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  • Basic Education and Cultural Heritage: Prospects and Challenges

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    Conference on Cultural Policies, “development” was defined as a “complex, comprehensive and multidimensional process which extends beyond mere economic growth, to incorporate all dimensions of life and all the energies of a community, all of those whose members are called upon to make a contribution and expect to share in the benefits” (Sta. Maria, 2001 p.67). Thus, it is imperative to include the dimensions of culture and heritage when drafting policies on national development. This is where cultural heritage

  • The Significance of Cultural Heritage

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    Cultural heritages Limitations and Opportunities There are some limitations and opportunities for cultural heritages in Hamilton Square. The limitations are: • The legal names are limited. The impacts are subjected to national and local planning policies and documents. The historical buildings and monuments and surrounding environment are specific, especially the settings of listed buildings such as Hamilton Square and Birkenhead Park Conservation Areas ( Appendix 4, 2008). • Unspecified Heritage

  • Essay On Cultural Heritage

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    of the heritage and cultural industry When the term Cultural Heritage is used its mostly revered and expressed to describe ways of living which is developed by the public, locals and which then passed that on from generation to generation to generation, all of this includes customs to practices, places, objects, creative expressions and values. Cultural Heritage is often stated as either Intangible or Tangible Cultural Heritage (ICOMOS, 2002). As part of human activity Cultural Heritage produces

  • Cultural heritage in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

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    make the broad diversity of culture in Sir Lanka. By analyzing cultural heritage definition in Sinhala language, the definition given in the legislations in 1940, and its relationship with Athens charter and 1954 UNESCO convention, I will demonstrate the cultural heritage vision imbedded in the society through legal definition. Also, I will offer criticisms and recommendations for an improved approach to the definition of cultural heritage in Sri Lanka in broader context. According to the Sinhala language

  • Essay On Cultural Heritage

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    in the way the international community perceives cultural heritage at risk during armed conflict is occurring simultaneously with the current changes of war. ‘War has exposed historic monuments and works of art to two principal dangers: the danger arising out of the practice of taking spoils during or at the close of hostilities, and the danger of destruction from acts of war, especially artillery action and aerial bombardment.’1 Cultural heritage has been in peril from as early as 395 BC when the

  • Cultural Heritage Of The Beijing Palace Museum

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    protection of the cultural heritage of the Beijing Palace Museum. First, from the background, geographic location, and the rest of the world palace contrast, cultural and heritage themes discussed. Summarize its world influence and value, authenticity and commercialization from personal experience analysis report concludes the Palace existing problems and how to protect it, and in the management, development and operation make recommendations accordingly, as a cultural heritage protection. In this

  • The Cultural Heritage Site of the Anstey’s Building

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    About the Anstey’s building According to UNESCO, heritage is considered to be our legacy from the past, what we live with today and what we pass on to future generations. This extract will specifically examine the cultural heritage site of the Anstey’s building, but prior to that, one must first define what cultural heritage is or is conceived to be. Cultural heritage is an embodiment of sites or people, particular to this investigation, cultural heritage sites are portrayed through architectural designs

  • Nurturing cultural heritage tourism in the Philippines: Inspiration from Vigan, Filip + Inna, and Fundación Santiago

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    significance of heritage tourism? The Philippines has an exceptional history, spanning pre-colonial era to Spanish, American, and Japanese occupations. These periods left their marks in various forms evident in the country’s culture. For example, the City of Vigan in Ilocos Sur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the few Hispanic towns reflecting a unique fusion of Philippine, Oriental, and colonial European architecture. In a country where history is kept alive, cultural heritage tourism means

  • Motivational Factors Affecting Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Philippine Setting

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    destinations that meet their desires. The next highest selection (32%) is family togetherness. This shows that the respondents value their strong family connection as Filipino citizens. Education (17%) goes after family togetherness since cultural heritage tourism involves intellectual awareness to the historical background of the different attractions in the country. While the personal development (12%) is the subsequent in education when it comes enthusiasm to travel because some of them are

  • When Cultures Collide: The Challenges of Raising African Children in a Foreign Country

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    It is our cultural heritage that determines how we interact with different people. Cultural heritage is learned through the techniques of our parents, peer groups, schools, religious institutions, government agencies, media, and/or the village community. This learning process also guides the way we speak, how we dress, our lifestyle, food, value system, beliefs, artifacts, and the environment in which we live in. In essence, cultural heritage reflects ones language, ones ways of thinking, art and