Criminal Activity Essays

  • Criminal Activity and Charles Dickens

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    Criminal Activity and Charles Dickens Great Expectations, like the majority of Charles Dickens' fiction, contains several autobiographical connotations that demonstrate the author's keen observational talents. Pip, the novel's protagonist, reflects Dickens' painful childhood memories of poverty and an imprisoned father. According to Robert Coles, "there was in this greatest of storytellers an unyielding attachment of sorts to his early social and moral experiences" (566). Complementing

  • Criminal Activity Then and Now

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    Criminal Activity Then and Now Criminal justice is composed of many lateral departments that help us as a society to better understand the process that is started when criminal activity is suspected. We will examine how individuals learn how to commit crime and what motivates them to do so. This paper will discuss the steps that are taken once a crime is determine and how the Criminal Justice System is put into place to help solve and come to some type of resolution for the crime. This paper will

  • Multiple Personality Disorder: No Excuse for Criminal Activity

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    that it does. In a number of cases, criminals have used Multiple Personality Disorder as a defense for their criminal deviance. Should an individual who has committed a crime be sentenced to prison when he/she has no control over oneself? In my opinion an individual who commits a crime and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder should be held responsible for his/her actions. As punishment, this convicted person should be sent to an asylum. In many criminal cases it is hard to believe that the

  • Intelligence Reporting and Security

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    Various charts can be used to analyze the timelines, criminal activities, financial activities, or biographical profiles to prove or disprove lawful conduct of the individual or the organization. The activity flow chart shows the different steps that have been taken in a complex operation. By breaking the steps down, it becomes easier for the analyst and law enforcement organizations to identify the misconduct of a complicated operation. The activity flow chart is also used along with other charts to

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws Only Impact Law-abiding Citizens

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    but it is so difficult because of all the criminal activity in America. Gun control laws are pointless and are only binding on the law-abiding citizens. The “waiting period” method of gun control is basically a two-step process. The first step in the procedure is that the person wanting a gun goes to the gun shop to buy a gun. Then, he/she must wait one to two weeks while the government performs a small background check for past criminal activities, disorderly conduct, or lack of mental/emotional

  • Gang Intelligence Methods in Law Enforcement

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    ENFORCEMENT The American headlines of any large city will site killings on street corners, robberies, assaults, intimidation, and drug interaction. While not all-criminal activity is associated with gangs, the 780,000 strong members do account for a large majority of the problems that are plaguing America. There is no one-way to stop gang activity in one single swipe, but through a combination of cooperation, education, and training techniques law enforcement can minimize the gang’s movements and even

  • Juvenile Delinquent Gangs

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    living era and environment. Social disorganization perspective examines why individuals more from one environment to another and how they struggle to adjust to new environment, and how they are lured or forced into substance user, deviance, or criminal activity in the face of difficulty from the new environment or due to their individual maladjustments. On the other hand it studies how a particular environment causes stress, disillusion, and disorders among individuals who live in it, and why substance

  • The Caribbean and Crime

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    without much interference. Many members of these crime organizations have been educated in crime in the north and have been deported back to their homelands. This makes for far more sophisticated criminals than their local counterparts. Jamaican authorities say that a great deal of their criminal activity and high per capita murder rate is solely attributed to the problem of deportees. Group Critique Approximately 100 metric tons of cocaine passes through Jamaican shores every year (Jamaica: Army

  • The British Penal System

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    the British Society. The penal system is the set of laws and procedures that follow a conviction. Crime or criminal activity can be defined as an act which is prohibited and is punishable by the law. There are many types of crime; one type which is significantly different is ‘white collar crime’. As people of society it is apparent for any individual to stereotype a criminal as being a notorious looking person who loiters the streets looking for trouble however white collar crime to

  • Insider trading

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    discussed topic since Martha Stewart was accused, tried, convicted, and served a prison term for her involvement with the Inclon trading scandal. However, the definition of the term “insider trading” is not necessarily always connected with illegal activity. As a matter of fact, in some jurisdictions, “insider trading is no crime. Traditionally, it has been an expected, and perfectly acceptable prerequisite of certain sorts of employment.”(Insider Trading). But since the latter part of the 1960’s, stricter

  • Differential Reinforcement

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    results), rather than prevention or control. This theory does not help support the effectiveness of deterrence, but it does give us a little insight on why people decide to engage in criminal activity. Perhaps the most influential group in shaping someone’s behavior is their peer group. Take for example, gang activity. Street gangs, though usually found in highly urbanized areas, still exist and even thrive throughout most of the United States. It is the safety, security, and power that effects these

  • Internet Fraud and Identity Theft

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    implications. However understanding how to prevent such violations enables the user to retain enjoyment on the net as a whole. Many individuals use the Internet strictly for work, information and entertainment.They do not engage in online criminal activity nor do they readily provide personal information. Cautious about what they do supply, individuals seek security by enabling passwords and secret answers. The Internet may even appear to be safe even though there is little regulation and no legal

  • Drug Abuse

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    individuals to get money from for drugs causes pain and economic loss to the victims. Arrests and jailing of drug users and dealers puts a strain on law enforcement officials and the criminal justice systems; the cost to taxpayers is enormous. The millions of dollars spent on illegal drugs in America encourage criminal activity and ribs the government of tax revenues. For all these reasons and many more the subject of drug about is extremely important. As a way of considering this vast subject, experts

  • Literature Review

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    level of functioning, substance use issues, and criminal activity of mentally ill residents of the Santa Barbara County Jail. The study administered four instruments to measure these variables. They used the Behavioral and Symptom Identification scale, the Lehman Quality of Life Scale, the Addiction Severity Index and the Global Assessment of Functioning to measure the effects of treatment. They also viewed arrest records to obtain criminal activity information. 2.     A true experimental design was

  • The Growing Problem of Computer Crime

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    the offender from the victim. Computer crime is defined as, “Criminal activity directly related to the use of computers, specifically illegal trespass into the computer system or database of another, manipulation or theft of stored or on-line data, or sabotage of equipment and data.”(1). This includes both crimes using computers and crimes against computers. The people who commit these crimes are of a wide variety. Cyber-criminals can be put in generally seven categories: · Pranksters: These

  • Sympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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    The majority of the suffering Pip is subject to in the novel is a result of the guilt he feels.  As a child he suffers under an unfair burden of guilt placed on him by his sister.  He also feels guilty because of his association with criminals and criminal activity throughout his life. During the second part of the novel, Pip falls from innocence into snobbery.  Because of the double narrative Dickens chose to employ, the reader never loses sympathy for Pip. His final redemption comes when he is

  • Serial Killers: Nature vs. Nurture

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    Serial Killers: Nature vs. Nurture The question of whether or not man is predetermined at birth to lead a life of crime is a question that has been debated for decades. Are serial killers born with the lust for murder, or are their desires developed through years of abuse and torment? Many believe it is impossible for an innocent child to be born with the capability to commit a horrible act such as murder. But at the same time, how could we have corrupted society so much as to turn an innocent

  • The United States Needs a Terrorism Czar

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    The United States Needs a Terrorism Czar Introduction Drug trafficking activity and terrorism activity have much in common.  Both drugs and terrorism have strong national security and law enforcement components, they have military components, border control components, economic and trade components, medical components, and agricultural components.  Today there are some 50 federal agencies with some degree of counterdrug responsibilities and at least 12 federal agencies with important

  • Abortion is Not the Reason for Lower Crime Rates

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    research paper "Legalized Abortion and Crime." The authors contend that legalized abortion fueled the drop in crime in the 1990s because a new subclass of humanity they've identified- "women most at risk to have children who would engage in criminal activity"-have higher abortion rates, thus preemptively executing the would-be felons. This subclass, we are told, is populated predominantly by women who are teens, single and/or African American. Talk about your prenatal racial profiling! The American

  • Racial Profiling: Individual Prejudice or Organizational Protocol?

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    “DWB”, “driving while black” or “driving while brown”. This refers to the practice of police targeting African Americans and any other non-White ethnic group at traffic stops because they believe that minorities are more likely to be engaged in criminal activity. The first public attention of racial profiling by the police began in mid-1980, when the (DEA), Drug Enforcement Administration, released guidelines that would profile drug couriers. The DEA notified all the police departments across the country