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  • Crusader Castles: A Medieval Culmination

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    Crusader Castles: A Medieval Culmination King Edward I of England made a number of military campaigns during his reign, in two of which he captured modern-day Wales. In order to hold his gains he built a series of castles, which are said to still be some of the world’s greatest strongholds. But, over 3500 kilometres away a period of fascinating castle building took place prior to Edward’s as a result of the crusades. These constructions were designed by absorbing the constructive wisdom of the

  • Hattin: Trapping a Victory

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    traveling across the region and so, "the waiting game" was played to see who would be the one to be provoked into a trap through the valleys. Although Saladin had unified large sections of the Muslim world, his army was still not a standing one. The crusaders counted on the fact that Saladin would have trouble holding his army together for a long period of time because his soldiers were not full-time warriors. Many were also tradesmen or farmers that easily disbanded when there was no action to get back

  • The Three Crusades

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    which began in A.D. 1096, three armies of Crusader knights and volunteers traveled separately from western Europe to the eastern Mediterranean. On the way, many of them killed Jews and sometimes massacred entire Jewish communities. The three armies finally met in Constantinople in A.D. 1097. From there the Crusaders made their way to Jerusalem, enduring the hardships of desert travel as well as quarrels among their leaders. In June A.D. 1099, the Crusaders finally reached the city. After the siege

  • Religious Wars

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    by European Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims (Collins new English Dictionary 1997). The word crusade is taken from the Latin word crux (cross) this is a reference to the biblical injunction that Christians carry their cross. Crusaders wore a red cloth that was sewn on their tunics to show that they took on the cross and were soldiers of Christ (Runciman, Steven, A history of the Crusades, 3 vols 1951-1954; Rep 1987). The causes of the crusades were many and complex but religion

  • Militant Monks

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    richest and most powerful entities in Christendom. By the time of their disbandment in 1307, this highly secretive organization controlled vast wealth, a fleet of merchant ships, and castles and estates spanning the entire Mediterranean area. When the crusaders captured Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1099, the Church encouraged all faithful Christians to visit that holy city in order to affirm their faith. The area, however, was still subject to sporadic attacks from various non-Christian factions. A small

  • Analysis of Richard Adams' Watership Down

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    rabbits behind he refused and thought of idea to help them across, Hazel has shown himself as a competent, caring, and wise leader. Fiver is a small rabbit that seems to have the ability to see future visions. It was because of him that the eleven crusaders left to find a new home. He predicted the destruction of the warren long before it was to happen. His character is very strange, he is constantly looking over his shoulder, maybe expecting a hideous monster. When he does not feel totally at ease

  • Cause and Effect Essay - The Causes of Terror

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    holy sites, like those in Jerusalem, which they believe should be under Islamic political and military control. A fourth concerns the commercial and military incursions by Westerners on Islamic soil, which they liken to the invasion of the hated crusaders. The way they see it, our culture spits in the face of theirs. A fifth concerns jihad-a holy war to protect and defend the faith. A sixth is the idea of a martyr, a man willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. His reward is eternal glory-an eternity

  • Race: Biological or Cultural?

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    but rather more of culture practices or values. Cannibalism, for example, “seems to take place without any regard to race, creed, or religion.” In another case, Nicholson mentions that during the Crusade, about ten thousands Jews were massacred by Crusaders. It “was a religious slaughter without racial implications.” (Nicholson 26) Through these examples, we can see that Nicholson suggested that race is not scientifically valid because people did not judge others based on physical appearances, but the

  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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    by struggles with the Christian crusaders of Europe. Seeking to better their own position, another group of Turks, the Fatimids (from Egypt) allied themselves with the crusaders, but were later betrayed. The betrayal led to the capture of Jerusalem and Jaffa in 1099 along with the slaughter of many Jewish and Muslim defenders at the hands of the Christian Crusaders. The Muslim leader, Saladin, attacked and gained control of Jerusalem finally evicting the Crusaders in 1291. His particular Muslim

  • Edward Bloor Tangerine Analysis

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    In the novel “Tangerine” by Edward Bloor, on page 269 he states “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Some might be wondering “What does this mean?” Or “Why did Edward Bloor write this?”. Edward Bloor wrote this quote because in the novel “Tangerine”, Paul has been keeping lots of secrets in his life about Erik and since he moved to Lake Windsor he’s kept even more. Paul didn’t have the guts to say everything until Antoine Thomas said “The truth shall set you free”. For all of Paul’s life, he has been

  • Sadistic Zealots

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    to fight back against international terrorism. However unforgivable, this attack was not a senseless act of violence by sadistic zealots. Apparently, the terrorists were not aware of the long-term consequences of their actions. The brainwashed crusaders may not have even known the motivation for the attack but were blindly following a twisted act of eccentric Muslims. In either case, serious short and long-term reactions will ensue until ultimately, a peaceful resolution will result or the world

  • Comparison of the Chartres towers

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    around the enduring crypt. Fulbert's church lasted 200 years, but in 1134 the front faœade was damaged by another fire. It was at this time that a effort to update and restore the church was put into motion. The religious powers, along with the Crusaders longed for a greater monument. Thus, Chartres decided to begin a separate tower.€This adding on to Romanesque churches was not unusual for the day. The abbey-church at Cluny, outside Italy, was given a new magnificent five-bay narthex and two

  • The Crusader Rabbit

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    Crusader Rabbit & Blink and you'll miss it “People want to change everything but at the same time want all to remain the same”- Paulo Coelho Together intertwined on a mission through life, Jeremy and Raglan takes the days as they come finding light In the dark and poor life style they are forced to endure. In a different story written during the same century, another young man goes through the same situation as he continues to run away from his memorable past. When reading you are able to follow

  • Young Crusaders

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    Vietnam.Therefore, he was one of us Our new Preacher turned to address all gathered there, raised his arms and spread them wide. Face lifted skyward as the rain thundered down in a heavenly torrent. He cried out in prayer "Lord, bless these young Crusaders who go forth and do your work, to smite thine enemies, let them be a credit to you and their families as they fight the good fight, the lords fight, crushing the heathen before them!" With a smile on his lips, face turned to the heavens and arms

  • Bioterrorism: The Medical Response and Treatment

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    Bioterrorism is the terrorist act of manipulating natural components to sabotage an enemy. It has been around for thousands of years, but in different forms. To take a case in point, the article, “History of Bioterrorism,” states that the Assyrians poisoned the well of their enemies with rye ergot in the 6th Century B.C. More recent examples of bioterrorism include the anthrax inhalation from received mail in 2001 (Office of The Surgeon General). Although these are only recorded acts, there is a

  • Tangerine By Edward Bloor: Character Analysis

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    "In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did." (Cassandra Clare) In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul's parents make many decisions that affected Paul's life. From moving to Tangerine, being inattentive towards Paul, and to having secrets kept from him, you could tell Paul Fisher has a pretty crazy life. Those decisions were made by his parents. However, those decisions that his parents made has molded Paul into a stronger

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Cid ' Crusaders '

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    Cid’s Crusaders El Cid and the Christians in The Poem of the Cid display crusader-like qualities, which band them together against their enemies as they pursue honor, glory, and faith. When El Cid first sets out on his journey he states, “May the power of the Blessed Virgin protect me. Now I must leave Castile, for I have incurred the King’s wrath.” which is done in an effort to invoke both faith and honor to aid him in his journey (The Poem of the Cid 33). Clearly, before he has begun to fight Moors

  • Crusader Castle Essay

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    The most famous of all of the crusader castles was Crac des Chevalliers, that is Castle of the Knights in Syria. This castle is described as being the best conserved. In 1142, the castle was given to the Knights Hospitallers remodeled and developed it into the most well-known work of military architecture of all time during the next fifty years. With its location of 700 meters above sea level, and in between the valleys of Homs and Tripoli, and being the perfect design of middle age fortification

  • Pot Crusaders Mantra Summary

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    Justin Burton Dr. Wayne Partridge English 1101 20 September 2015 “Pot crusaders’ mantra: It’s a business opportunity” In the article, “Pot crusaders’ mantra: It’s a business opportunity”, it is said marijuana is an illegal substance but the sales of it are in the billions each year. Medical and recreational sales in the states where it is legal are estimated in the billions according to Marijuana Business Media. All sorts and types of goods have been created because of the marijuana growing industry

  • Distrust Between The Byzantine Empire And The Crusaders

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    his request and gathered up an army called the Crusade to launch to the east and to reinforce the Byzantine Empire. Although the crusaders were supposed to help the Byzantine Empire, both sides did not have a strong relationship. The Byzantine Empire only wanted to maintain its kingdom while the crusaders wanted to go on a pilgrimage and to enjoy killing. When the crusaders and the Byzantine Empire first came to connect, they created a lot of conflicts. According to the primary sources, Alexiad, Gesta