Gender Roles In Country Music Lyrics

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There are many instances of degrading and misogynistic lyrics in country music, both historically and contemporarily. There are differences in the lyrics of this genre based on the gender of the artist: gender roles, hypersexuality, and in the resistance or conformity to rigid gender-based stereotypes. The main points of my argument will include how country music lyrics have historically and contemporarily conformed to and defied gender roles and misogynistic stereotypes. This paper will then examine how men are portrayed as sexual oppressors and exploiters to women. As well, I will discuss the lyrical differences between men and women in this genre, including the limiting role of women as objects as opposed to subjects. Next, this essay will address in my paper the unhealthy environment country music lyrics creates for women. Country music lyrics currently and historically portray stereotypical gender roles, and women have limited roles within country music songs as subjects and objects. Country music is historically rooted in the culture of the rural south United States, and while gaining mainstream radio play and involvement, this…show more content…
To exemplify, “[s]even of… 19 female performed songs [from 1958-2005] were about lost love, two were about strong love” (Pruitt, p. 18). Lyrics are traditionally limited for women in country music within the scope of how they affect men. However, male-fronted songs, while predominantly about heterosexual love, have a variety of topics available, such as “‘country life,’ … ‘aging,’ ‘fame,’ ‘family,’, ‘homesickness,’ ‘infidelity,’ ‘liquor’” (Pruitt, p. 17). Themes outside of love are uncommon for female country singers on the charts, though women are underrepresented on country music charts. In fact, until 1968, women were absent from the top five country charts (Pruitt,). Even though women have always taken part in country music, their role is depended upon

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