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    Cuba can best be described as a time of struggle. The dissatisfaction of many Cubans has led to their emigration to the United States by traveling in rafts to the coast of Florida. The Cuban people have different views regarding the trip to exile as well as the motivations to stay or leave Cuba. In Alejandro Hernandez Diaz’s book, The Cuba Mile, and in the movie “Guantanamera”, we see some of the different ways in which Cuban Culture views the Special Period, the trip to exile, and the motivations behind

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    Latin American Societies Book report The Cuban Mile The Cuban Mile, written by Cuban native Alejandro Hernandez Diaz, is a story about two Cubans who set sea for Miami in hopes of finding more successful lives. The author writes as if he was one of the refugees, and we are reading his journal entries. The journey lasts seven days, with obviously many entries per day. The entries are categorized by how many miles these two men have traveled by that point. The narrator and his brother in law are

  • a 1000 mile drive in the wrong direction

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    As of late I have been feeling an immense hole in my life. My life journey feels as if it is nothing than a jumbled-up mess of confusion, heartbreak, betrayal, and lies. So with a life full of loss, like any normal college student would do, I joined the pity-party bandwagon and felt sorry for myself. In my “destined to roam the earth alone and useless” state I was positive there was nothing that would ever change my dreary outlook on life. I read a few books, prayed like crazy, talked to my parents

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    Road In Nicholas Sparks’s novel A Bend in the Road, the main character, Miles Ryan, allows himself to be tormented by the killing of his wife, Missy. By assuming that it was cold blooded murder, Miles spent two years on the case, trying to find the possible “killer” of the hit and run, only to find that it was indeed an accident and nobody was at fault. After finding that the death of his wife was indeed an accident, Miles realized that by living in the past for the last two years of his life he

  • Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus

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    Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus In The Andy Griffith Show and in Greek and Roman Comedy the viewer or reader, whichever the case may be, will notice the dominating fatherly male character, the male character who is always confused, the person who is in need of help or looking for answers, and the female who is needed for the male. The sitcoms of today are similar to some of the Greek and Roman comedies of the past. The reader or viewer may also notice that there

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    a person who the author Mark Twain tries to portray as lost in himself as well as in society. Huck throughout the book is looking for an identity that he believes he will find on his journey down the Mississippi river. "I'd go down the river fifty mile and camp in one place for good, and not have such a rough time tramping on foot."(pg31) Why does he want to get away from his life? I think Huck's character is very independent and he has his own thoughts on where he wants to end up in life. In his

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                                                                                    I read the book called the immortal by Christofer Pike. The story takes place in an island Greco in Greece. It is a great island and is mostly for tourism. But near that island about 5 miles away from Greco is a sacred island of Delos which attracts many tourists. It is sacred because its very old and there are prehistoric ruins everywhere on it. But the main reason it is sacred is because many believe Zeus the all powerful god was born

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    be a real tragedy in a sixteen-year-old teenagers life. It’s hard to get up and go eight hundred miles away from everyone you know and everything you grew up around. I had this happen to me about three years ago and it is the largest change I have ever had to adjust to in my life. It wasn’t the changes around me that I was bothered by; it was that I did not know one living soul for hundreds of miles and all I wanted was a friend. Two days into the summer after sophomore year at Governor Mifflin High

  • Analysis of The Maltese Falcon

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    all. Another female role that was a part of the film was Iva, who was the wife of Miles. She was very lady-like and beautiful which helped her to use her image and personality in a way to receive certain things. Miles was Sam Spade?s partner in the detective business. Her character as a woman is somewhat different from Effie?s. Iva and Sam Spade once had a history together even though she was married to Miles. Iva said to Sam, ?You killed my husband, Sam, be kind to me.? She sets up a different

  • Jamaica: History, Government, People, Religion

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    people who live there, the many different religions, geography, and governments that have ruled the land. The land of Jamaica is very small. The total land mass area of the island is 4,243 square miles. Stretching 146 miles from east to west and at its furthest points north to south, approximately 51 miles (Encyclopedia Americana, 2001, P 670). Within this area, the land is largely mountainous with an average elevation of 15,000 feet (Encyclopedia Americana, 200, P 670). These mountains mainly consist

  • Argumentative Essay: Should America Use The Metric System

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    Should America use the Metric System The Metric system is used across the world, all except for the United States of America and two other countries. Switching to Metric can mean more business opportunities for America from other countries. The Metric system can be the link for fashion designers to have more opportunities in other countries, or scientists as well. Because of the loss of jobs due to not using the Metric system in America, the country will not advance. The biggest argument against

  • Comparing the Mountains and the Beach

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    dull in the way of landscape. On the beach there's sand, just sand. Maybe there is a seashell here or there, but mostly just sand. However, the mountains are diverse and vivid. There are more colors in an acre of mountain landscape than in twenty miles of ope...

  • The Impact of Roosevelt's New Deal

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    Look deep within United States history to find its most significant molding element and one will find that its source stemmed from a great national crisis. At its highest extent, nearly one-fourth of its labor force was unemployed and American confidence in itself was deeply shaken. It is in studying the Great Depression and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, that America’s most significant influential event can be found. The New Deal and its legacy had the largest impact on American

  • Geography

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    Introduction and Climate The state of Hawaii is composed of 132 islands, reefs and shoals that extend for over 1500 miles across the central North Pacific Ocean from the "Big Island" of Hawaii to midway and Kure Atolls. The eight main islands of Hawaiian Archipelago include Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Nihau and Kahoolawe (listed in order of size) which extend for only 350 miles at the south-eastern end of the volcanic mountain chain. Hawaii includes some of the earth’s largest mountains

  • Geography of Jamaica

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    the Caribbean Sea, about 90 miles south of Cuba and 100 miles west of Haiti (Gleaner). The island is located strategically between the Caymen Trench and Jamaica Channel, through which there is heavy shipping traffic. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Greater Antilles. The island is composed of three parts, the Eastern Highlands, Central Plateaus and Hills, and Coastal plains. The geography is unique on a variety of levels. Of Jamaica’s 4,411 square miles, almost half of its terrain reaches

  • Illegal Street Racing

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    the quarter-mile strip. The concept of drag racing is when two racers in different cars would line up at a white line, and in the middle of the two cars would be a light post, called the Christmas tree for its red, yellow and green bulbs. The tree does what a stoplight does, except backwards, it starts from red, then to yellow, then to green. On the quarter-mile strip, when the light hits green, the two racers are supposed to try to go as fast as they can before the end of the quarter-mile, which would

  • Technology, Advancements, And Communication During The Victorian Era

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    How would you cope if you couldn’t take photographs of a special event, travel anywhere hastily, or even talk with someone who is in a different place than you? Luckily, the Victorian Era solved these problems, and exploited this technology as much as possible. Technology in the Victorian Era, such as photography, railroads, and communication, flourished due to many advancements in these fields. Photography flourished during the Victorian Era after many advancements. Photography was a very prestigious

  • Murrieta Case Study

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    Murrieta is a city in the Inland Empire, it is about 34 square miles and has a population of 108,368 as of the last census. Over the past few decades, the city has been exponentially growing in population ever since the I-15 freeway was constructed. With their new infrastructure development, more families, businesses, and homes have settled in Murrieta. Until 1987 Murrieta had a small volunteer Fire Department, then it became an official paid Fire Department. The city is now serviced by an All Risk

  • Classroom Observation

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    I was getting off work from the jobsite 1095 Market Street at 7th Street in San Francisco on 8/6/2015 at around 4:35 pm. I was driving on 10th Street in the 2nd lane; my car was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection of 10th Street and Bryant Street. There are 5 lanes on 10th Street where I stopped. I stopped on the 2nd lane on 10th Street. The 1st lane (on my left side) must turn and go to Bryant Street. The lane I stayed in is the 2nd lane in which I can enter onto the Freeway 101 or

  • Deforestation and Biodiversity

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    are considerable, and they can be somewhat controversial. Depending on the source and the location selected, the magnitude of deforestation varies. Southwick estimates that, approximately 10,000 years ago, 6.2 billion hectares (23.9 million square miles) of forest existed on earth (p. 117). That figure is equivalent to 45.5% of the earth's total land. He further estimates that, by 1990, this amount had declined 30%, with only 4.3 billion hectares of forest remaining (p. 117). Southwick also acknowledges