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In the early 19th century a man by the name of Napoleon

Bonaparte led a Coup D’etat that created a new government

in France. This new government started out with a tribunal

leadership, which Napoleon was first consul, and later

changed to an empire with Napoleon as emperor. Some

people believe that he made the revolution better and

expanded the revolution but this is not true. The facts, when

closely looked at, prove that Napoleon effectively destroyed

the revolution by telling the people of his country one thing

while he was actually planning on doing something totally

different. He deceived people so well that he is still

convincing people today that he was a defender of the

revolution. With this pack of deception Napoleon set the

people of France back into the 18th century by killing off a

great number of the young population in his wars. He led the

people of France to believe that he was spreading the

revolution throughout Europe but the truth is that he believed

that in order to be a great leader he would have to invade

and conquer many foreign lands. He controlled what the

people wrote and read through the media. It all started with

a coup against the government that he was fighting for. The

Coup D’etat, led by Napoleon, took place at the perfect

time because the Jacobins were losing power and there were

many people being executed for allegedly being monarchists.

In the courts a person was not able to speak in their defense

so if the prosecutor made a good enough argument the

charged would be executed by the guillotine. There were

many innocent people who were executed, and many more

who were afraid. After the coup a referendum was held in

1802 that made Napoleon First Consul for life. This was his

first step in turning France back into a monarchy. The next

step was in 1804 when a second referendum was held that

made him Emperor. The people really had no choice. They

could have an Emperor and essentially turn back into a

monarchy or return to the governmental insatiability that they

had been living in for about 10 years before Napoleon came

into the spotlight. The electorate, whom were the people that

owned land and were the only citizens who were allowed to

vote, overwhelmingly voted in favor of making Napoleon

Emperor. Napoleon after all was the lesser of the two evils.

After the vote Napoleon granted general...

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...rong. With the whole of Europe joining

coalitions to fight against this emperor, they must have

known what Napoleon was really fighting for. He wanted to

take over Europe and when he won a number of victories he

thought that he could take over the world. He thought too

big too fast and underestimated things like harsh winters and

the ability of his opponents to get stronger. The setting up a

fake legislature to make the people think that he was

working in their interests was a good way of getting people

on his side. In some countries peasant and working classes

relished the thought of Napoleon leading their country. After

he took power the people started to feel oppressed and

became unhappy when relatives of Napoleon’s became their

Kings. The thing that topped it off was the fact that the Code

Napoleon did not allow changes for the different countries.

These facts prove without a doubt that Napoleon lied to his

people so they would support him. While he was doing this

lying he managed to kill off most of a generation of French,

which left France behind in the Industrial Revolution, and

turn the Republic that the revolution had fought for back into

a Monarchy. V
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