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  • The Confederate Flag: The Symbols Of The Confederate Battle Flag

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    Newsome did something unspeakable; she climbed up the flag pole of the South Carolina state house and removed the wretched Confederate Battle flag that has been swaying in the air since 1961. Many saw this as a social media act for attention, but what I saw was a woman who was desperately trying to get the attention of the ones that can make a difference for a situation that truly needed attention. Although many consider the Confederate Battle Flag to be a symbol of southern pride and heritage, it represents

  • Confederate Flag

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    Behind the Flag, Robert E. Lee Did you know that the first amendment of the United States Constitution allows for the Confederate flag to be freely displayed? Did you also know about the outstanding leadership abilities that General Lee possessed? The Confederate flag, also known as the “Stars and Bars,” is commonly mistaken as an “evil” monster that promotes hatred and racism. With recent events, such as the Charleston, North Carolina shooting, the flag has been scrutinized. This flag is extremely

  • Confederate Flag Controversy

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    are, but as views change and arise is it still history or something more. The Confederate Flag has always been heritage of our history, but over time this has slightly shifted. The flag has also been a representation of intense racism that many racists still express and African Americans strongly oppose. The horrid actions of one man cause a mass dispute over the flag. To this day the debate continues over whether the flag should stay or go and what it truly symbolizes. On June 17,2015 one man, Dylann

  • Essay On Confederate Flag

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    Flags have been around for centuries and are full of symbolism. From the 13 stripes to the 50 stars our United States flag has always represented freedom. In this symbolism, there is an underlying tone of civil disobedience that has lasted through history and now lives on in the form of another flag. The Confederate flag is a now common symbol of civil disobedience. To understand how the Confederate flag is civil disobedient, one needs to know what civil disobedience is. To be civil disobedient

  • Compare And Contrast The Confederate Flag

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    Many people criticize the Confederate Battle Flag because of its tainted history of racism and slavery. But the truth is the South were not the only colonies to own slaves. In fact, Northern colonies auctioned off slaves in the open market all the way from Philadelphia to Boston and New York. It has even been noted in history that many Union generals and heroes such as Ulysses S. Grant and even Benjamin Franklin owned plenty of slaves. Grant even kept his slaves until right after the 13th amendment

  • The Confederate Flag Analysis

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    The Confederate Flag has long been a point of contention in the United States. Earlier this year, in the first half of 2015, the issue was one again brought into the public limelight. This time in the great state of South Carolina, where the Confederate flag has flown over the state capital building for many generations. The issue was brought by a group of citizens that petitioned the state government to remove the flag, because they viewed it as a symbol of hatred from a time gone by. The proposal

  • Should The Confederate Flag Be Banned In Schools

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    The Confederate flag is a controversial symbol with a long and complicated history. And after hundreds of years of fierce opposition and ardent support, one thing is clear: nothing is clear. Many consider the flag a symbol of heritage and history, but many others see it as a symbol of racism and supremacist values. While we believe that the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression and racial superiority, the ambiguity surrounding the flag’s meaning is enough to necessitate a ban. No matter its

  • Confederate Flag Persuasive Essay

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    of the American flag, but today I would like to talk about another flag in American history, the confederate flag. This summer after the killing of nine individuals in a historic black church, the Confederate flag was removed from government buildings, markets, and games. EBay, along with Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Sears, will no longer allow items that depict the controversial flag to be sold. Alongside of eBay, the Apple’s App Store has removed all games depicting the Confederate flag. (Swick) Was this

  • Persuasive Essay On The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate flag was used symbolically during the Civil War. To southerner’s, the flag represented a source of southern pride as well as a way of remembering the fallen Confederates. As the Civil War proceeded, the meaning of the flag began to change. Currently, the flag is being used as a symbol for racism. Due to this change in meaning, controversy over the flag has been exponentially growing. Although many would argue the original meaning behind the flag and that it is a symbol of historical

  • Confederate Flag Research Paper

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    Controversy over the flying of the Confederate flag is rampant in today’s society. Specifically, whether the flags should be flown in public places such as schools, courthouses, and capitols. The Confederate flag has been flown over many state capitol buildings. Men across the southern half of the United States died simply for the ideas of that very flag. The flag memorializes the sons of the South who died during the Civil War. The men who lost their lives battling for the Confederacy were

  • Confederate Flag Pros And Cons

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    by the Confederate flag has sparked arguments by adamant advocates both for and against the display of the flag. Advocates for the flag, such as Christopher A. Cooper and H. Gibbs Knotts, argue that the flag is an innocent display of heritage for many people. Opponents of the flag, such as Joyce Ehrlinger et al., claim the flag is a blatant symbol of racism that incites hateful conduct toward blacks. To find a solution to this dilemma, these two sides must decide whether the Confederate flag is merely

  • Consuasive Essay On The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate Flag is symbolic and represents not only the Southern heritage and pride the people in the South have, but it also represents a part of history in the United States of America. It is not affiliated with slavery and segregation as many believe it to be. The Confederate Flag was a battle flag that was used to distinguish the troops that were carrying the American flag (the Union) and the rebellious Southern states (the confederacy). Recently, due to the shooting in the South Carolina

  • Confederate Flag Research Paper

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    Confederate Flag What makes the topic about confederate flags so controversial? There are two sides to this topic. On one side we have people saying that it should be placed where the public can look at it. On the opposing side we have people that want to get rid of it. Does removing the flag violate our first amendment of free speech? The first editorial called, Symbolism of Confederate Flag Is Undeniable it is for the flag staying up in public places. The second editorial called, Take Down the

  • Argumentative Essay On The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate flag has two completely different meanings when it comes to The South and the rest of America. The Confederate flag was used by the Southern states after they seceded from America because they wanted to keep slavery. This was one of the many reasons for the Civil War. The Confederate flag to southerners represents their traditions and Southern pride. People who are from Southern states believe that waving the Confederate flag doesn’t have any racist intent to it. Although people

  • Confederate Flag Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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    The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Allowed On Clothing In Schools! Do you ever get cheated on things or get blamed for something you didn't do. Thats how students in school feel when they get in trouble for bearing the confederate flag on clothing. The school system and some students think that the confederate flag is offensive and shouldn't be aloud in school. These assertions are not correct! The Confederate flag is and should be allowed on clothing in school. The pride of the south the Confederate

  • Interpreting the Confederate Flag: History and Controversy

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    The Confederate flag was a battle flag and it has many varied meanings of what it represents throughout history. People think that it represents racism and slavery, because it was flown in Southern states, which during the time Southern states promoted slavery in the Civil war. Today’s society would see the Confederate flag being flown in Texas as an act of racism not as Texas history and freedom of states. People would retaliate and try to take down the flag, if it were to be flown in Texas as they

  • Brown versus Board of Education and Raising the Confederate Flag

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    Brown versus Board of Education and Raising the Confederate Flag 1954's Brown vs. Board of Education case court ruling marked the dawn of desegregation in America. A short time after the sentence, South Carolina replaced their state flag with the Confederate flag, raising it above their statehouse, the Georgia and Mississippi state flags were changed to incorporate the Confederate flag, and Confederate monuments were suddenly built. The brief time period between the two events led many to believe

  • Argumentative Essay: Should The Confederate Flag Be Banned?

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    Did you know the Rebel flag and the Confederate flag are two different flags? In today’s society, people do not actually know that there is a difference, but we do not get taught the difference in school. People today think the flag is considered racist and should be banned because of the way people misuse the flag. Misuse of the Confederate flag could cause repetition of history. People often associate the rectangular Confederate flag which is the flag to symbolize the fallen soldiers and the

  • Racism In The Confederate Flag

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    than twenty students for wearing clothing that had a Confederate flag on it. The school also banned students from having the Confederate flag on their vehicles. The reason theses students were displaying the flag that much was because a fellow classmate had passed away a week or two before. The family made t-shirts and decals in memory of their son. The design was a Confederate flag that had the date that the young man died and under the flag the shirt stated “Heritage not hate.”. A simple design

  • Confederate Flag Argument Essay

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    The Contentious Confederate Flag Debate Comes To A Sleepy Virginia Town.” Jack Jenkins is the author and the site gives a little bit of background as to what he has written and that is has been a reporter with his work appearing in the Huffington Post. The article was written recently and has reliable quotes from the curator of the museum featured in the article. I chose to use this source because it has in depth coverage on both sides of whether or not to take the confederate flag down in a public