Cultural Significance Essays

  • The Cultural Significance of The Tale of Genji

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    The Cultural Significance of The Tale of Genji The Tale of Genji is one of the most important stories of ancient Japanese literature. Japanese scholar Sin Ohno said that there is no literature written during the Heian Era which is written in as precise language as The Tale of Genji. The author, Murasaki Shikibu, is a woman. In this tale, we can see the concept towards marriage of women during her period. During the Nara Era, and some time before, the concept of marriage was totally different

  • blues

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    Minstrel of Medicine shows (How the Blues Overview). As the music matured and became more renowned, its influence became prominent in the music styles of the time, and in the intertwining relationships between the races. “The music was a unique and cultural offering that whites could not deny. It was something new and intriguing to whites that shed a new light on blacks and their place in American culture and society”(Overview). The music did not seem to have the same color restrictions as the music

  • Wealth and Beauty Equals Popularity in Beverly Hills 90210

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    One such show, Beverly Hills 90210, is based on beautiful teenage characters, most of whom are wealthy and, coincidentally, popular. In today’s society there is a shared cultural belief that in order to be popular high school students must be wealthy and beautiful. The show both challenges and reinforces this cultural belief by offering characters like Kelly Taylor, who is a beautiful, California blonde who seems to lead an ideal life. She is one of the most popular girls at West Beverly High

  • Africans in Colonial Mexico

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    Africans in Colonial Mexico The history of Africans in Mexico is an oft-neglected facet of the cultural complexities of that country. In 1519, Hernando Cortes brought 6 African slaves with him to Mexico; these individuals served the conquest as personal servants, carriers, and laborers.[1] In the years to come, slavery would become a critical component of the colonial economy with approximately 2,000 slaves arriving each year 1580-1650; it is estimated that a total of 200,000 Africans were

  • Life, Death, and the Heroic Archetype

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    chaotic world in which he lives. In the popular culture of America we can find many reflections of the heroic figure; in writing, in the graphic art of comic books, and most certainly in the aftermath of September 11th, heroes are ever present. Our cultural champions speak to our collective need to make sense of the nonsensical and to establish order in both our external and internal worlds. Indeed it is through the internal world of the psyche and the lens of psychological thought that we may gain

  • Cultural Significance Of Tattoos

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    still have meanings and there is a strong awareness of the cultural meanings of the different symbols, such as religious, magical, protective iconic, memorial, and of course the ever popular sentimental love and sex symbols. Mystical value is also given to certain animal, flower, insect and iconic symbols to symbolize the status of the wearer's cultural mind-set. Tattoos are often used to signify that the wearer associates with particular cultural or religious groups. The armed forces banned tattooing

  • A Journey of Cultural and Spiritual Significance

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    Good friends we have, Oh, good friends we have lost, Along the way. In this great future, you can't forget your past, so dry your tears I say…..No women No cry.” That’s a reggae song from the most well-known reggae singer, Bob Marley, mentioned in Alice Walker narrative essay called “Journey to Nine Miles”. Walker is an African-American writer who tells about her journey to the Jamaican gravesite of the reggae legend Bob Marley. Walker praised Marley of being true loving soul of Jamaica, for having

  • Cultural Significance Of Gambling In TH Breen's Horses And Gentlemen

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    While analyzing through T.H Breen 's “Horses and Gentlemen: The Cultural Significance of Gambling among the Gentry of Virginia”, multiple aspects are established about the background of the particular gentry and also the significance of the leisure activities they participated in. When describing the colony, the people were made up of higher class individuals and mostly shared the same beliefs. The main cause of these actions fascinated Breen, and his article goes to answer why they found pleasure

  • The Cultural Significance Of Bills Mafia In Shaping Buffalo's Social Landscape

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    From Tailgates to Turf: The Cultural Significance of Bills Mafia in Shaping Buffalo's Social Landscape In the busy city of Buffalo, New York, stands a building known as Highmark Stadium, which looks just like your ordinary football stadium. Although Buffalo is known for a lot—the home of hot wings, its rich architecture, and its close proximity to Niagara Falls—one item seems to trump all of these, and that is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills Mafia, the collection of Buffalo Bills fans, surpasses the

  • Relationship Between Age and The Level of Satisfaction With Training Methods

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    better. Training makes newly appointed employees fully productive in lesser time. Training is equally necessary for the old employees whenever new machines and equipment are introduced and/or there is a change in the techniques of doing the things. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY: The study helps to improve training and development practices in TASL by providing practical information about core training and human resource development issues. The findings of this study will contribute and complement the already

  • Wilhelm Wundt's Psychology: Judgment

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    the neo-Humean roots of his psychology, discuss how he attempts to embellish those roots with some apperceptive greenery, and summarize his position regarding psychologisms.3 While Wundt’s motives are to be admired (…and despite his historical significance), I'll conclude that his attempt to be true to the physiological roots of the psychology of judgment while still respecting its ultimate independence vis-à-vis logic was a failure.4 First, the basics. In his Principles of Physiological Psychology

  • The Country of Liberia

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    in the days of slavery in the United States in the 1800s. The government was modeled after the United States. Monrovia, the capital and principal, port is named after a president of the united states, James Monroe. This country has historical significance for african Americans. As Africa's oldest republic, established by former black American slaves, Liberia played and important role as a model for African colones seeking independence. HISTORY Liberia's tribal peoples migrated to the area

  • The Historical Significance of Puerto Rico

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    The Historical Significance of Puerto Rico For most of its history, Puerto Rico has been controlled by an outside power, and its people oppressed. While Puerto Rico is currently a U.S. territory, Spanish colonialism has had a significant impact on the island’s development and identity. The history of the island itself is proof of this fact, demonstrating each step Puerto Rico took to reach its current state. By examining the stages of Spanish control that Puerto Rico experienced, we can determine

  • Emotion and Memory of the Holocaust

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    historical evidence. For many, this has determined what modern popular culture remembers about this atrocious event. Emotion obviously plays a vital role in the accounts of the survivors, yet can it be considered when discussing the historical significance of the murder of six million European Jews by the Third Reich? Emotion is the expression of thoughts and beliefs affected by feeling and sensibility of an individual regarding a certain event or individual. In terms of the Holocaust, emotion is

  • Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy

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    the writings of Odera Oruka himself express some doubts about the project. For example, in his essay "Philosophy in East Africa and the Future of Philosophical Research in Africa," he seems to refer to his own project as one of passing historical significance. There, after criticizing Tempels and other ethnophilosophers, he admits that he himself "indulge(s) in some kind of anthropological-cum-philosophical research." He said projects like his own sage philosophy and Sumner's researches into historical

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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    A. Purpose of the Study “Reading is the motivated and fluent coordination of word recognition and comprehension” (Leipzig 2001). In the educational system, pupils are encourage to read books because of the belief that one becomes better at a skill based on the amount of time dedicated to that particular skill. Pupils must practice the skill learned and receive “frequent feedback (Samuel and Wu).” Practice is most effectual when it is individualized and accompanied with instruction (Renaissance

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Literature Review

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    Studies of the disease were found by using the Texas A&M Corpus Christi library through electronic search of temporal lobe epilepsy. Four primary research and one review article were used to complete this literature analysis. The articles discussed are condensed in Table 1. Regarding EI in patients with TLE and patients with extra temporal lobe epilepsy was a case-control study that had three groups. Group 1 consisted of forty patients with TLE. Group 2 consisted of thirty patients with extra temporal

  • Article Critique

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    The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Kindergarten Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (K-PALS) for students with disabilities. Additionally it looked to see if there was a correlation between the amount of training the teacher received and the students’ success. The team of authors used a variety of statistical methods to determine the effectiveness in both of these areas. A random group of 89 kindergartners, from 47 different classrooms in Minnesota schools all with individualized

  • The Difference Between Male Peeker And Female Peekers

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    Humans are curious creatures who may very well feel the urge to disregard exact orders. This drive is often encouraged by feelings of boredom or often because we cannot limit ourselves to more knowledge. The objective of this study was to observe curiosity between males and females. We evaluated female “peekers” against male “peekers” and female “non-peekers” against male “non-peekers.” A box visible enough to get attention from participants was decorated, a hole was cut on the top and a sign was

  • Crack And Van Tils Case Study

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    Research Question The study is being conducted to compare prices between Meier 's and Strack &Van Til to learn if they have the same price on veggies and fruits. Introduction Eating healthy is a hard task. According to Harvard School of Public Health “The healthiest diets cost about $1.50 more per day than an unhealthy diets”.(Dwyer2013) That would make a healthy diet cost around $550.00 more a year. This is a startling fact, being that obesity has doubled over the last twenty years and affects