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  • The Yalta Conference

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    The Yalta Conference was one of the most important events in history, let alone, this century. It took place from February 4 to February 11, 1945, at Yalta, Crimea, a port/resort. The three main individuals at this meeting were Churchill of Great Britain, Roosevelt of the United States and Stalin of the U.S.S.R, known back then, and now known as Russia. This meeting was to discuss the post war effects. The publics opinion of this was of a great Anglo-American- Soviet friendship. The agreement that

  • United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

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    United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Introduction As our understanding of global ecosystem functioning continues to increase, so does the knowledge and awareness that the effects of human behavior on the environment are no longer confined to localized microcosms. Humans are not only responsible for impacting the ecosystem in which they directly inhabit, but are now joined as a global community where collective, individual actions are changing planetary ecosystems. Thus

  • The Three Conferences: The Independence of Canada

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    Canada’s Confederation, the Fathers of Confederation had numerous conferences and negotiations before officiating the independence of Canada. The first step to a build a nation was for all the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada to unite together as one nation in order to fulfill the dream of becoming a country. In this assignment, you will come across the three main conferences which were located in Charlottetown, Quebec and London that caused

  • The Special Event Conference

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    planning. My opportunity came at the 2010 Special Events conference in New Orleans, LA. The Special Event (2010) is the largest tradeshow and conference in the world for event professionals (2010, The Special Event). TSE allows attendees to make invaluable connections with thousands of key event industry notables and colleagues, experience education both inside and outside of the classroom environment, choose among over 100 relevant Conference Sessions and Training Workshops taught by hand-selected

  • The State of Southeastern Conference and Seventh-day Adventist within the Church and Religious Group Industry

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    The State of Southeastern Conference and Seventh-day Adventist within the Church and Religious Group Industry Industry Identification “About 270,000 religious congregations in the US have combined annual revenue of $80 billion. Slightly more than 50 percent of Americans belong to a religious congregation. In terms of membership, the largest faiths in the US are Catholic (about 25 percent of the population); Baptist (16 percent); Methodist (7 percent); Lutheran (5 percent); Presbyterian (3 percent);

  • The Wannsee Conference

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    The Wannsee Conference Have you ever had a business meeting, a conference? Could you imagine a meeting to draw an outline to exterminate a population, 11 million Jews? The Wannsee Conference was a “meeting” to discuss how they would kill all the Jews. The Wannsee Conference put the Final Solution in motion; the World had lost their opportunity to save 6 million Jews and others. The Beginning Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, after World War 1 when tensions were high because the Treaty of

  • Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference

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    Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference In 1919 at the end of WW1, 32 nations met in Paris, including the leaders of France, Britain and USA; Clemenceau, Lloyd-George and Woodrow Wilson. Each of these three countries was determined to present the interests' of their nations at the Peace Conference. "The victors wished to secure a permanent peace based on reconciliation with their foes, but at the same time they wished to punish those guilty of causing the war

  • Conference Memo

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    Kimberly Scott, LPN Subject: Minimum Data Set National Conference and Training Session. I am writing to request approval to attend the Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 national conference and training session, taking place March 13-16, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. The conference will feature many industry guest speakers, a motivational speaker, workshops and motivational talks that will greatly benefit my work on a daily basis. Networking with the conference trade show vendors and the motivational speakers will

  • SXSW Conference

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    the world of marketing, you'll want to attend the best conferences throughout the year. This means choosing from some really stellar events. SXSW Conference This is an annual conference that lasts approximately 10 days. It's a conference as well as a festival, but it isn't specifically for marketers. SXSW features creative entrepreneurs, business powerhouses and creative minds from all types of industries. In March 2017, there are conferences like 15,000-Year-Old Marketing Strategy: Why It Works

  • The Berlin Conference

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    approximate time window of three months in 1884 to 1885, the Berlin Conference, also known as the Congo Conference, had taken place in regards to the scramble for Africa. In attendance were fourteen Western European countries as well as the United States, yet the big league players of the conference were Britain, France, and Germany. Not a single representative for a free-state of Africa was present during the conference.The Berlin Conference regulated European colonization and advocation for opening free

  • Potsdam Conference

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    occured in the past. One year in particular that had a major impact on the world for years that followed was the year 1945, which had many influential events including the Potsdam Conference, the atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Battle of the Bulge. One of the major events in the year 1945 was the Potsdam Conference. During this meeting of monumental importance, “the leaders of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union” (Rothfeld 1) met to discuss “the occupation of Germany, [and]

  • The Importance Of Meetings And Conferences

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    The conference and meetings sector is highly complex, containing a variety of buyer and supplier organizations and businesses. For conference organizers (the buyers), the business of conferences is a part of their job. The suppliers include conference venues and destinations, accommodation providers and transport companies, and specialist contractors. Both buyers and suppliers work together and are supported by national bodies and associations, the trade press, and educational institutions, each

  • Potsdam Conference Essay

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    Postdam Conference The last conference of the Allied Powers towards the end of World War II. The conference was held in Potsdam, the royal center of the Prussian state. President Truman from the United States, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Stalin from the Soviet Union participated in this conference. The conference, which began in July 1945, was held after the greatest victory of history. But the problem that had to be solved was very important: Rebuilding Europe. The need for Europe

  • Hosting Care Conference

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    Care conferences are where care providers, families, and/or residents discuss and coordinate resident care needs and evaluate care goals” (Purveen et al., 2018). Hosting a care conference falls under the responsibilities of an LPN. These conferences allow multidisciplinary teams of healthcare experts to come together and discuss the appropriate actions to take to promote holistic care and update care plans. “Care Plans are also used and reviewed in Care Team Coordination Meetings and medical appointments

  • Congo: The Novel and the Movie

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    difference between the novel and the movie was the press conference that was held on behalf of Amy the gorilla. In the novel, this press conference never took place. In the novel, the press conference was held to settle a legal debate on whether or not Peter Elliot was abusing Amy and whether or not Amy should be released from Peter’s studies and experiments. However, in the movie, there was no reason stated as to why the press conference was being held. Another difference was the way that Peter

  • Causes of WW1

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    quickly, or other countries would be mobilized and ready to attack. Serbia accepted all but one point of the ultimatum. Consequently war was announced. If given more time Serbia could have discussed the issue further in a conference. The British foreign minister, Grey suggested a conference, but this was rejected by Germany and Austria-Hungary, suggesting that they had deliberate aims for war during the Balkan Crisis, rather than the Balkan Crisis being mismanaged. There was a long-standing rivalry between

  • Dian Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist

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    research of gorillas in Africa. She attended a conference one evening that was given by Dr. Louis Leaky. Dr. Leaky talked about the enormous problem of keeping the gorillas that roamed the Virunga Mountains of Africa from going extinct. He explained the problem of poachers and the problem that there were just not enough people that cared enough to count the gorillas and stop poaching. This subject caught Fossey's eye immediately. Right after the conference had ended, Fossey ran to Dr. Leaky and asked

  • The U.S. Contained Communism In Vietnam

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    remained in Vietnam. After the war there was a conference to discuss the troubles in Vietnam and all of the other troubles in Asia. That conference was called the Geneva Conference. Vietnam sent two delegations to the conference. One of the delegations represented Viet Minh (which was Communist in their leanings) and the other represented Bao Dia's government, which was backed by the United States. Both claimed to represent all of Vietnam. At the conference there was a discussion about dividing Vietnam

  • Essay On The Yalta Conference

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    The Yalta Conference From the days of February 4th-11th in 1945, three major Allied leaders consisting of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin all met for a very important meeting. What kind of a meeting could bring these three political figures together into one room? This specific meeting was known as the Yalta Conference, which was held at Yalta in Crimea (Britannica, Yalta Conference). In the yalta conference, the leaders of three very influential nations consisting of

  • Peer Writing Conferences

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    peer writing conferences would help them become better writers and team members, because they would practice both writing skills and social skills by giving and receiving feedback. However, after some early difficulties with having my students give short, vague, grammar focused writing conferences I want to find out if writing conferences, especially peer writing conferences are useful and how I can improve the comments students make with each other. Importance of writing conferences I am interested