Criminal Investigations

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  • Investigation In Criminal Investigation

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    happening around them. It’s innate desire to become omnipotent has only increased with age and with the developments in the world of technology. It is an well established fact that in a criminal investigation, interrogation of the suspect and accused plays a vital role, in fact it is the basic or the primary step of investigation and helps in extracting the truth out of them without any further deliberation. For such procedures there are agencies for investigating the accused. It is in the view of these government

  • Criminal Investigations

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    Criminal Investigations are ways that crimes are looked at and criminals arrested (In Encyclopædia Britannica, 2011). It is a huge part of getting criminals off the street. Investigation is a crucial aspect for many different crimes such as, but not limited to, theft, robbery, burglary, arson, murder, and assault. Criminal Investigations can take days or up to many years to solve; some cases are never closed. Not only can investigations last for extended periods of time, the lives of those working

  • Criminal Investigation

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    Research Project Outline I. Crime Scene Investigation a.} Crime Scene Evidence b.} Police Evidence c.} Forensic science d.} Hazards Crime Scene Evidence II. Due Process-Search and Seizure: a.} Washington State Supreme Court a.a} Effects of Criminal investigations b.} Local Criminal Trials c.} Significance of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments on Criminal Investigations d.} Probable Cause d.a} Discovery Doctrine d.b} Exclusionary Rule e.} Plain View Searches f.} Search Warrants

  • Criminal Investigation

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    3 Closing the case: A glimpse at the Rubik's Cube that is Criminal Investigation In order to understand what crime is and how it has evolved we must define/analyze crimes in depth. Understanding law enforcements role is key to gaining insight about criminal investigation, Two crimes stand out above the rest and impact every community nation wide. Drugs and prostitution are akin to cancer in that they spread swiftly

  • criminal investigation

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    some kind of accountability for the investigators without hampering their creativity and imaginations in the investigation (McDevitt 2005). When supervising investigators the amount of accountability needed for the investigator has to be a balanced accountability. The supervisor must know their investigators and how they react to certain rules and regulations when it comes to their investigations and their job. If a supervisor is expecting one of their investigators to always be able to inform them of

  • Modern Criminal Investigation: The History Of Modern Criminal Investigation

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    The concept of spies and investigators has been in the history since time immemorial when kings and monarchs had their own branch of spies and investigators who would secretly carried on their investigations and caught criminals. However the history of modern criminal investigation goes as back to 1748. In the year 1748, first major significant event occurred when Henry Fielding was chosen as the magistrate of English Bow street, who in the year 1750 formed the Bow street runners which became the

  • Criminal Case Investigations

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    Constructing a set of guidelines on managing the preliminary investigation for a criminal case is very important as it gives a baseline for officers to follow to help prevent errors in the investigation. According to Hess and Orthmann (2010), “The initial response is crucial to the success of an investigation. Although it is popularly believed that cases are won or lost in court, more cases actually are lost during the first hour of an investigation … than in court” (p. 14). After containing the

  • Characteristics Of Criminal Investigation

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    primary investigations do not typically yield enough information to prosecute a criminal case. The information yielded in criminal investigations may be used to prosecute a criminal case or can even assist in a federal case. Even though primary investigations can identify a lot of evidence and information, a secondary investigation will usually identify further details and allows for a second look at everything pertaining to the investigation. This paper is to explain criminal investigations and the

  • Skills for Criminal Investigation

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    1. Method of inquiry is based on gathering all the facts in a criminal investigation, such as physical evidence, witnesses and records (Osterburg 2010). Methods of inquiry are ways an investigator gathers the information for a particular case they are investigating. In a criminal investigation the method of inquiry follow five simple words, who, what, when, where, and why, and lastly how. Method of inquiry can also be very helpful when a crime scene has to be reconstructed. An example of method

  • math in criminal investigations

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    or even someone’s actions based on probability. Math can even help locate criminals and be an important part in criminal investigations. Criminal geographic profiling is a way to locate a hot zone of where a serial killer may potential live based on locations of crimes. Image enhancement and reconstruction is a way of enhancing a photograph enough to be able to recognize significant markings to help identify a criminal. Photos are also a source of faces and using math, facial recognition software