has 2,813,000 cubic yards of concrete in it. That is approximately 300,000 modern concrete truck loads. The cost of the Fontana Dam was 70 million dollars. The Appalachian Trail runs along the top of the dam. The Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) was the first company to suggest a dam to be built in the Fontana area. They had built previous dams including the

  • Dam Building on the Yom River

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    Dam Building on the Yom River The proposed for Kaeng Sua Ten dam project has provoked controversy for more than ten years. Due to fierce objection from the locals, the government's aspiring aims to construct the dams in Phrae province's Tambon Sa-Iab may never leave the drawing board. The government declared that the dam was essential. It would reduce flooding, ease seasonal drought areas, and lead to agricultural development. Dams are a crucial component for industry and hydropower and attracting

  • Removing Dams In The Film Damnation

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    controversial topic of removing dams is discussed all across the country as a benefit of the ecosystem. In much detail, the film included the entire environmental strategy from an activist’s point of view to show the disastrous imbalance that has been created by these dams. The film was narrated by Ben Knight, a new dam removal activist who knew little about the issue before the make of the documentary; however, he created a realistic look into how the process of dam removals became such an issue

  • The Pros And Cons Of Water Dams

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    Water Dams There are approximately 75,000 water dams just in the United States, providing the right amount of water in the right place at the right time. Majority of our world today relies on water dams. They are an efficient way of storing water, creating electricity and more. Even though our world has become almost dependent on this invention, it does have just as many cons that it does pros. A water dam is a barrier that stores water; it can be on the surface or in underground caves. A dam is

  • Rubber Dam Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Rubber dam is a kind of hydraulic structure made of a rubber bag which can be inflated with suitable fluid to suitable size to retain water and can be used for hydraulic management. To be strict, it is a high strength fabric with rubber anchored to the concrete basement which forms a balloon like bag to stopover the flow of water. The purposes of Rubber Dam are to control the streams, flood control, irrigation, water supply, tidal barrier, environment improvement, retain water for agricultural and

  • Hoover Dam

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    Lying in Black Canyon is the monumental structure known as Hoover Dam. Also known as Boulder Dam, Hoover Dam was built from 1931 to 1936. Frank Crowe was the head director of the building. The dam was built to irrigate the dry desert in the south west United States. The site of Hoover Dam is visited by millions of people annually and will continue to provide energy to many cities. In 1922, a commission was formed between Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The