Computer Simulation Essays

  • National Transportation Safety Board Case Summary

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    The parameters include the altitude that the plane was at, the dual engine loss and everything that Sully faced. The goal of the simulations is to see if it is possible to make a return trip to either airport, LaGuardia or Teterboro. The investigators start to question if Sully was under any influence of having troubles at home. On the cab drive back to the hotel, Jeff says “… Why

  • Biomechanics

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    sports prosthesis that would stand up to every day flexing of the knee for performance in sports. In order to develop this prosthesis they had to go through two main phases, the analysis of a jogger wearing a standard walking prosthesis and computer simulation of the flexing of the knee on this walking prosthesis. They had to measure rotation, weight bearing, moments, and t...

  • French Nuclear Testing

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    Pacific at the Mururoa coral atoll. These tests, Chirac, stated, would consist of eight nuclear explosions in a tunnel 1,800 to 3,000 feet below Mururoa beginning in September up until May 96. Chirac declares that these tests are necessary for computer simulation in the future. France has been bombarded with criticism, not only from environmental activists, but also from political standpoints. Japan and Australia officially protested French experiments and have convinced other Asian and Pacific nations

  • Methods Of A Modeling Model

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    In the literature review we explain the modeling process first before discussing different methods of simulation and modelling and interpreting the methods in enterprise-wide modeling. I. Modelling Process: The powerful technique, which allows researchers from diverse backgrounds to analyze and study complex phenomena is Modelling. In general model is ‘A (small) finite description of an infinitely complex reality, constructed for the purpose of answering particular questions’ (Kuipers 1994). Even

  • HDL Coder Implementation for Luo Rudy Phase 1 Excitation Modeling

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    cardiac excitation on FPGA. As computational modeling needs vast of simulation time, a real-time hardware implementation using FPGA could be the solution as it provides high configurability and performance. For rapid prototyping, the MATLAB Simulink offers a link with the FPGA which is an HDL Coder that capable to convert the MATLAB Simulink blocks into Very High Description Language (VHDL) and through an FPGA-in-the-loop, simulation for FPGA implementation can be done. Here, MATLAB Simulink successfully

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Monte Carlo Simulation

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    What is Monte Carlo simulation? Answer: Monte Carlo simulation is a technique that allows people to run simulation many times to obtain numerical results or distribution of an unknown probabilistic entity. It was invented by Stanislaw Ulam in the late 1940s at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and was named after the Monte Carlo Casino where Ulam’s uncle often gambled [1]. Why is it used in analysis (generally)? Answer: Monte Carlo simulation is a very flexible technique and could easily be adapted

  • Virtual Reality: Computer Generated Simulation

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    “Virtual reality promises a kind of transcendence of the limits of physical reality” (Biocca, Kim, Levy 06). “Virtual Reality” is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment in a seemingly real way by a person using special electronic equipment. When most people hear this they think of movies like “The Matrix”. They think films are the only place virtual reality is seen and used. However they are sorely mistaken in that aspect. Virtual reality is used in other fields and can

  • Analysis of Virtual Reality

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    imagination. However, for purposes of this research, we restrict VR to computer mediated systems. We would define Virtual Reality as a way for humans to visualize, manipulate and interact with computers and extremely complex data. The visualization part refers to the computer generating visual, auditory or other sensual outputs to the user of a world within the computer. This world may be a CAD model, a scientific simulation, or a view into a database. The user can interact with the world and directly

  • Intelligence vs. Simulated Intelligence

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    flower that looks very real... ... middle of paper ... to perform within any set parameters; parameters that may very well be set beyond what is naturally possible. Works Cited Brookshear, J. G., Smith, D. T. and Brylow, D. (2011) Computer Science: An Overview. 11th ed. Prentice Hall / ADDISON WESLEY Publishing Company Incorporated. Available at: Fogel, D. (2009) Artificial intelligence through simulated evolution. Wiley-IEEE Press. Available

  • Simulation-supported Wargaming in MNE 4

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    Simulation-supported Wargaming in MNE 4 1. Introduction The objective of this document is to emphasize the importance of simulation as a measure of complexity reduction and planner’s tool for decision support in MNE 4’s Effects-Based Planning (EBP) process. Starting with an overview of the underlying principles of Wargaming and Modeling and Simulation (M&S), the outcome of this abstract is a ‘Process for the application of simulation to support Wargaming in MNE 4’. This document may also

  • The Importance Of Mobile Learning

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    developed countries because of the fast developments in mobile technologies, wireless networks, as well as specifications of current mobile devices (Almarwani 2011, p.2). Basically, today’s mobile phones carry powerful functions similar to personal computers. Mobile learning is an up-and-coming technology to support education and it is perceived as a promising tool that can come up with new innovative practice within the education sector (Chambo et al 2013, p. 1). While studies show that there are various

  • Allegory Of The Brain Research Paper

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    sustain thought then if we can deconstruct a brain and then put it back together inside a computer we could engineer and artificial intelligence with a conscience. Considering that the brain integrates external stimuli to present our consciousness withe the experience of reality, would simulated brains therefore be able to create their own sense of reality? And if so, could we then all be fooled by a simulation, unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy? In his dialogue ‘The Republic” Plato

  • High Fidelity Simulations in Nursing Education

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    Fidelity Simulation in Nursing Education For years nurses have gained experience in the medical field through clinical rounds at hospitals and doctors offices. Learning has always taken place first through textbooks and then through personal experience during required clinical time. These methods have proven effective but include limitations to the amount of exposure a student can gain before entering the workforce. A new way of learning is on the rise with the use of High Fidelity Simulations (HFS)

  • Simulation In Nursing Education

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    The Use of Simulation in Nursing Education Simulation is something that looks, feels, or behaves like something else, usually used for the education or training of people (Merriam-Webster). Simulation has been used as an educational and training tool for hundreds of years by various fields and professions. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of nursing students and a decrease in clinical experience available. The field of nursing has always used some type of simulation in its curriculum

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Model

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    Strength and weaknesses of modeling, simulation and prototyping. Strengths: • It helps to get an overall structure for a complex system. Creating a model involves the system designer and the clients. Therefore it is suitable to have an idea of what the end product will turn out to be. • Modeling and simulation allows the designers to compute values for different inputs which is difficult to achieve in the real world. • It is cost effective. If the model and simulations are reliable it cuts down on the

  • Simulation-Based Learning in Nurse Education

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    a term commonly used to describe simulation products, refers to the precision of reproduction of real life” (2008 p. 105-109). There are three main types... ... middle of paper ... ...6-163. Guillaume, A., Gordon, R., Harwood, C., Hunt, B. (2006). Effectiveness of intermediate-fidelity training technology in undergraduate nursing education. Issues and Innovations in Nursing Education. H. Al-Elq, (2010),Simulation-based medical teaching and learning Simulation-based medical teaching and learning

  • Divergent Book to Movie Response

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    When someone reads Divergent they become enraptured in a world of morality, family, loss, love, war, but above all a journey of self discovery. Our whole class was enthralled by the exhilarating journey that Tris went through and were eagerly awaiting the chance to see Divergent come to life on the big screen. Our expectations for this movie were fairly high, but unfortunately our expectations were thrown into the chasm just like Al. The first problem with the movie adaptation was the setting. At

  • Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind

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    in the game, and thus, the narrative paths that s/he can take, is shaped by us, his/her interactions with others in the virtual world of Morrowind, and their expectations of him/her based on the role s/he inhabits. To properly create or critique simulations like Morrowind, we must first understand the relationship between player and character, and decide the extent to which the player or the characters in the virtual world should prescribe a character’s role. To unpack this we need to look at how

  • Simulation

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    In the excerpt from “Biosphere Politics” by Jeremy Rifkin. I found something very interesting. He states “The separation of human beings from nature and the parallel detachment of human consciousness from the human body has transformed western man into an alien on his own planet” (Rifkin). If people could take trips to other places with out leaving the sanctity of there own home it would be an amazing experience. I also was amazed with Rifkins idea of downloading the human consciousness into a machine

  • Animal Experimentation Should Be Replaced by Computer Simulations

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    Imagine being a helpless animal: scared and hungry, in a metal box crammed with angry strangers. Now imagine being poked, prodded, and cut with the roughest grip. The pain and confusion is unbearable, while the humans are showing no sympathy. All of the pain and suffering is caused because they want to enhance the way they look. Animal testing has been around and used for centuries, but the human race has advanced extremely in science since that time, so there is no logical reason to continue the