Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism

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Pros and Cons of Multiculturalism In the United States, the people rule, but in order for the people to rule with the best interest in the whole of society in mind they must have an understanding of all cultural elements of society. Many people believe that if multiculturalism is incorporated into the curriculum, future voters will have a better foundation from which to govern. But multiculturalism is a topic that has sparked serious debate. Many people believe that it is necessary for the betterment of Americans in our fight for a more culturally accepting society. Many others stand firm in the belief that it will do no more than make cultural differences more evident and harmful. Advocates believe that multiculturalism will benefit society in many ways. It will give majority groups a better understanding of minority groups and enhance, even further, the black person's right to freedom of speech which was oppressed for so long. They also believe that it will further all Americans' right to freedom of expression and that it s hould give everyone more history to learn about. The opposition believe that minority groups already have a pathway established to give the majority groups an understanding of minority individuality, and they believe that enough steps have already been t aken to give everyone the inherent right of freedom of expression. They fear that pertinent historical information will be left out of the curriculum, and finally they argue that white males will ultimately be discriminated against. The pure purpose of multiculturalism in United States curricula is to give everyone a better understanding of the world around them. Many, however, believe that it will be nothing but a detriment... ... middle of paper ... ...y and Practice. 3rd ed. Massachusetts: Allen and Bacon, 1995. Bensimon, Estela Mara, and Mara Soto. "Can We Rebuild Civic Life Without a Multiracial University?" Change. Jan. 1997: 42-4. Sturm, Douglas. "Issues of Multiculturalism as 'Separatist' Sparks Debate." (1996): 1-2. Online. Internet. 11 Sept. 1997. Available. Taylor, Donald M., and Wallace E. Lambert. "The Meaning of Multiculturalism in a Culturally Diverse Urban American Area." The Journal of Social Psychology. 1 Dec. 1996. 15-20. Wilson, Keith. "Multicultural Education." 1-4. Online. Internet. 11 Sept. 1997. Available Wooster, Martin Morse. "Multiculturalism and the End of the 'Melting Pot'." The Washington Times. 13 Apr. 1997. 19.