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  • Iran Coup

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    The 1953 Iran CIA coup is not only one of the most controversial political topics to ever reach mainstream America, but it is also perhaps the most divisive. To understand the histography of viewpoints to this issue, it is best to understand the positions of both an orthodox versus non- orthodox perspective, common sources versus more global sources, conservative vs liberal and civilian vs. historian. An example of these two divisive positions is the ideology of Kinzer and Abrahamain. While both

  • The Bloodless Coup

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    UPRISINGS “We prefer to rule ourselves badly, nationalists argued, than let ourselves be governed well by others.” To comprehend fully where the anger and frustration of the Egyptian mob stems from, we must travel back in time, 70 years from the coup, to the year 1882. A brief survey of Egypt’s colonial history is needed to explain the processes of later times. In said year, the British occupied the Ottoman province (more like an autonomous region) of Egypt. As it often was in British colonial

  • The Coup de Grace

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    The Coup de Grace The short film, The Coup de Grace is a realistic war movie that illustrates the casualties of war. This film does not glorifies war, instead it gives a very realistic view of its aftermath. One of the many artistic techniques use in this movie is the illusion of action which is achieved by the quick movement of the camera. For example, the Captain at the beginning of his search is stationary and facing forward for a long time. As he is facing forward, the background is in motion

  • Coup de grace

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    Damian sat perched on the railing of his apartment's balcony, legs dangling over the edge of a twenty-story drop, as he stuffed the rest of his candy bar into his mouth in single, large bite. Let me paint you a picture... He thought idly as he gazed over the vast expanse of the city in silence, Of a city made from smoke and mirrors. Edge's skyline, no matter what time of day, was always an impressive sight to behold, but at night it was simply amazing. From the height that Damian was sitting at

  • The Controversy of the Military Coup in Egypt

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    The military coup in Egypt was very controversial. I believe that the ousting of Morsi was completely wrong and should never have happened. After the overthrow of Dictator Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi was democratically voted president of Egypt. Morsi was only president for a year. During his short spell the military illegally took control of Egypt and placed president Morsi under house arrest. This sparked controversy across the globe. One of my main reasons why I am against the coup is that president

  • The Egyptian Military Coup In Egypt

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    The Egyptian military coup engineered by General Al-Sisi on July 3, 2013 presented a dilemma to the United States government on whether it should continue supporting the regime or cut ties with Egypt. The country has been a long-term ally of the US and one of the biggest recipients of US military and economic aid. However, after the coup by General Al-Sisi, the military regime has often violated fundamental human rights and freedoms especially for the citizens considered sympathetic for the previous

  • Corporate Coup d'état

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    Wall Street’s takeover of the Obama cabinet is now complete. Officially it started on Jan. 32, 2010, on that day the Supreme Court ruled that the government may not ban corporations from political spending on elections. Thus opening the floodgates allowing for corporations to use their vast treasuries to overwhelm elections and intimidate officials into doing their bidding. Citizens United v. FEC was the landmark court case regarding the political spending of large corporations. Since this allows

  • Implications of the Coup D’état in Africa

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    instead of urns became the safest and quickest method of gaining control of the state: the coup d’état as "violence for founding" a new order becomes the norm. It is symptomatic that in Africa a successful coup is almost always greeted with enthusiasm by the people affected by the old order, deceived by the junta’s promises for democratization and development. Several presidents came to power through a coup d’état. They know that without the loyalty of the military, their powers are ephemeral. Therefore

  • The 1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala

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    The 1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala The 1954 coup that deposed the democratically elected government of Guatemala has long been acknowledged to have been the result of CIA covert action. Recently declassified documents have shown a new, and more sinister light, on the CIA's involvement in an action that gave birth to some of the most brutally dictatorial regimes in modern history. No one at this point will dispute the original involvement, but there are still those who maintain that this is all water

  • The Chilean Coup D’état of 1973

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    There can be no doubt that outrageous acts of atrocity were committed during the September 11, 1973 military coup d’état, which effectively overthrew the democratically elected government of Chile, and replaced it with a military Junta that would eventually be headed by the, then newly appointed, Army Commander-in-chief General Augusto Pinochet. After the military had taken control, the ousted president Salvador Allende was dead, and the military began collecting people they perceived to be dissidents