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  • Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage In The 2003 UNESCO Convention By Richard Kurin

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    The aim of this essay is to summarise, analyse, and evaluate two articles - “Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in the 2003 UNESCO Convention: a critical appraisal” and “Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Key Factors in Implementing the 2003 Convention” by Richard Kurin. Richard Kurin, an American cultural anthropologist and museum official, is the Smithsonian’s Under Secretary for History, Art, and Culture, former member of U.S. Commission for UNESCO. Currently he is an advisor of

  • Ancient Artifacts in the Modern World: Provenance, Possession, and Cultural Heritage

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    out the finer points of international art law in the last century. On the other hand, the Greeks maintain that the sculptures were sold out from under them by the occupying Ottoman Empire and should be returned to Greece as symbols of her national heritage. However, while the debate over the sculptures is far from resolution, the issue is indicative of a larger dilemma currently facing the art world; that is, what rights can a museum exercise over works in its possession? And in turn, what rights does

  • A Hobby Of the Past

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    to maintain them otherwise life would be unadventurous. Works Cited "Egyptian Law on the Protection of Antiquities." Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2011. . Heritage Key. " - Zahi Hawass." - Zahi Hawass. Heritage Key, n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2011. . Slackman, Michael. "Egypt's Tomb Raider-Off and (Mostly) on Camera." New York Times 17 Apr. 2009, New York ed., sec. A: 12. Print.

  • An Analysis of the Idea of Cultural Heritage as It Is Presented by Langston Hughes, Lucille Clifton, and Colleen McElroy

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    “There are words like Freedom / Sweet and wonderful to say. / On my heart-strings freedom sings / All day everyday.” (Refugee, 907) The Harlem Renaissance is most often referred to as one of the most prominent cultural movements of America’s history. This movement primarily spanned from roughly 1919 to the early 1930s. It consisted of a huge African American movement from the southern part of the United States up to the north, specifically, to the neighborhood of Harlem in New York City. This movement

  • Historic Preservation Essay

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    We need to recognize these as our heritage and then we can establish what is worth saving. Educating people on this topic can be essential to helping protect other historical architecture and our heritage. In the case of Iraq, how do we save their heritage sites? This question will take time to answer, but we need to look at it altogether and explore every possibility. Maybe more funds could help

  • Art, Architecture and the Cultural Heritage: Making the St. Louis Connection

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    Europe is known for its vast variety of art and architecture. It is home to many famous paintings and sculptures; such as, the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the Mona Lisa, and the sculpture of David. There is also an array of buildings among this art as well. Buildings like the Camposanto and the Warsaw Royal Castle call Europe their home. So, when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party began looting these cities, the residents felt as though they were losing a part of themselves. This intriguing story

  • Domestic Tourism in England

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    The importance of visitor attraction in stimulating domestic tourism is established by the following extract from research carried out by Enjoy England. The research shows that England excellent in the providing of unspoilt country and history and Heritage. These are also products drivers for the British visiting England. The model has shown that local produce, Arts and craft (an activity), facilities for camping and caravanning, activities for children and Myths, legends and Folklores (popular culture)

  • Importance Of Tourism In North East India

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    services—also benefits local communities and can be used for other activities like speeding disaster relief, providing for the local population and fuelling the overall development of the region. Tourism helps to create awareness about natural and cultural environmental preservation. Historical monuments undergo regular preservation if they are tourist attractions rather than fabll into ruins. Tourism creates opportunities for small and micro-enterprises and helps in the development of the region

  • How Can Understanding and Acceptance of Korean Cultural Heritage be Developed Through Traditional Cuisine?

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    INTRODUCTION How can understanding and acceptance of Korean cultural heritage be developed through traditional cuisine? “There is simply no division between Korea, Koreans and the cuisine of Korean.” (Pettid, M. 2008) This report will present three key findings which serve to illustrate how a traditional Korean dining experience can educate non-Koreans about Korean culture. The first key finding provides an overview of Korean cuisine, traditional recipes and a traditional dining experience. The

  • The Haitians From Haiti And The Myth Of Community

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    the community of Haiti, which consists of nearly 10 million people (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). Everyone is unique and individual and has their own style. The families in Haiti are predominately patrilineal, and the women have gone through cultural hegemony to accept this way of life. Despite this, however, the Myth of Community is easily opposed with Haiti as the community isn’t as homogenous unit. You couldn’t just go out and choose a home in Haiti and ask them questions, and expect the results