Creative Process

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  • The Creative Process: The Creative Process

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    THE CREATIVE PROCESS As a student of Creative Media Practice, I have come to appreciate the concept of practice as research, people set about research for a diversity of reasons, but the major goals for academics is to address a problem, find things out or establish new heights. According to Robin Nelson in his book, Practice as Research in the Arts: “The term ‘Arts Practice as Research’ would probably not have been coined had artists not gotten involved with modern higher education systems in respect

  • Steps In The Creative Process: Steps Of The Creative Process

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    Steps of creative process Creativity is an important aspect of life, as important as that of reception since that’s what shapes our world the way we want it to be in. It helps us in the creation of new extraordinary ideas, the ideas which are able to take over a whole market, or transformation of old concepts, that have no place in this modern world, to newer theories and products. Creativity takes the cluttered ideas in a human mind to their ideal combination and finally onto their physical

  • Evolution as a Creative Process

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    Evolution as a Creative Process Evolution is a process that has taken billions of years, and will continue for billions more.It takes hundreds of generations for an evolutionary change to occur, or an impending extinction to become evident. Humans find it difficult to see themselves evolving due to their longer life span, and fewer generations over time compared to other species. It has become a common misconception that humans are finished evolving, and that they have reached the best and most

  • The Creative Process in Film

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    Post Production phase should usually take two or even three times longer than the actual time it takes to shoot the film. The editing process is where a hired editor or yourself ads transitions, takes, timing, music, sounds, special effects, etc., this is called the rough cut (Fortunato, Post production). After all that is said and done the last step in this process is the distribution, which means having a “body of rights” in your film and it is up to the person to distribute the film all over the

  • Creative Process: The Final Stage

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    The artistic process is fluid, moving smoothly from one stage to another without the constraints of standard procedure. For some the process of creating is regimented and structured, for others it is free-form and spontaneous. For example, when writing a book one author may start at the beginning and write scene after scene in order until finished. Another author may begin at the end or with the climax, while still another will jump around in their writing. No two processes are the same, as no two

  • The Importance Of Poetic Creative Process

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    The poetic creative process is certainly a daunting task; one that takes the author through a world that distracts, terrifies, angers, and eventually elates the artist. It is difficult, attempting to create “a house that attempts to be haunted” in the span of a few, or even many lines of poetry. How can a poet possibly include ghosts that will haunt the reader in every single one of their poems? That seems to be the first test of success or failure as an artist. That is not to say that if every

  • Fear and Loathing in the Creative Process

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    Fear and Loathing in the Creative Process A student at Illinois Wesleyan University recently confessed to holding a morbid fear of parked cars. He said, “I’m terribly afraid one of them will roll right over me” (Hamel). The actual odds of a parked car suddenly rolling over him are extremely slim; however, that does not alleviate his fears. It takes this poor boy a great amount of personal will power just to walk across a street where there are parked cars. As senseless as a fear of

  • Popular Music: The Creative Process

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    creativity as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”. Stemming from this, the creative process is the way in which an individual develops their creative ideas. Under this umbrella is improvisation and, in particular, free improvisation (or free jazz). “Improvisation is about… truthfully responding to changing circumstances, and about…. enjoying the process without straining to get a known result. It is about creation.” Creativity and improvisation come from deep within

  • Creative Thinking And The Effectual Thinking Process In The Design Process

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    and as an archive of information and images, it considered as the most important component of thinking processes during the design process. All types of information including: the experiences they have had, the environmental background of designers, images they have seen in the past, and even those new information that they seek and collect throughout a design process, are collected and processed in this stage. Basic thinking approach can be defined as being part accepted knowledge which is responsible

  • The Importance Of Creative Process In Film Production

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    When being produced, a film goes through many stages. What starts as a vague idea for a story, turns into a cohesive experience for viewers to enjoy. The 16 values of creative intelligence relate to this process in many ways. In the creative process, the fullness is the starting place out of which everything emerges. In film production the physical fullness is the script. The script outlines events which are going to occur throughout the film, all of the scene changes, plot twists, and even what