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  • The Hydrological Cycle: The Circulatory Cycle Of Water

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    like rocks, water ends up in different places, at different times, taking on different forms. For water, the forms it can take on are liquid, solid, or gas, and they can determine at which point in the hydrologic cycle is in action. The hydrological cycle studies the circulatory flow cycle of water through land, oceans, and atmosphere. Of course there can be naturally occurring incidents within this

  • Business Cycles

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    Business Cycles Business cycles are the "ups and downs" in economic activity, defined in terms of periods of expansion or recession. “Business cycles occur because disturbances to the economy of one sort or another push the economy above or below full employment. Inflationary booms can be generated by surges in private or public spending (Roomer, Christina D).” The phases of the business cycle are Prosperity Phase: Expansion or Boom, where an increase in production and prices occurs, and lower

  • IT and the Business Cycle

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    IT and the Business Cycle There is a regular business cycle, which lasts for about 9 years. The cycle is characterised by a period of growth, then strong growth and then recession. Unfortunately, the cycle isn't exact and it isn't dependable, or else you could make money out of it, by gambling on it. Sometimes it lasts 7 years, sometimes 10 or 11. In the later stages of the last business cycle some odd things were happening. Growth in the US economy was much higher than anyone expected and unemployment

  • Business Cycle

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    company either suffers or benefits depending on what kind of economy it is. This will depend on what kind of company it is, and what kind of market the business does well in. The Business Cycle is what determines this factor. It is a term used in economics to designate changes in the economy. Timing of the business cycle is not predictable, but its phases seem to be. Many economists site four phases—prosperity, liquidation, depression, and recovery. During a period of prosperity, a rise in production

  • business cycle

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    The business cycle is defined as the periodic fluctuations in economic activity which is measured by the changes in real GDP. The amount of economic activity depends on factors such as how much is invested by entrepreneurs towards their business, the quality of technology used by the entrepreneur, the policies which the government incorporate etc. Gross Domestic Product measures this economic activity. It is the total value of all of the goods and services produced by all of the businesses in a

  • The Menstrual Cycle

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    The menstrual cycle occurs in the uterus and the ovary as a part of making sexual reproduction possible. The menstrual cycle is a monthly occurrence and happens so the ovary can produce eggs and the uterus can get ready for an egg becoming fertilized. (Wikipedia) The menstrual cycle is a complex cycle and is controlled by hormones produced by many different glands. The hypothalamus causes the pituitary gland to produces chemicals which then cause the ovaries to produce the sex hormones oestrogen

  • Business Cycles

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    Business cycles affect all individuals within the population. Whether as part of the general public, consisting of customers and consumers, or as part of the world of business, from small local companies to large multi-national organisations. Obviously, all governments aim for economic growth within societies, in order to achieve national progression. This can include various factors such as high levels of employment, investment and general business confidence. However, things do not always

  • Mexico Business Cycle

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    Mexico’s Business Cycle The term business cycle or economic cycle refers to the fluctuations of economic activity around its long-term growth trend. It involves shifts over time between periods of relatively rapid growth of output-recovery and prosperity, and periods of relative stagnation or decline- contraction or recession. These fluctuations are often measured using real gdp. Despite being termed cycles, these fluctuations in economic growth and decline do not follow a purely mechanical

  • Effects Of Business Cycles

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    Introduction In general the economy tends to experience different trends. These trends can be grouped as the business/trade cycle and may contain a boom, recession, depression and recovery. A business/trade cycle (see figure 1) is the periodic but irregular up-and-down movements in economic activity, measured by fluctuations in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other macroeconomic variables. Samuelson and Nordhaus (1998), defined it as ‘a swing in total national input, income and employment

  • The Importance Of The Cell Cycle

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    1.1 Cell cycle Growth and reproduction of eukaryotes depend on the cellular life cycle (cell cycle) whereby the cell duplicates its components to physically split into two identical daughter cells. In general, the cell cycle is divided into two phases: interphase where cell growth and DNA replication takes place, and mitosis where the duplicated DNA is divided into two daughter cells.The interphase of the cell cycle is further sub-divided into three discrete phases: G1, S and G2. During interphase