Compulsive Buying Essays

  • Over-consumption = More Waste

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    “Get it while the getting’s good,” “Offer ends soon, buy while it lasts,” “For great deals, come on down…Sunday Sunday Sunday!” We, kids from 1 to 92, have become saturated with commercials like: Obey your thirst. How much of our consumption is compulsive buying, merely obeying our momentary thirst? Do we actually need all that we buy? Could we survive efficiently, even happily, without making so many shopping center runs? Once after I made a Target run with mom, I noticed that most of the bulkiness

  • What I Already Knew / What I Want To Know

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    Story Of My Research I took about four to five weeks to research. I researched mostly online and in only in a couple of books. And I found out that the real name is compulsive shopping disorder. I learned a lot on the wikipedia page of compulsive shopping disorder. On this website it talks about characteristics and saying how Compulsive buying disorder is like other disorders as in drinking, drugs and food. There is a treatment, as in taking therapy for about 10 weeks there is no drugs you can take for

  • Similarities Between Spending Addiction And Eating Disorders

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    Spending addiction also known as shopping addiction, compulsive shopping disorder or compulsive buying disorder (CBD). CBD was first described as a psychiatric syndrome in the early 20th century by Emil Kraepelin, a German psychiatrist (Murali, Ray & Shaffiullha, 2012). People who are having shopping addiction cannot control themselves to buy anything (Lo & Harvey, 2012). They buy things is to feel happy and increase self-esteem and relieve from psychological distress like stress and depression

  • Addiction and Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD)

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    People will argue that compulsive shopping is a weakness. Others feel that the idea of shopping as a disorder or addiction is a ruse of the medical establishment or pharmaceutical companies to boost sales and create a diagnosable problem. It is the intent of this writer to put current knowledge into a perspective that shows CBD to be an addiction that stands on its own merit. The concepts known to be true about addiction will be covered; along with what we understand about compulsive shopping. This writer

  • Compulsive Buying Industry: The Dangers Of The Fashion Industry

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    aren’t even close to offensive. The fashion industry even gets odd looks. People say that the industry itself is offensive. People say the industry itself is sexist towards women, they discriminate against people, and even causes people to get Compulsive Buying Disorder. These claims extend to how fashion is considered offensive to people. All this isn’t true though. The fashion industry is far

  • Selling The Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

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    It then suggests how to learn what you must improve, with examples of techniques that work. Later it talks about the service marketing fundamentals: defining what business you really are in and what people really are buying, positioning your service, understanding prospects and buying behavior, and communicating. Chapters are made in short format, they are intended to convey one point and free of jargon. The author summarizes the point in one sentence in boldface italics. Hints and tips cover the

  • Marketing Is Marketing

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    Introduction: “Marketing is marketing, irrespective of the product or marketplace”. This is a theme common to many introductory marketing texts and degree courses. The two most common exceptions cited to this proposition are buying behavior models between consumers and business buyers and the extended ingredients of the services marketing mix. While the overall sentiments of marketing hold true across product and market boundaries, perhaps the differences are in fact more marked? Intends to spark

  • The Book Sex Sells!

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    Sex sells a common phrase which turns out to be very truthful and also the title of Rodger Streitmatter's book, Sex Sells! The Medias Journey from Repression to Obsession. It seems like no other human act drives "buying behavior" as much as sex appeal does. Therefore advertisers manipulate this human drive and than offer their products as a path of love, beauty and desirability which is their main purpose of advertising. In other words the main purpose of advertising is to sell products and what

  • The Role of Marketing Research at Nike

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    Nike switch from a focus on celebrities to a focus on its products in its advertising? Discuss the role of marketing research in helping the Nike management to make this decision. What kind of research should be undertaken? Q2.) Discuss the buying behavior of consumer with respect to athletic footwear. Q3.) What is the management decision problem as it attempts to retain its leadership position? Q4.) Discuss marketing research problem facing Nike, given the management decision problem

  • Goodyear Case

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    After processing Goodyear’s options I feel it is best for Goodyear not to partner with Sears. When considering this partnership it is important to understand the tire industry, specifically the replacement tire market. The tire industry is divided into two end-use markets: The original equipment tire market (OEM) and the replacement tire market. The replacement tire market is of most importance in this case because that is Sears target market. The two markets are broken down as follows: The Original

  • Black & Decker

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    Professional-Industrial, Professional-Tradesmen, and Consumer. On the other hand, Makita (who entered the market in 1978) focused on only one segment of the market while B&D focused on three. Question 2: Describe the salient psychological features of the tradesman’s buying behavior (values & need states). Answer: This is Tradesmen seem to believe that Black & Decker’s brand is for Consumer use only. They are well aware of the brand, but regard it as the brand that is more suitable for the tools used at home. As Black

  • What is the Limit between Collecting and Hoarding?

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    Imagine that you are going to go over to your friend’s house to have dinner for the first time. You pull into their white picket fence lined driveway and realize their white house looks nice with their blue shutters and their bright red front door. As you smell their fresh flowers outside, you can only imagine how lovely the inside of their house looks like. You walk into the front door and are immediately greeted by a wall covered in antique doilies. You think that it’s odd but still continue

  • Stepping in to a Compulsive Hoarder's House

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    middle of a hoarder’s house. You didn’t think setting foot inside a house was ever going to be this hard. Belonging to 58 year old Ralph Gosling, this property is known to be one of 5% of Britain’s homes owned by compulsive hoarders. Hoarding is a symptom of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) whereby a person may have a fear of having their items contaminated or taken away. A hoarder usually has adversity in parting with their belongings despite its value. It is an unforeseen issue that several

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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    Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry. The acts of those who have OCD may appear paranoid and potentially psychotic. However, OCD sufferers generally recognize their obsessions and compulsions as irrational and may become further distressed by this realization. Obsessive–compulsive disorder affects children and adolescents, as well as adults. Roughly one third to one half of adults with

  • John D. Rockefeller: Turning Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Into Success

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    John D. Rockefeller: Turning Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Into Success John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil magnate who, by the time of his death in 1937, was probably worth close to a billion dollars, is perhaps one of the best historical examples of an obsessive-compulsive. An obsessive-compulsive is one who is driven to an act or acts, generally being asocial. By his own fixations and by nature of his peculiar psyche he must balance these actions with others more socially acceptable

  • Essay On Hoarding

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    2007; American Psychiatric Association (APA), 2013), which indicated 2 to 6 times greater than the prevalence of schizophrenia (1%) (APA, 2000). Symptoms of hoarding have been identified in 18% to 42% of adults and children as a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in the United States. (Feusner & Saxena; Frost, Steketee, & Tolin, 2011). Those suffering from HD often avoid disclosure or wait to seek help due to the shame and embarrassment (Chabaud, 2011; Sholl, 2011). The recent popularity

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): The Repetitive Controller

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    All people have to double check things once in a while, like if a door is locked or if the lights are off. But people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, have an urge to check and recheck items and the disorder “controls” what people do, and how people do tasks by causing them to repeatedly see how something looks or if something is organized. OCD can be a challenging disorder to live with as it causes anxiety levels to build up. The cause of OCD is still unknown. But some researchers believe

  • Eating Disorders

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    Eating disorders are the way some people deal with stress. In today’s society, teenagers are pressured into thinking that bring thin is the same thing as being happy. Chemical balances in the brain that may also result in depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, and bi-polar disorders may also cause some eating disorders. Other causes may be emotional events, illnesses, marital or family problems, manic depression, or ending a relationship. Over eight million Americans suffer from eating disorders

  • Shopaholism

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    Reasons for excessive shopping vary from wanting to keep up with friends or fashion to simply cheering oneself up. But dysfunctional shopping behavior can easily get out of control. Like alcoholism, notes Chicago psychoanalyst Robert Galatzer-Levy, compulsive shopping represents a case of "the ordinary pleasures of living getting out of hand." Just as nearly every alcoholic starts out as a social drinker, a shopping addict starts out as a recreational shopper -- bringing a little color into a gray day

  • Addiction is a Neurological Disorder

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    longer term behaviors: terms of months and years. The reason addicts have lost control is because they have suffered permanent physical neurological changes based in their brains and nervous systems. The disorder manifests in long term obsessive-compulsive behaviors outside the realm of the addicts own control. It is true enough that the use of chemicals begins with chosen behavior. But if alcoholism or addiction develops, the problem has moved outside the realm of free choice. It has developed into