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  • The Relationship Between the Length of Constantan Wires in a Circuit and the Current

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    The Relationship Between the Length of Constantan Wires in a Circuit and the Current Aim To investigate the relationship between the length of constantan wires in a circuit and the current flowing through. Introduction ============ In a conductor electrons are able to jump between atoms. However in insulators they remain around a single atom unable to move. Constantan, a metal, unlike most other metals is a poor conductor although it is also a poor insulator. Being a metal it

  • Investigating how the Resistance of a Constantan Wire is Affected by Its Length

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    Investigating how the Resistance of a Constantan Wire is Affected by Its Length Introduction: In this experiment we will be investigating how changing the length of a piece of Constantan wire will affect the resistance. Therefore the length will be an independent variable and all of the other variables we will try to keep the same. The other variables included in this experiment are temperature, thickness of wire and density of wire. Resistance is a force, which opposes the

  • Checking the Resistance through Wire

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    Resistance through Wire We are using constantan wire to check the resistance thought wire; our variant is going to be the different length of wire. We choose this because it seemed like an interesting variant and it might proof to me that in certain cases it would be more acceptable and also safer to use for example a longer piece of wire rather then a smaller one. To do our experiment we will use the following apparatus · Power pack · Constantan wire · Amp meter We as a group

  • Factors that Affect the Current Needed to Melt a Wire

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    [IMAGE][IMAGE] List of Apparatus: · Ammeter · Variable resistor · Constantan wire · Connecting wires · Power pack I connected the above apparatus in series, using the connecting wires. Below is a circuit showing this connection. Below are samples of the wires I used: Thick wire: Fairly thick wire: Thin wire: Fairly thin wire: Method: I connected the power pack, ammeter, variable resistor and the constantan wire in series using the connecting wires. I then set the ammeter

  • Investigating the Resistance of A Wire

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    working out the resistance with ‘Ohms Law’. Ohms law is, V= IR. For my experiment I will have to re-arrange this to get the resistance, so it is R= V/I. Equipment - Power Pack (set to 5 volts) - Circuit wires - Crocodile clips - Constantan wire (x4 at different SWGs) - Ampmeter - Voltmeter - Rheostat (Variable resistor) Goals * I plan to collect evidence using my method(below) * I plan to use 4 different wires * I plan to get a few results and find an average

  • The Electrician's Dilemma

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    investigation to also obtain this resistance. Introduction As mentioned in the previous page, an electrician wants two resistances: 1.9 ohms and 28.5 ohms. I am to find out how to do this. I will be provided with different reels of wire of constantan, each reel having a different diameter. I will, for three different diameters, find the resistance of the wire at different lengths. For example, I will take the 24 gauge wire (0.56mm diameter) and find its resistance when it is at 100cm, 80cm

  • Resistance of a Wire

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    Prediction I believe the factors which affect the resistance of a wire are: 1. The length- the increase in length could increase the resistance. 2. The thickness of the core. 3. The material of which the wire is made up of- e.g. Copper, constantan and nichrone. 4. The number of strands within a wire: 5. The amount of current flowing through the wire. For this experiment, the factors which will be tested and measured will be the length of the wire, the material of which the wire

  • Resistance and Length of a Wire

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    Resistance and Length of a Wire I will test different lengths and areas of wire and observe and record the resistance. I will see how these variables affect resistance, which length or area of wire gives the least resistance and which gives the most. In my preliminary experiment I will vary the length of the wire I use. By varying the length I Scientific knowledge Resistance is a force, which opposes the flow of an electric current around a circuit so that energy is required to push

  • Resistance of a Wire Investigation

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    Resistance of a Wire Investigation Aim: The aim of this experiment is to explore the effects of resistance that travels through a constantan wire when induced with an electric current. Introduction Resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω). The formula for calculating resistance is: V=IR R=I/V I=V/R An electric current is commonly described as the 'flow of a sea of electrons'. Electrons are inside an atom, they are very small in size, and extremely small in weight compared to

  • Resistance of Wire Investigation

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    Resistance of Wire Investigation Aim To investigate the resistance of a metal wire depending on its length. Introduction ============ An electric current is the flow of microscopic particles called electrons through wires and electronic components. It is like the flow of water through pipes etc. As water is pushed through pipes by a pump, electric current is pushed through wires by a battery. One thing we know is that like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract