Crossroads Essays

  • Crossroads of Tibet

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    Crossroads of Tibet Tibet, the roof of the world, is the highest and the most isolated country on earth. Located between China and Nepal, imagine a place tucked safely away from the world, hidden by walls of snowcapped mountains, rich with strange beauty and innocence. Tibetans are very confined people, their clothes are plain and simple like ropes but are actually silky and thick, unlike Chinese gowns which are flamboyant. They may have old fetchers but that is because the cold makes them

  • Stand at the Crossroads Ministry Run by Deborah Lamb Reaches Out

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    of groups that have an impact in the Aiken area. One that has made a significant difference is Stand at the Crossroad Ministries. Stand at the Crossroads Ministry is run by Deborah Lamb, who is willing to accept people from every walk of life despite their past. Through her background, sacrifice, and acts of services, Deborah Lamb has become an asset to the community. Stand at the Crossroads is a Christian based organization created to help, encourage and give support to women on the road to recovery

  • A poem and a loaded gun

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    potential for destruction and death that is associated with a loaded gun sets the mood for the rest of the poem to build from. The next image that is introduced is that of the “Corners.” This can be understood in multiple contexts. The first being a crossroads, a corner is an intersection between two walls or metaphorically two paths. The second interpretation is that of a dark and shadowy place for someone to lye in wait. Both of the interpretations are equally significant and the authors diction here

  • Léopold Sédar Senghor

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    Joal-la-Portugaise, a small fishing vilage about seventy miles south of Dakar. His father was of noble descent and wealthy merchant. His mother was a Peul, one of a pastoral and nomadic people. Later Senghor wrote: "I grew up in the heartland of Africa, at the crossroads / Of castes and races and roads" The first seven years of his life Senghor spent in Djilor with his mother and maternal uncles and aunts. At the age of twelve, he attended the Catholic mission school of Ngazobil. He continued his studied at the

  • The Aral Sea Disaster

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    worsening the environmental situation. Where is the Aral Sea located? The Aral Sea is in the very heart of the Central Asia. Central Asia, an area of 1.7 millions km2 in total, lies in the middle of the Eurasian continent. It is at the crossroads of the old caravan routes that ran from Europe to Asia and the Middle East to the Far East. The whole region consists of vast deserts and semi-arid lands (See Attachment 2. Geographical ... ... middle of paper ... .../aralsea/asa_dis.htm

  • Fate, Destiny and Free Will in Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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    choices we make.  "The Road Not Taken" is an ambiguous poem epitomizing the complex nature of individuality. The literal situation of "The Road Not Taken" concerns a traveler who is faced with  a very simple decision.  The traveler comes to a crossroads in "a yellow wood" (1). Two paths lay ahead of him, both "just as fair" (6). The traveler desires to take both roads, but knows that he "could not take both" (2), and is disturbed by that realization.  He regrets being able experience both paths

  • Incest in Greek Mythology

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    used his magical use of language to lure the feelings of his brother Apollo away from jealousy to love. Hermes' reward was divination, and he became the god who protected travelers, symbolized by the crossroads-or the choices made. Sarah Harrell states that Hermes' crossroads includes the crossroads to sexuality, typified by the love the brothers developed for one another. Although this love is most often viewed as familial and positive, Harrell invokes the retelling of Homer's Hymn to Hermes in

  • Blues Musician Robert Johnson

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    The life and death of the blues musician, Robert Johnson, was shrouded in mystery and legacy. The "King of Delta Blues" not only left behind remnants of his heart and soul in his music but a legendary tale of his encounter with the Devil at a crossroads in Southern Mississippi. The circulation of this intricate rumor not only brought about the blossoming of the career of one of Blue's most memorable legends but aided Johnson in laying the foundation for today's music and culture. Music was always

  • The Tragedy of Oedipus Rex

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    is revealed. Oedipus himself is the murderer being sought. After being insulted in Corinth, Oedipus had angrily left and set out on his own. In his journey, he encountered King Laius's party enroute to the oracle. The two parties clashed at the crossroads and Oedipus killed all but one of his foes. The curse that Jocasta describes came true on that day. She had tried to avoid fate by casting away the infant Oedipus, but years later he reappeared at that junction near Phocis. King Laius was Oedipus's

  • Still Life

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    Still Life "Each of us is a kind of crossroads where things happen. The crossroads is purely passive, something happens there. A different thing, equally valid happens elsewhere. There is no choice, it is a matter of chance." Ð Levi-Strauss "It was boring." "How could you find it boring?" "It just...sat there. Mooned over itself. It was talky." "It was...great. I dunno. I think it says something to people in transition." "Well, I'd hardly think of my life as...I don't know..."

  • Medicare at crossroad

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    Canada is at a crossroads today. The number of older Canadians is increasing dramatically as the baby boomers age. All across the country, waiting lists keep growing and many patients cannot find a family doctor. Governments have huge deficits and hard pressed for additional funds. Critics argue that urgent action is needed and that by encouraging people to pay will lessen wait times. However, in reality Canadians would be worse off if they had to pay for some of their medical care themselves.

  • Oedipus: A Victim of Fate

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    king of Corinth, finds the baby and brings him to the king. The king falls in love with the baby and takes him in as one of his own. Oedipus left Corinth to avoid his foretold fate, he went to Thebes. On his journey he ran into a caravan at the crossroads before entering Thebes. This caravan was of the present King of Thebes, Laius, but Oedipus did not know that. The people on the caravan started insulting Oedipus. Oedipus lost his temper and in a rage he killed them all, except for one servant who

  • Admissions Essay - Ugandan Culture and Medicine

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    Admissions Essay - Ugandan Culture and Medicine My trip to Uganda proved to be an extremely rewarding experience. We spent the first part of the Crossroads program at Hofstra University in Long Island for a two-day orientation, during which we met our group members and shared our interests and experiences. After knowing each other for only 48 hours we embarked upon our "journey". We flew from New York to London, to Entebbe airport, roughly one hour from the capital, Kampala. The next morning we

  • Robert Johnson Essay

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    Robert Johnson I went down to the crossroads fell down on my knees. Robert Johnson went to the crossroads and his life was never the same again. The purpose of this essay is to tell you about the life of Robert Johnson. He is the root of much of the music of today. If he didn't influence the musicians of today directly, he influenced the bands that influenced today's music. Robert Johnson is more than just another Blues man with a sad story. To sing the blues with as much soul as Robert Johnson

  • Symbolism, Imagery, and Theme of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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    universal message to the broadest audience possible? Simple. The author must simply create a completely impartial narrator, devoid of sex, status, or age. The Road Not Taken is a poem told by an impartial narrator who has come to a crossroads in his/her life. The crossroads is represented by a forked path that leads through a forest. The setting is also impartial; the forest is anytime and anywhere the reader desires it to be. The narrator is forced to make a life-decision, thus changing the course

  • History of Newspapers

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    that newspapers have traveled since their inception is going to be outlined. Before literacy was commonplace in societies, town criers would announce the news of the land to the land's people. These criers used oratory skills to spread the news on crossroads and the marketplace. Messengers would be commissioned to report to the town after battles to report a victory or a defeat to the townspeople. As people became more civilized and language and literacy was developed, news that was delivered by spoken

  • The Role of Science, Ethics, and Faith in Modern Philosophy

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    of a new era of fruitful dialogue between science and religion, one that is mediated by philosophy in the classical sense? In this paper I explore this question in greater detail. The thesis of this essay is that philosophy is at an important crossroads at the end of the twentieth century in its role as paideia—philosophy educating humanity. An unprecedented challenge and opportunity for philosophy today is to mediate, and enhance understanding of the relationship, between science, ethics and faith

  • Analysis of Lucy Gayheart by Willa Cather

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    Analysis of Lucy Gayheart by Willa Cather Lucy Gayheart is a young, spirited, intelligent music student from Havorford, on the South Platte River. In the winters, she attends a conservatory in Chicago, under the tutelage of Professor Auerbach. In Chicago, she lives in a room above a German bakery, where she takes her breakfasts and suppers. These small quarters do not distress her; indeed, she craves the solitude of her own will, her own piano, her own bed. She walks hungrily through Chicago,

  • Corinthians

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    this letter is supported by people such as Clement of Rome (c. 95-97) and Augustine (c. 400). The letter was written to the people of Corinth. Corinth was a strategically located Roman city on the main land route between East and West and was the crossroads for several sea routes. Corinth was famous for its intellectual and material prosperity and was honored with being the capitol of Ancaia. It also became famous for its corruption. Paul began his ministry there on his second missionary journey. He

  • Road Not Taken

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    many specific reasons. These choices decide a person’s fate. The timeless poem by Robert Frost “the road not taken” uses symbolism to explain this aspect of human life. The poem tells us a situation of a man traveling on a journey arriving at the crossroads where he is presented two paths. He describes these paths in lines 4-7. The two paths he is torn between directly symbolizes decisions w...