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  • Computer Viruses

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    Computer Viruses A virus is a program that copies itself without the knowledge of the computer user. Typically, a virus spreads from one computer to another by adding itself to an existing piece of executable code so that it is executed when its host code is run. If a virus if found, you shouldn't panic or be in a hurry, and you should work systematically. Don't rush! A Viruse may be classified by it's method of concealment (hiding). Some are called stealth viruses because of the way that they

  • Computer Viruses

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    A computer virus is a relatively small program that attaches itself to data and program files before it delivers its malicious act. There are many distinct types of viruses and each one has a unique characteristic. Viruses are broken up into to main classes, file infectors and system or boot-record infectors. A file infector attaches to ordinary programs usually affecting .COM and .EXE files. These two files are subject to infection though some can infect any program from which execution is requested

  • Computer Viruses and their Effects on the Computer

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    Computer Viruses and their Effects on the Computer In our health-conscious society, viruses of any type are an enemy. Computer viruses are especially pernicious. They can and do strike any unprotected computer system, with results that range from merely annoying to the disastrous, time-consuming and expensive loss of software and data. And with corporations increasingly using computers for enterprise-wide, business-critical computing, the costs of virus-induced down-time are growing along with

  • Computer Viruses

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    A computer virus is a software program that affects the computer operation and it can potentially damage the computer. A computer virus is attached to a program or a file which allows it to spread from one computer to another when the program is running. Most of the viruses are attached to an executable file which allows the virus to stay on the computer but cannot do any damage until you open or run the infected program. Viruses are capable of corrupting or deleting data from the computer. They

  • Computer Viruses

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    What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a piece of malicious code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect such as corrupting a system or destroying data. Computer viruses are written with the sole intention of stealing data or crippling a system. The term computer virus is derived from and is in some sense analogous to a biological virus. The word virus itself is Latin for poison. Simplistically, biological viral infections are spread by the virus (a small

  • Polymorphic & Cloning Computer Viruses

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    Polymorphic & Cloning Computer Viruses The generation of today is growing up in a fast-growing, high-tech world which allows us to do the impossibilities of yesterday. With the help of modern telecommunications and the rapid growth of the personal computer in the average household we are able to talk to and share information with people from all sides of the globe. However, this vast amount of information transport has opened the doors for the computer "virus" of the future to flourish. As time

  • Solutions to Computer Viruses

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    Solutions to Computer Viruses Table Of Contents I Intro II Computer Virus Components a.Worms b.Trojan horses c.Logic bombs III      Types of Viruses a.Boot sector virus b.File virus c.Macro virus d.Multipartite virus e.Polymorphic virus f.Stealth virus IV How Viruses Work a.Virus introduced to system b.Trojan activated c.Logic bomb activated d.Destructive part of virus activated V Most Common Viruses a.Jerusalem virus b.Cascade virus c.Brain virus d.Italian virus

  • Computer Viruses

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    A computer virus program is altering program and it replicated itself by coping itself into other programs stored in a computer. The word "virus" is also commonly used broadly to include computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horse programs. For example, so-called "anti-virus software" will remove all three classes of these malicious programs. The first virus was born in the very beginning of 1970’s or even in the end of 1960’s although nobody was calling it a virus back then. Pervading animal

  • Essay On Computer Viruses

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    Zachary Villarante Patrick Vidal Introduction In our generation today, we can say that the technology had reached so far. If we are looking back on the past, the first computer was invented in the year 1939, it was the HP 200A Audio oscillator which becomes a popular device of test equipment’s for engineers (“Timeline of Computer History”). As the decade passed by, a bunch of inventions are produced and the innovation was successfully exceeded. Some products today are thin-laptops, tablets, touch

  • Essay On Computer Viruses

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    Tyranny: Viruses Wreak Havoc on Computers Captivated by a technological revolution, modern society relies heavily on computers for their speed and efficiency. Computers perform a plethora of tasks including connecting individuals through intercommunications, running programs, and completing arithmetic computations. Moreover, they enabled ideas such as a lunar landing to develope into reality. Computers significantly enhance day to day activities, but they do have one major drawback. Computers, like

  • The Origin Of Computer Viruses

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    Same as any other area in computer science, viruses become a great deal indeed throughout the years. Return to the origin of computer viruses, although there were no viruses or worms developed, Mathematician John Von Neumann had described the theories of self-replicating programs in 1949. In 1971, Bob Thomas has developed “The Creeper Virus”. It was an experimental self-replicating program. It infected DEC PDP-10 Computers to run the TENEX Operating System. The Reaper program was later developed

  • Computer Viruses and their Effects on Your PC

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    Computer Viruses and their Effects on your PC Table of Contents What is a Virus? .............................................1 HOW A VIRUS INFECTS YOUR SYSTEM: .............................2 HOW DOES A VIRUS SPREAD? .....................................3 BIGGEST MYTH: "I BUY ALL OF MY PROGRAMS ON CD ROM FROM THE STORE". STORE BOUGHT SOFTWARE NEVER CONTAINS VIRUSES.... 3 INFECTION (DAMAGES) ..........................................4 PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER, NOW!! ..............................

  • History Of Computer Viruses

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    Table of contents Page 1. Computer viruses 1 1.1. Introduction 1-2 1.2. History of computer viruses 2-3 2. Classification of computer viruses 2-7 3. Spreading of computer viruses 8 References 9 Table of figures 1.1 How viruses work 2 1.2 Infection of MacMag virus - 1988 3 2.1 Classification of computer viruses 4-7 2.2 Distribution of Viruses 7 1. Computer Viruses 1.1. Introduction A small computer programme which is loaded to a computer and runs against the wishes of the user using its destructive

  • The Pros And Cons Of Computer Viruses

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    We trust our computers with everything. We house important information on them, and blindly believe that we are safe. We are so reliant on them that we cannot operate our day to day lives without them. It is terrifying to think that with a few simple lines of code, anyone can create a virus capable of erasing our entire digital lives. It is critical to understand how viruses work to be better protected against them. Similar to its biological namesake, a virus is a small program designed to harm a

  • Computer Viruses And Its Effects On Computer Users

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    ‘Why computer viruses are constructed and Its effects on computer users? Therefore, the answers are argumentatively acknowledged by the different authors and explanations of the consequences in causing computer viruses. Because it is a huge problem in today’s world. The paragraphs are mainly focused in four areas, the causes of computer viruses, the economic impacts on government intelligence nuclear, also stealing sensitive information. These are all critically affected by computer viruses or malware

  • Cybercrime History: Computer Viruses And What Are They?

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    The history of cybercrime goes back to 1971 and the first computer virus called the Creeper which was created by Bob H. Thomas, who was a BBN engineer (Dalakov, Meltzer, and Phillips). BBN which stands for Bolt, Beranek and Newman, is now Raytheon BBN Technologies (“About”, Dalakov). A computer virus is a program that is created to cause damage to a computer or perform other malicious acts (204). The Creeper virus was designed to infect the ARPANET network. The ARPANET, which stands for Advance

  • Computer Viruses: Infection Vectors, and Feasibility of Complete Protection

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    Computer Viruses: Infection Vectors, and Feasibility of Complete Protection A computer virus is a program which, after being loaded into a computer's memory, copies itself with the purpose of spreading to other computers. Most people, from the corporate level power programmer down to the computer hobbyist, have had either personal experience with a virus or know someone who has. And the rate of infection is rising monthly. This has caused a wide spread interest in viruses and what can be done to

  • Computer Security Against Viruses and Hacking

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    Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and hacking are all security issues in our computer network. Each of these malwares or programs attaches and spreads in different ways. Through hacking hackers can infect computers with various types or malware and viruses. This paper will explain what viruses are, how it occurs and the types of cybercrimes that can result from it, and how to better protect your computer. “Security warning! Application cannot be encrypted or Spyware alert! Your computer is infected

  • Computer Viruses and Ways You Can Combat Them

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    types of malicious software, how they are spread and how to combat them. The generic virus is software which has been designed to do harm to a computer, replicate itself, and spread to other computers. While viruses can be spread via CDs and USB drives, the most common way for them to be distributed is through email attachments.(Brown 20-21) Email viruses have been known to search an infected persons email account, and send a copy of itself to everyone on the persons contact list. Using clever disguises

  • Computer Viruses and Malware

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    INTRODUCTION Two of the common known attacks on computing systems are the deployment of computer viruses and malware. Computer viruses are minute program which is “embedded inside an application or within a data file which can copy itself into another program“(Adams et al, 2008 ) for the sole determination of meddling with normal computer operations. The consequences may range from corruption and deletion of data; propagation of virus on to network and deployment through attachments through