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  • The Hero Of Con Air

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    The Hero The movie Con Air is a motivational movie. It is an action movie that can appeal to almost anyone. There are many factors in this movie and when combined all together, they give the movie a sense of unity. The theme and the purpose are similar and are intended to attract a wide variety of viewers. The main theme of Con Air is heroism. Of course, as in most movies, the main character of Con Air displays many heroic acts. Cameron Poe is stuck on a plane transporting hardened criminals. The

  • Con Air Worldview

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    When looking through many different movies, and lyrics I chose the movie Con Air, starring Nicolas Cage. Cage portrays Cameron Poe, an ex Army ranger who has just returned from the Gulf war. Right from the start Poe is faced with adversity. His return was not what he had hoped for. After he had spent time with his wife, Poe decided to call it a night, however a local gang decided to start a fight while they were leaving the parking lot. Poe easily wins the fight due to having such extent training

  • Pros And Cons Of San Diego Comic-Con

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    Zachariah Stottlemyre Prof. Steve Moore Eng. 101 10/27/2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Is it worth it? The San Diego Comic-Con is one of the largest events in the California bay area. Over 130,000 people attended this event last year alone. People all over the United states travel to visit this one week long event. Many come to showcase their skill as artists in many genres, hoping to find dream jobs, and to return next year as a booth vendor. Many people come hoping to spend hard earned dollars on comic

  • Con : Comic Con Fair

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    For anyone observing The Louisiana Comic Con ad, they might become filled with confusion as to what is this event all about? Is there a revival in town, a Walking Dead convention, a Star Wars fan club meeting, or have all these actors gathered for a true Comic Con fair? Comic Con is a science fiction fantasy come true, cult following party. No matter your age or gender there seems to be something for everyone to experience. Deadheads, Trekies, Go Go Power Rangers, Cowabunga dude, which are you

  • Pros And Cons Of Con Gun Control

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    Con Gun Control Gun control is one of the most debatable topics. Some people have personal reasons for wanting guns or not… not all people should have guns, but not all people should be trusted to drive a car, but they are still given a licence. It's not the guns killing the people it's the people pulling the trigger. Depending on the gun control it could mean many different things. It could mean taking away all guns or just assault rifles. But the word assault rifles is not clearly defined. So

  • con

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    Who am I? That’s the question I know the answer to. I originated from Pakistan and came to the U.S. when I was six years old. I spend most of my life here in this well-known country that I love. I grew up in kings county and lived there ever since. My favorite part about living in this country is to be able to go to school and learn something new every day. Now a days, it’s every mother, father’s dream to send their kids to go to school and let them do something with their lives and be happy with

  • con

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    In the early 1990’s, vending machine type of snacks, candy, and drinks were taxed by California state, city, or county governments because of a passed Snack Tax. Proposition 163 was fighting what had been nicknamed the Snack Tax which had been passed a little over a year before this initiative (Gillam). Certain foods during this time were exempt from being taxed. These foods did not include foods typically found in vending machines. Snacks, bottled water, and candy were not some of the foods that

  • COns

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    Justice Sutherland’s philosophy, “If the provision of the Constitution are not upheld, when they pinch as well as when they comfort, they must as well be abandoned is grounded on his great concern about power and danger of factions used by the Founders, specifically James Madison in Federalist No. 10, to describe what they, the Founders, deemed to be the greatest threat of self government. In this paper I will be looking emergency powers and comparing The South African Constitution with that of United

  • Pros And Cons

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    With all that being said, GMO foods are one of the most frowned upon food sources in the world. We asked the question “How Does the Ever-Increasing Need for GMO’s affect the Food Industry in the States, and Abroad?” And what are some of the pros, cons, and ways of containment of GMO’s? Benefits of GMO’s Biotechnology

  • Pros And Cons

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    In his publication “Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods” Gary Comstock discusses the ethical pros and cons to the production of Genetically Modified Organisms. A GMO is formed through a laboratory process that takes genes from the genome of one species and implants them into the genome of another. This practice has become largely controversial and there are many pros and cons to the use of GMOs or transgenically modified crops. Theology plays a major role in humans reluctance for GMOs because they