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  • correctional officer

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    correctional officer CAREER RESEARCH REPORT The career I have chosen to pursue after graduation is a Correctional Officer. Correctional Officer’s have been around for a very long time and were designed to keep major offenders off the street after they have been arrested by the Police. The offenders are put in a holding cell at a Pre Trial Centre awaiting their court date. Correctional Officers are a very important part of the Justice System because it keeps high profile criminals off the

  • Correctional Theory

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    In 1966, Robert Martinson was hired to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation, the result of which was his infamous “What Works?” paper, in which he posits that empirical evidence does not support rehabilitation (p. 23). By the mid-1970s, correctional policy shifted from one emphasizing rehabilitation to one emphasizing just desserts/retribution, deterrence and incapacitation (Cullen, & Jonson, 2012, p. 22). The result of these “get-tough” policies, which sought to control crime through strict

  • Correctional Design

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    This paper will exam aspects of correlational design. According to Fabiano-Smith (2011), correlational designs are non-experimental research designs that focus on observing variables as they naturally exist. Since this design type is non-experimental, one of its major disadvantages is the focus on the relationship of the variables and not is cause and effect between the variables. Despite this weakness, correlational design does have several strengths. It observes the variables as they occur

  • Correctional Health

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    on six jails nationwide last year for providing standard correctional care. Four were smaller jails, housing 1500 inmates or fewer, the Erie County Holding Facility among them. New inmates arrive without medical records and lack of medication lists, which are taking upon their arrival. A quarter of deaths happened within 48hours of admission between 2000 and 2002. The most of suicide reported in the first week of custody. The correctional health experts blamed the suicides for an inadequate intake

  • Prisoners and Correctional Officers

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    be like without correctional officers? Imagine what life would be in prisons around a bunch of inmates, not having any protection from anyone, being around people who you know have killed, or have done other crimes. Correctional officers are not just helpful in prisons but also when transporting inmates from one place to another. With Correctional officers now in days they are a big help for our society. Without them we would not have any security when being in prison. Correctional officers are people

  • A Career As A Correctional Officer

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    occupation of being a correctional officer because it is a career field I want to look in to after I graduate. I have always been curious about the correctional side of the criminal justice system. The rewarding aspects of a career in a correctional institution are inspiring. I want to be in a place where I can positively influence someone to make a change in their live. Working in a prison would allow me to experience a wide range of diverse people and situations. Duties Correctional officers work within

  • Correctional Facilities

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    The prison system is filled with people from various backgrounds and lifestyles. People who come into the system not knowing who they will encounter while they are there. Prisoners who are members of various gangs are intermixed with prisoners who may suffer from mental illness, sex offenders and juveniles have the possibility of sharing the same cell. While there are systems and policies in place that helps at times to protect each prisoner, the same systems and policies can create an environment

  • correctional facilities

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    The realities of correctional enterprise concur with justifications of punishments with some cases. All criminals are not the same. There are criminals that need help but do not get help there for result in criminal activity. Then there are the criminals that are flat out insane. The correctional stage can be effective; it just depends on the sanity of the criminal. We are pretty successful with achieving the purposes of the criminal law. Criminal law keeps everyday Americans safe and gets many bad

  • Correctional Programs of America

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    drug-abuse, self-help, health care, religious, and finally recreational programs are just a few of the hundreds of correctional programs that inmates can participate in. Due to these programs, positive changes within an inmates life, as well as drastic changes in our society, are entirely within reach. Educational programs in correctional institutions began around the time correctional facilities were being introduced. William Rogers began instructing student inmates, in 1789, at the Philadelphia

  • The Importance Of Correctional Nursing

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    Correctional nursing has become a specialty in the nursing profession in the past few years (Shoenly, 2015). Although it is a relatively new caring role, it is quickly evolving as an important element of society (Weiskopf, 2004). Correctional nursing includes nurses that contribute to the health improvement of inmates and detainees that are not able to reach heath access outside of their boundaries or are in need of care. According to Weiskopf. (2004), there are more than two million prisoners in