Computer Viruses

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A computer virus is a software program that affects the computer operation and it can potentially damage the computer. A computer virus is attached to a program or a file which allows it to spread from one computer to another when the program is running. Most of the viruses are attached to an executable file which allows the virus to stay on the computer but cannot do any damage until you open or run the infected program. Viruses are capable of corrupting or deleting data from the computer. They can also infect other computers. Viruses can enter your computer in different ways such as, through infected email attachments and programs. You will not realize there is a virus until it has done the damage. Different types of viruses account for various types of effects. It is important to learn about these types of viruses and their effects so that we know how to prevent and avoid them. These are merely a few of the many types of viruses that are found. Boot viruses – These infect only the master boot records of the hard disk. The boot record program is what loads the operating system at start up. These viruses replace the boot disk and move it somewhere else in the hard disk. Once the virus is in the startup memory, it will do whatever it was originally programed to do. Program viruses – These types of viruses attack executable files. Files that have extensions like .BIN, .COM, .EXE, .OVL, and .DRV. Once the files are executed the programs and virus will all load into memory. Once it is in the memory the virus can spread to other files and do its damage. Luckily these are easy to remove compared to Boot viruses. Stealth viruses – This is the type of virus that is an expert at avoiding detection using various methods. Although the... ... middle of paper ... ...ents is very important because many times viruses ride on email attachments, and enter the system when you open the attachments. Only open attachments when you have asked someone to send it to you personally. You should also try to avoid downloading from sites and if it is absolutely necessary then make sure the website you are downloading the content from is trustable. Although the things listed above are very crucial having an anti-virus program and keeping it up to date is something that should be heavily paid attention to. This is beneficial because it detects and helps to remove the virus before it can do much damage. Make sure that you choose a well-known antivirus program. Installing a firewall helps to keep the intruders such as viruses out. If you have a windows product then firewall is turned on by default. If not then make sure to turn firewall on.
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