Current Society Essays

  • handmaids tale

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    entire Gilead society is male dominated. The Commander is at the top of the hierarchy and is involved with designing and establishing the current society taking control of a nation of women, and exploiting their power by controlling what is taught, what they can teach themselves and the words that they can use. Soon all of the women will become brainwashed, simply because it is made nearly impossible to defy the rules The Eye is the next highest up and are used as spies to keep the society the way it

  • The Time Machine and Mrs. Warren's Profession as Socialist Manifesto

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    modern society. Starting in Europe and spreading to the world, multiple countries experienced a new definition of efficiency and productivity. Although the growth was certainly profound, many people questioned the methods with which it was achieved and the society created from its ideals. In particular, two British Authors, H.G. Wells in The Time Machine and George Bernard Shaw in Mrs. Warren's Profession provide critiques of capitalism and industrialization. Both members of the Fabian society present

  • Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge

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    his urges toward Blacks, the black women sitting next to him on the bus annoys him. By this encounter, it clear that Julian himself has not fully embraced multiculturalism despite how much he wants to. His mother carries herself as a woman of upper society and this is reflected by her actions and attitudes. For example, when Julian and her are waiting for the bus and Julian takes off his tie, she tells him he is embarrassing her because he looks like thug. She also does not want to show up for weight

  • Bernard Marx - Brave New World

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    Bernard Marx, being a male Alpha, is the type of person who just doesn’t really fit in. While just about all people are very open about their thoughts and personal feelings, Bernard is very secretive about many of his thoughts and actions. For instance, when Lenina tries to talk to him about “having her,” his face goes pale and he insists that they discuss it in private (pg 58). He seems to be very concerned about what people would think if he started talking about that kind of stuff in front of

  • A World Without Cars

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    world without personal automobiles. He speculates whether our current society would welcome the invention of the personal automobile into a fictitious world without cars. Wilson immediately answers no. Wilson knows, as many well-informed individuals and experts do, that the personal automobile is responsible for contributing to pollution, destruction of rural and wilderness land, and depletion of natural resources. And an advanced society such as we live in today would not likely choose to burden our

  • Where we Stand by Hooks

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    Where we Stand by Hooks In our current society, it is acceptable to talk about race or gender. However, when it comes to the subject of class, people tend to tense, and are uncertain as to where they stand. At one time in history money afforded prestige and power, however now, money is a large part of our society and tends to rule many peoples lives. In the book Where We Stand: Class Matters, by bell hooks, she describes a life growing up in a family who had nothing, to now becoming one of America’s

  • Free Essays - Religious Motifs in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    Upon completion of this novel, a clearly prevalent and outstanding motif is that of religion and biblical reference. The frequent references to religion come in varied forms from that of biblical role-playing, to that of the fate of our current society. Another related argument that occurs can be the relationship of biblical role-playing and character domination. When all are combined appropriately, a very strong and prominent key motif in this novel is produced. Mary Shelley might have used

  • One Student's Observations of an Online Community

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    of the message boards I was interested in had been inactive for over a year.  Online communities must involve growing relationships among active users.  Many people believe that online communities are a waste of time and are destroying our current society.  Howard Rheingold, an author, argues another point of view (92). Rheingold states that a virtual community is an online group in which relationships are developed through interaction.  He also says that virtual communities are an advance

  • Household Energy Usage and Conservation

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    conservation is a very practical and realistic approach to conserving energy within our society. US households consume a tremendous amount of natural gas as well as electric energy. It has been calculated that the amount of energy consumed within the US increased exponentially from about 1850 to 1975. If energy continued to increase at this rate, we would be experiencing severe energy shortages in our current society. Luckily, steps towards conservation, including various energy regulations, have curbed

  • Blake Coleridge Swift

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    the albatross represents Christ. Swift writes in "Gulliver's Travels", of a man named Pedro de Mendez who is a savior to Gulliver. These three authors show us how Christian views and Jesus are a part of life not just in the Bible but also in current society. Blake uses our questions about faith to emphasize the importance of Christ in our lives. Blake emphasizes the connection of which the child is naturally aware, when he writes, "I, a child, and thou a lamb, We are called by his name"(p.1289)

  • A Bat in the Wind

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    A Bat in the Wind Assume you are a screenwriter in the year 2010. You have been commissioned to write a movie script about women's sports and current society. What is the theme? Who are the protagonists? What are the issues and how does the movie end? "A Bat in the Wind" Timeless themes of equality, truth and perseverance are presented in this heartwarming tale of one courageous softball player and the wiffle bat that she adored. It all begins one summer day shortly after Tegan's sixth

  • Discrimination Against Women in Male Dominated Sports

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    Discrimination Against Women in Male Dominated Sports Assume you are a screenwriter in the year 2010. You have been commissioned to write a movie script about women's sports and current society. What is the theme? Who are the protagonists? What are the issues and how does the movie end? Due to the nature of this course, most of the films that have been shown concerned the discrimination women face when they attempt to compete against men in athletic areas that have long been considered unfit

  • The History of Fermentation

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    atop Mount Olympus. The people of this time may not have known exactly what they were doing, but it was a somewhat complicated procedure. The crushing of grapes, and the storing of their juices led to an amazing beverage that is still used in current society. This process of fermentation was used throughout the time of early Christianity, and other religions, for purposes within sermons. Throughout the Renaissance, fermentation was used in the making of wine as well as bread, not to mention new medical

  • Identity Theft

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    Identity Theft In today's society, there is a white-collar crime that has greatly risen in popularity among criminals. This crime is identity theft. Hundreds of thousands of people have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is when these criminals obtain and use consumers personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, insurance information, and social security numbers to purchase goods or services fraudulently. According to the Federal Trade Commission, over

  • The Current State of Our Society

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    The Current State of Our Society I wrote this to try and take the reader on a journey. What you read here is a direct reflection of the current state of our society. I want to point out to you, the reader, exactly what is happening in the undercurrents of the digital frontier. Each image and video clip that you witness is part of the greater whole of the new Internet society that we all live in. It is your voice that has made this view popular. We are all fed up with the bland and tasteless

  • Reflection of Cannibalistic Societies through Diary of a Madman And the Correlation to Today's Society

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    The meager image depicted by Lu Xun's 'Diary of a Madman' projects an illustration of society that stresses submission to authority, and the ultimate compliance to tradition. Lu Xun battles the idea that society is constantly being manipulated and controlled by the masses of people who know no better than to follow tradition. His story 'Diary of a Madman' gives the representation of a culture that has not only failed, but failed by the cannibalistic nature of humans corrupting them-selves over

  • Comparing In Our World and the World of The Giver

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    the main character in this novel, is a perfect society. There is no war, crime, and hunger. Most readers might take it for granted that the community in The Giver differs from the real society. However, there are several affinities between the society in present day and that in this fiction: estrangement of elderly people, suffering of surrogate mothers, and wanting of euthanasia. The first similarity is that elderly people are left out of the society. In the novel, the elderly cannot have a family

  • American Workaholics

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    taking of your family, and this same situation is held by the people you know and love. Progressive changes in society have led to diverse situations in which people are either overworked or underworked with almost none left in between. It seems farfetched and you may be saying to yourself that your own career plan will not allow that to happen, but the current conditions of our society, specifically of the crucial middle class work force in America, begs to differ and points to that very nightmare

  • Turning A Profit As A Contractor

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    One of the many books I have read about running a construction business and how to perform and create successful financial sheets to make sure your business is doing well is through a book I read this semester called, A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor, by Melanie Hodgdon and Leslie Shiner. Some background about the book is about a man who owns a residential construction remodeling business who is not doing financially well as managing and keeping track of the jobs with old school

  • Pros And Cons Of Divine Command Theory

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    A ship is sinking so everyone pills get on a lifeboat that is only supposed to hold seven. Thirty people all on one lifeboat so it is too heavy to row without sinking and a life-threatening storm is on its way sending people into a panic. There is only one way to possibly save at least a few people, which is to kick people off the lifeboat into the water. Ethically this would save lives as long as natural instincts are ignored and everyone one board knows that the bible asks that people give up their